Color Revolution Playbook, Trump & Russia

How to understand what’s happening in the USA?

Easy, read the Color Revolution playbook.

This will be a collection of several sources with some quasi-stream-of-consciousness comments mixed in.

First up is the Wiki:

Participants in the colour revolutions have mostly used nonviolent resistance, also called civil resistance. Such methods as demonstrations, strikes and interventions have been intended protest against governments seen as corrupt and/or authoritarian, and to advocate democracy; and they have also created strong pressure for change. These movements generally adopted a specific colour or flower as their symbol. The colour revolutions are notable for the important role of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and particularly student activists in organising creative non-violent resistance.

So unpack that to operations requirements and you get the need to turn Universities and Colleges into political mills to turn out those students for the steet theater. NGOs to be created in large numbers and attached to the Government Taxes Teat for growth. Solicitation of Globalist funded NGOs like the Soros collection. Organize and fund lots of “demonstrations, strikes” and whatever “interventions” might be. Is that the shutting down of opposition speech?

Such movements have had a measure of success, as for example in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia’s Bulldozer Revolution (2000), in Georgia’s Rose Revolution (2003), and in Ukraine’s Orange Revolution (2004). In most but not all cases, massive street protests followed disputed elections, or requests for fair elections, and led to the resignation or overthrow of leaders considered by their opponents to be authoritarian. Some events have been called “colour revolutions” but are different from the above cases in certain basic characteristics. Examples include Lebanon’s Cedar Revolution (2005); and Kuwait’s Blue Revolution (2005).

Thus the need to paint Trump as authoritarian and / or illegitimate. So operationally, a massive media propaganda campaign of negativity and manufactured complaints.

Government figures in Russia, such as Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, disapprove of the colour revolutions and have stated that they are a new form of warfare. President Putin said that Russia must prevent colour revolutions, “We see what tragic consequences the wave of so-called colour revolutions led to. For us this is a lesson and a warning. We should do everything necessary so that nothing similar ever happens in Russia.”

Clearly the demonizing of Russia and Putin must be fast tracked and persistent… can’t have any center of power that stands against the mechanism of the Color Revolutionists…

Much of the rest of the Wiki is a list of Color Revolutions and their history. Note how many of those “revolutions” were operated with US TLA support under the Globalist Presidency and / or when Hillary was in the State Department. It is their machine operated out of the intelligence agencies. It does have a useful list of references.

One reference points to the Albert Einstein Institution. This is where you find about Gene Sharp who died this year.

Their motto or headline is “Advancing freedom with non-violent action”. So not exactly a physics oriented site.

Gene Sharp

The Albert Einstein Institution is greatly saddened to announce the passing of our founder, mentor, and friend Dr. Gene Sharp who passed away peacefully on January 28, 2018 at his home in East Boston.

Founder and mentor, so “he matters” to what the organization is all about. What is their mission statement, their fundamental reason for being?

Mission Statement

The mission of the Albert Einstein Institution is to advance the worldwide study and strategic use of nonviolent action in conflict.

The Institution is committed to:

· defending democratic freedoms and institutions;

· opposing oppression, dictatorship, and genocide; and

· reducing the reliance on violence as an instrument of policy.

This mission is pursued in three ways, by:

· encouraging research and policy studies on the methods of nonviolent action and their past use in diverse conflicts;

· sharing the results of this research with the public through publications, conferences, and the media; and

· consulting with groups in conflict about the strategic potential of nonviolent action.

In short, their purpose is to facilitate the overthrow of governments that are not to their liking. Their preferred methods are media talking dirt about the target and lots of street theater / demonstrations.

Any surprise we have a lot of media talking dirt about Trump and a load of street theater / demonstrations funded by NGOs funded via Soros? Any surprise the same NGOs are the water taxi service flooding Europe with “refugees” who will eventually be fodder for more street theater / demonstrations and suited for talking dirt about anyone who says “no” to an artificial NGO operated “crisis” soft invasion? This is all out of the playbook. (Which is featured prominantly in their Mission Statement page.)

If we look at their list of free publications, by title, we find an interesting list:

198 Methods
The Anti-Coup
Civilian-Based Defense
Exploring Nonviolent Alternatives
From Dictatorship to Democracy
Gandhi Wields the Weapon of Moral Power
How Nonviolent Struggle Works
Making Europe Unconquerable
Making the Abolition of War a Realistic Goal
The Monograph Series
     Insurrectionary Civic Strikes in Latin America 1931-1961
     Civilian-Based Defense in a new Era
     Civil Resistance in the East European and Soviet Revolutions
     Nonviolent Action in the Liberation of Latvia
     Nonviolent Resistance in Lithuania
     Nonviolent Struggle and the Revolution in East Germany
     Toward Research and Theory Building
National Security through Civilian-Based Defense
On Strategic Nonviolent Conflict
The Political Equivalent to War: Civilian-Based Defense
The Politics of Nonviolent Action
Power, Struggle, and Defense
The Role of Power in Nonviolent Struggle
Self Reliant Defense without Bankruptcy or War
Social Power and Political Freedom
There Are Realistic Alternatives
Tyranny Could Not Quell Them!
Waging Nonviolent Struggle

Clearly I have not read them all. But it is a giant Dig Here! for “sources and methods” in use.

Let’s take a glimps at the 198 Methods document. You will find much of this familiar from the Anti-Trump nightly news.


The Methods of Nonviolent Protest and Persuasion

Formal Statements
1. Public speeches
2. Letters of opposition or support
3. Declarations by organizations and institutions
4. Signed public statements
5. Declarations of indictment and intention
6. Group or mass petitions

Communications with a Wider Audience
7. Slogans, caricatures, and symbols
8. Banners, posters, and displayed communications
9. Leaflets, pamphlets, and books
10. Newspapers and journals
11. Records, radio, and television

12. Skywriting and earthwriting

Group Representations
13. Deputations
14. Mock awards
15. Group lobbying
16. Picketing
17. Mock elections

Symbolic Public Acts
18. Displays of flags and symbolic colors
19. Wearing of symbols

20. Prayer and worship
21. Delivering symbolic objects
22. Protest disrobings
23. Destruction of own property
24. Symbolic lights
25. Displays of portraits
26. Paint as protest
27. New signs and names
28. Symbolic sounds
29. Symbolic reclamations
30. Rude gestures

Pressures on Individuals
31. “Haunting ” officials
32. Taunting officials

33. Fraternization
34. Vigils

Drama and Music
35. Humorous skits and pranks
36. Performances of plays and music
37. Singing

38. Marches
39. Parades
40. Religious processions
41. Pilgrimages
42. Motorcades

Honoring the Dead
43. Political mourning
44. Mock funerals

45. Demonstrative funerals
46. Homage at burial places

Public Assemblies
47. Assemblies of protest or support
48. Protest meetings
49. Camouflaged meetings of protest
50. Teach-ins

Withdrawal and Renunciation
51. Walk-outs
52. Silence
53. Renouncing honors
54. Turning one’s back

The Methods of Social Noncooperation

Ostracism of Persons
55. Social boycott
56. Selective social boycott
57. Lysistratic nonaction
58. Excommunication
59. Interdict

Noncooperation with Social Events, Customs, and
60. Suspension of social and sports activities
61. Boycott of social affairs
62. Student strike
63. Social disobedience
64. Withdrawal from social institutions

Withdrawal from the Social System
65. Stay-at-home
66. Total personal noncooperation
67. “Flight” of workers
68. Sanctuary
69. Collective disappearance
70. Protest emigration (hijrat)

The Methods of Economic Noncooperation:

Economic Boycotts
Actions by Consumers
71. Consumers’ boycott
72. Nonconsumption of boycotted goods
73. Policy of austerity
74. Rent withholding
75. Refusal to rent
76. National consumers’ boycott
77. International consumers’ boycott

Action by Workers and Producers
78. Workmen’s boycott
79. Producers’ boycott

Action by Middlemen
80. Suppliers’ and handlers’ boycott

Action by Owners and Management
81. Traders’ boycott
82. Refusal to let or sell property
83. Lockout
84. Refusal of industrial assistance

85. Merchants’ “general strike”

Action by Holders of Financial Resources

86. Withdrawal of bank deposits
87. Refusal to pay fees, dues, and assessments
88. Refusal to pay debts or interest
89. Severance of funds and credit
90. Revenue refusal
91. Refusal of a government’s money

Action by Governments
92. Domestic embargo
93. Blacklisting of traders
94. International sellers’ embargo
95. International buyers’ embargo
96. International trade embargo

The Methods of Economic Noncooperation: The
Symbolic Strikes
97. Protest strike
98. Quickie walkout (lightning strike)

Agricultural Strikes
99. Peasant strike
100. Farm Workers’ strike

Note how some of these are being applied to Conservatives on social media. The “lockout” and refusal of financial services. This is right out of the playbook.

So how did all this happen at once? Because the same playbook is being followed by the same “thought leaders” who are in some cases doing coordinated lobbying operations against government agencies and private companies. This isn’t by accident and it isn’t just a social movement that has happened all in isolation. It is a groomed and tended process “by the playbook”.

Next up is their centerpiece “From Dictatorship to Democracy”. Available in several languages from this link:

I’m looking at the English copy here:

It explores various options for running a revolution, including violence, and settles on various non-violent means as the preferred way. (Any wonder that The Left is pushing hard on “the psychology” of Trump supporters or Climate Skeptics? It’s their preferred method of operation to use social and psych means of manipulation.)

All material appearing in this publication is in the public domain

Citation of the source, and notification to the Albert Einstein Institution for the reproduction, translation, and reprinting of this publication, are requested.

First Edition, May 2002
Second Edition, June 2003
Third Edition, February 2008
Fourth Edition, May 2010

From Dictatorship to Democracy was originally published in Bangkok in 1993 by the Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in Burma in association with Khit Pyaing (The New Era Journal). It has since been translated into at least thirty-one other languages and has been published in Serbia, Indonesia, and Thailand, among other countries. This is the fourth United States Edition.

It is 93 pages long and a pdf with a tendency to be a PITA in cut-paste as sentences get broken into fragments. So I’m just going to point you at it and say “read it”. It’s your road map to what is being done to Trump.

I don’t think it will be blocked or taken down, but just as an FYI, another copy is at this link (just take out the blanks):

https: // fdtd.pdf

Here’s one quote from near the end of it, just to demonstrate that this isn’t a hypothetical book, it’s an operational guide.

During this time, at my office at the Albert Einstein Institution we only had a handful of photocopies from the Bangkok English language booklet. For a few years we had to make copies of it when we had enquiries for which it was relevant. Later, Marek Zelaskiewz, from California, took one of those copies to Belgrade during Miloso-vic’s time and gave it to the organization Civic Initiatives. They translated it into Serbian and published it. When we visited Serbia after the collapse of the Milosevic regime we were told that the book-let had been quite influential in the opposition movement.

Also important had been the workshop on nonviolent struggle that Robert Helvey, a retired US Army colonel, had given in Budapest, Hungary, for about twenty Serbian young people on the nature and potential of nonviolent struggle. Helvey also gave them copies of the complete The Politics of Nonviolent Action. These were the people who became the Otpor organization that led the nonviolent struggle that brought down Milosevic.

This is an interesting paper written to get a degree that gives an appraochable description of Color Revolutions:

Explaining the Color Revolutions
Poh Phaik Thien, Jul 31 2009,

This content was written by a student and assessed as part of a university degree. E-IR publishes student essays & dissertations to allow our readers to broaden their understanding of what is possible when answering similar questions in their own studies.

The Criteria of Color Revolutions as Modular Political Phenomena in Post-Communist Countries

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, post communist countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia had been able to gain their independence. However, the ex-Soviet system still exerted an influence on the political development of these countries. Most of these countries did not fully make the transition to democracy but instead appeared as ‘hybrid regimes’ which inclines more to autocracy. These countries were referred as ‘hybrid regimes’ because their political institutions are not in the form of total Western democracy. Although there is parliament and opposition party in these regimes, the institutions of the post-Soviet regimes were dubbed with what is called ‘patronal presidentialism’, by Henry E.Hale.
The word ‘revolution’ means the term does not include the consequences after the political upheaval, but to identify that the anti-regime reactions and movements were successful in overthrowing the current regime. But it is also important to note that revolutions have long been known to be modular in nature. The term ‘modular’ in this article is taken according to Tarrow’s definition which is to describe the spread of collective action across groups. Older generations of historians have also treated revolutions as inter-related phenomena, not as a collection of unrelated cases. Therefore, the use of color revolution among scholars indicates that they have attempted to explain the revolutions that happened in post-Soviet Eurasia as political phenomena that will spread across countries or regions.
As mentioned above, the first criteria for color revolution to occur is the incumbent leader of the regime must be very unpopular and face the so-called lame-duck syndrome.
The lame-duck syndrome, according to Hale, refers to the elite defection related to their expectation about the future. There will be an elite defection from the incumbent president’s team when elites believe the incumbent may leave the office. The key factors inducing the lame-duck syndrome include presidential term limits and public opinion.

So any surprise there is such shouting and hollering about Trump not going to last, Trump going to be taken down, the potential for an impeachment?

It doesn’t really matter if the removal happens when your goal is just make the guy look bad and like a “Lame Duck”. It is a delegitimize operation.

“The second criteria is that the anti-regimes forces are enforced by mass-media and foreign influences.”

OK, they clearly are going for the anti-regime forces to be “enforced by mass-media”. As the USA is very un-fond of foreign influences, they are using that to slime Trump instead; though there is some appeal to the EU / Scandinavian model as better and the USA as failed.

The last criteria is particularly interesting:

The last criterion mentioned in this article is that the anti-regime forces are also motivated by the grievances on the corrupted government which is supported by a foreign state that the people do not desire. In this case, the foreign state which people do not desire refers to the Russian Federation. From the three color revolutions, we can see that the overthrown leaders such as Eduard Shevardnadze, Yanukovych and Akaev are all Russian-supported leaders.

Hey, it’s worked at least 3 times before, so it would be natural to attempt the same play in a 4th.

Finally, there’s this interesting article from the Wayback Machine. I’ve not read all of it yet. It’s for when I’ve got some down time ;-) It looks like a first hand report from behind the scenes of one of the Eastern European Color Revolutions.


How Orange Networks Work.

On “Orange Networks From Belgrade to Bishkek”.
теги: color revolutions, Orange Networks, Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, USA

We have seen well-organized mobs – allegedly acting in the name of the “protesting people” – occupy parliament buildings in Belgrade and Tbilisi, paralyze Mensk and Budapest, launch noisy campaigns in the streets of Kyiv, and riot in the downtown Bishkek and Yerevan. The events have taken place sufficiently long ago to realize that the color revolutions have not led Serbia, Ukraine, and Georgia to prosperity. They did transform the political landscape in the post-Soviet space though, and the consequences they have for the neighboring countries, especially for Russia, such as the drift in Ukraine’s foreign politics which followed the developments of 2004, can prove long-lasting and dire.
Color revolution strategies and scenarios are generated by various Western think tanks. Their genesis and operations are analyzed by President of the Historical Perspective Foundation N.A. Narochnitskaya. The ideological doctrines formulated in think tanks are imposed on sovereign Republics regardless of their actual national interests. Organizations such as the Carnegie Foundation, the Heritage Foundation, the Brookings Institution and others teach local elites to view local politics through the prism of “global thinking”, but the efforts of the US think tanks are aimed exclusively at promoting the interests of the US. In addition to making inroads into local elites, the main task performed by the US think tanks internationally is to export ideological concepts and myths which the organizers of color revolutions plant in the minds of the populations of the targeted countries.

In his essay, J. Laughland, a British political scientist and writer, examines the key theoretical provisions and the field practice of overthrowing the legitimate authority in various countries. He marshals an impressive array of factual data to prove that the color revolutions are a new coup d’état technique developed by the US think tanks in cooperation with the CIA. Though revolutions of the kind – the ones in Serbia, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Georgia, and the failed one in Uzbekistan – are routinely portrayed as the results of public protests, Laughland argues that in reality the developments were carefully planned operations in many cases including disinformation via mass media, and that the operations were funded and carried out by transnational networks serving as instruments of the Western influence. The range of pertinent activities spans covert operations, threats to resort to military intervention or even a direct use of military force, smear campaigns, secret political leverage, bribing journalists, public disinformation, and the use of other methods not excluding political assassinations. For example, reconnaissance and target identification were a part of the actual mission carried out by agents of the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies in the Kosovo Diplomatic Observer Mission in 1998…

Irina Lebedeva, a US-based journalist and translator, focuses on the role played by “angered youths” in protest movements at least for the last 40 years. Already in 1967, prominent social scientist Fred Emery of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations argued that by the late 1990ies specific models of behavior typical for younger people would possibly be used to destabilize sovereign countries. From this standpoint, the progress in communications technology opens extensive opportunities. Global media, cell phones, mass SMS messaging, blogs, and web sites are convenient tools for real-time guiding of the youth mob and for ascribing great political significance to any event, no matter real or imaginary. The potential of propaganda under the current conditions was exemplified by the developments around the Racak village in Kosovo…

In 2000, Serbia became the starting point of a wave of color revolutions. The authors of the essays in “Orange Networks From Belgrade to Bishkek” see the NATO attack on Yugoslavia and the October, 2000 unrest in Serbia as links in the chain of events organized not only to overthrow the political regime in Belgrade but also to induce an irreversible partition of the country. In his essay, Belgrade-based political scientist and historian Petr Ilchenkov supplies unique information concerning the preparations for the protests which led to the ouster of S. Milosevic. Serbia was the proving ground for many of the techniques which were subsequently refined and employed in later color revolutions. The techniques include the creation of mass opposition movements and golem parties, the extensive application of communication technologies to mobilize mass public support, the pouring of large funds into spreading protest movement logotypes, acts of individual terror against authority figures, the formation of armed support groups backing the protests presented as “non-violent” by mass media, etc. Notably, the revolution in Serbia did not translate into the country’s prosperity, and most of its activists dropped out of politics after having played their roles.

And on and on…

Yes, it is a lot to read and absorb. You can ignore it and just accept the result as it rolls over you, or you can read their play book, see what they are doing, look behind the curtain for the “organizers”, and have understanding and potentially influence.

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46 Responses to Color Revolution Playbook, Trump & Russia

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    Interesting video from Stefan Molyneux

    It seems he was almost banned from YouTube but a mass complaint from his audience paused it. Also an interesting story of the “Shout down and harass” attack tactics used against him on an Australian tour and being “deplatformed” after arriving at a venue in New Zealand for which he had already paid. 10 minutes and worth watching. I’d encourage him to upload his YouTube library to Real.Video and BitChute…

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Another fascinating video showing Google bias and inherent evil.
    Hint: It would never survive on Google owned YouTube ;-)

    Update: He has an interesting web site:

  3. philjourdan says:

    It fits the antics to a T. has the US descended far enough for it to work? I think it is a bit premature. But not by much. In 20 years, it will succeed. But they are being outsmarted by Trump. And his kind is rare (those who have it and are willing to suffer the intolerance to exert it).

  4. H.R. says:

    Supposedly, the current Color Revolution against President Trump is the Purple Revolution.

    Hillary wore a couple of purple outfits, Willy wore purple ties as did most of the Dems and the YSM. The Purple Revolution was discussed on The Conservative Treehouse shortly after the election and inauguration as all the purple attire was being noted.

    Then President Trump started wearing purple ties. So did some of his Cabinet members and other appointees. A few group photos of (D) mixed with (R)s showed a mix of purple ties and attire in both parties.

    I don’t know what the color of this current Color Revolution is now, but it’s not purple. President Trump recognized what was going on and threw it back in their faces. As far as I can determine, all of the elements of a color revolution are in play except for the Color.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    The Purple Revolution was also used during an Iraq voting event, so a bit confounded out the gate. Purple has also been partly co-opted as a Gay color, and despite what they say, a lot of Dems would not want to wear a color that might get them, er, propositioned… It was a lousy choice, so they have to retrench anyway.


    Don’t be so sure it will succeed in 20 years. The Millennials are showing a surprising tendency to notice that Trump is succeeding and that the Clinton / Obama cartel failed and are dirt bags…


    A good video on what FireFox has proposed doing. The accent is a bit thick, but he has his facts straight:

    I especially like his name of “The Gliding Alligator”. Reminds me of water skippers and flying squirrels ;-)

    I was surprised to hear him say Pale Moon was working on the Mac. I’ll need to look into that.

    I now have the problem of TWO conservative friendly video sites to visit each day and as they are full of “stuff from conservatives” there’s lots that gets my attention… and BitChute. They need an “embed” function but for general just looking for interesting stuff, they beat YouTube easily.

  6. Alexander K says:

    The information about colour revolutions all rings many bells for me.
    As a very concerned Kiwi citizen, I was horrified by the antics the violent Left here in NZ (allied with the local organisation representing our Muslim population) employed to shut down the two Conservatives from Canada. Many here are watching our current very Left-leaning government, media and major organs of the State with some alarm as their bias against Trump (who should be accorded due respect as the current and duly-elected POTUS) would be amusing if it was not so blatant. Our State-owned broadcast media has become known as ‘Red Radio’ and ‘Red TV’ due to the above-mentioned bias. There has to be a correction coming down soon, or chaos will ensue as our current Kiwi government is stumbling from cock-up to shambles to worse. Many people I speak with are very concerned about the current trends in what has been, for the years since WWII, a very stable and centrist democracy.

  7. H.R. says:

    @E.M.: I wasn’t aware of those other purple revolutions, but with the Dems habit of doubling down and tripling down on everything, I guess I’d be astonished if they didn’t pick Purple, since it has been used before. Original thinkers they are not.

    Maybe they should have used White.

    Oh, wait… they already did that in the 1920’s

    Idle thought: howz come there’s no KKK emoji?

  8. Larry Ledwick says:

    The interesting thing about those color revolution tactics is they depend on some assumptions, about how the public reacts. As long as the general public is oblivious to the fact that they are being played and think the astro turf events are true public protests by concerned citizens you get one out come, but what happens when the general public says “who cares”?

    That is part of what is freaking out the Left about Trump, they keep waving red flags like “he is a womanizer” expecting the prim and proper conservatives to melt down and instead they are saying – we don’t care, that is not what we hired him for!

    He is a classic commercial trouble shooter, go in break up problems fire the dead wood, and confront the internal games.

    The media has never had a Presidential Administration push back and tell them “I don’t care what you think we all know you are lying – get off my lawn!” and it is seriously screwing with their head.

    What people need to do is engage in a bit of transactional analysis of those blue prints/rules and figure out what the expected pay off or expected result is for each tactic and then break the rule by doing something that not only is not the intended pay off, but if possible actually outs the players who are trying to manipulate the public or bites them in the ass with their own tactics.

  9. Steve C says:

    I found this most interesting, having watched the “colour revolution” phenomenon developing over the years. The depressing thing is that a great deal of modern politics – in any country to some extent, but especially in one scheduled for re-engineering by the swamp – seems to consist of numerous fifth columns infiltrating the country, breaking it in as many ways as possible, then directing the people’s anger against the government to be changed as though the situation was the government’s fault. Easy, when you’ve got Soros or his like bankrolling your campaign.

    That list of “methods” is an eye-opener, practically a short (?) list of everything that’s being done to us. You can tell that it has, sadly, been compiled by someone familiar with real culture from phrases like “57. Lysistratic nonaction” – not quite the sort of phrase you’d expect to turn up over a pint at the pub when you’re setting the world to rights. These are clever buggers, deliberately plotting to destroy the society that gave them everything they have.

    Not all the fifth columns are out on show, either. In the UK we have an entity called “Common Purpose”, a self-styled “educational charity” which takes keen young globalists, trains them to be hyperactive leaders and, through a worryingly extensive network of alumni, levers them into leadership posts everywhere there are leadership posts. They are the loud mouths demanding Agenda 21/2030 at every turn from local and national politicians, amplifying whatever the pols decide and forcing it through with every bell and whistle. FOIA requests to councils, police forces, etc., asking how many of their staff are Common Purpose-trained are generally met with “it is unknown to us …”. They are worse than the more visible NGOs and pressure groups in that most people don’t even suspect their existence.

    As for revolutions in general, forget Marx, Mao and the rest. The last word was written by the late and much missed Terry Pratchett, in his Discworld book Night Watch:
    “Don’t put your trust in revolutions. They always come around again. That’s why they’re called revolutions. People die, and nothing changes.”

  10. gail combs says:

    Larry Ledwick says:
    “…That is part of what is freaking out the Left about Trump, they keep waving red flags like “he is a womanizer” expecting the prim and proper conservatives to melt down and instead they are saying – we don’t care, that is not what we hired him for!….”

    There are also videos up by ‘prophets’ calling President Trump a modern day Cyrus sent by God to Free the USA. It has not been missed that President Trump has put God back into the White House.

    From President Trump Invites Media To Remain for Another White House Cabinet Meeting…

    Concerned Virginian says: @ August 16, 2018 at 8:43 pm

    Sec. Pompeo did a great thing with reading the Cadet’s Prayer. Also, notice POTUS’ reactions at the mention in the prayer about “doing the hard thing that is right instead of what is easy” and the mention in the prayer about duty to country. Looked to me like POTUS was saying something like “Yea” each time….

    olderwiser21 says: @ August 17, 2018 at 12:41 am

    Starting the meeting with prayer???? I am gobsmacked! God Bless our beloved President and his Cabinet. We pray for your daily and keep you in our hearts.

    There are several more comments along these lines. The main point of view is no one is perfect and God uses imperfect vessels so who are we to criticize? Also the Left has used the ‘Bought Bimbo’ so often people now ignore it, viewing it as just another Lefty attack.

    Besides LOOK at Trumps wives! They are not only very lovely they are SMART! One of Trump’s ex-wives is still in business with him making the “he is a womanizer” look fishy. Also one of his past girl friends said he hated parties and rather stay home. Therefore “he is a womanizer work-a-holic” fits a lot better given all the other comments made by those who know him.

  11. gail combs says:

    ACK! Sorry, I didn’t close. I am not really awake yet.

    Oh and here is another hysterical faux pas by the Left. It is in a series of negative cartoons putout by A Stunned, Bemused World Weighs in on President Trump – POLITICO Magazine

    That is supposed to make us DISLIKE President Trump??? ROTFLMAO

  12. gail combs says:

    Steve C says:
    “….. The depressing thing is that a great deal of modern politics – in any country to some extent, but especially in one scheduled for re-engineering by the swamp – seems to consist of numerous fifth columns infiltrating the country, breaking it in as many ways as possible, then directing the people’s anger against the government to be changed as though the situation was the government’s fault. Easy, when you’ve got Soros or his like bankrolling your campaign…..”

    That is why President Trump and Friends are TARGETING THE MONEY!

    ON December 21, President Trump issued the Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption. The NEW Saudi King and the Crown Prince, shortly after the Las Vegas shootings went after the corrupt Saudi princes INCLUDING ALWALEED owner of the top floors where the shooting occurred. They were stripped of their wealth among other things.

    Acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney shut-down the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. A corrupt Mafia type shakedown organization that funnelled the confiscated funds to Lefty NGOs instead of the US treasury.

    AG Sessions did the same with the Department of Justice. Fines are no longer funnelled to Lefty NGOs.

    Next is targeting the Drug Trade, the Sex Trade and Human Trafficking. AG Sessions has made major inroad their too.

    President Trump has a pretty good handle on what is happening and how to counter it. He also has some VERY savvy help.

    It is kind of hard to yell CORRUPTION! When President Trump holds public cabinet meetings and the economy is chugging along at rates Obummer told us were impossible.

    06/01/16 Obama to Trump: ‘What magic wand do you have?’
    “Pres. Obama on Donald Trump: “The answer is he doesn’t have an answer.” #POTUSonNewsHour
    — PBS NewsHour (@NewsHour) June 2, 2016

    President Obama hit presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump for not detailing the ways in which he plans to accomplish certain goals…..”

    BLS Report: Productivity Increases 2.9% in Second Quarter…
    h t tps://
    “….From 2007 through 2017 the average rate of productivity increase was 1.3%. However, in the second quarter of 2018 productivity jumped to 2.9%. That means total business output increased significantly as more product was demanded from within the business operation….”

    MAGAnomics Second Quarter Wage Rate Growth 2.8% – Red, White and Blue Collar Growth Well Over 3%
    For more than three decades all U.S. economic policy was elevating Wall Street and diminishing Main Street. As a result the middle America blue-collar workers have not had wage gains keeping up with inflation for over 30 years….

    From commenter fleporeblog
    The Atlanta Fed Reserve’s initial forecast for the 3rd Quarter: 4.7% — July 31, 2018

    The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the 3rd Quarter of 2018 is 4.7% on July 31st.

    Obummer could not make it over 2%

  13. E.M.Smith says:


    Fixed the close link for you. Now to make coffee ;-)

    I find that cartoon particularly funny since early on I’d said “Yes, he’s a bull in a China shop; but he is Our Bull in their China Shop!” so they got the metaphor too, but clearly think it’s Bad Thing since it is their shop…

    Very glad to hear about shutting off the parasitic feeding tubes from Agencies…

    @Steve C:

    Yeah… It is a bit depressing to realize just how much time so many people seem to have for doing nothing but causing trouble. Then again, with Soros’ $Billions behind them, I guess it can be a money maker to be a trouble maker.

    Per Pub Talk:

    Yeah, I had to look that one up. For those unfamiliar with the story (as I was) here’s a link:

    Lysistrata (/laɪˈsɪstrətə/ or /ˌlɪsəˈstrɑːtə/; Attic Greek: Λυσιστράτη, Lysistrátē, “Army Disbander”) is a comedy by Aristophanes. Originally performed in classical Athens in 411 BC, it is a comic account of a woman’s extraordinary mission to end the Peloponnesian War by denying all the men of the land any sex, which was the only thing they truly and deeply desired. Lysistrata persuades the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands and lovers as a means of forcing the men to negotiate peace—a strategy, however, that inflames the battle between the sexes. The play is notable for being an early exposé of sexual relations in a male-dominated society. Additionally, its dramatic structure represents a shift from the conventions of Old Comedy, a trend typical of the author’s career. It was produced in the same year as the Thesmophoriazusae, another play with a focus on gender-based issues, just two years after Athens’ catastrophic defeat in the Sicilian Expedition. At this time, Greek theatre was a profound form of entertainment, which was extremely popular for all audiences as it addressed political issues relevant to that time.

    So any wonder we have all this “activists” running around shouting about all things gender..?



    Thus my pointing it out…

    Folks in general have already “broken” some of the methods just from fatigue at their over use and cultural shifts from being hit with them.

    I would never have considered going to a meeting in hard hat and motorcycle jacket, now will.
    I would never have been “rude” and “interrupted”; now I will be “in your face” aggressive at the shout down and “counter shout”.
    I would never have accused, now I will shout the accusation that they are paid shills and toadies.
    I would have been negative about candidate faults; now I assume they are lies until proven.
    I would have been negative about destruction, I now see it as necessary to destroy their infiltration of government agencies (“just shut down the Dept. of Ed.”)

    But instead of getting jaded and shifting one point at a time, if you see the whole list, you can know what to expect and know “it is just a tactic – it isn’t a real honest social condition”. It is a synthetic “revolution” run by puppets for the benefit of others.

    @Alexander K:

    I was surprised to find out about some of the actions in New Zealand. Clearly there has been a cultural shift (likely externally driven) from the N.Z. I visited decades back.

    Please realize that the traditional quiet polite British approach and thinking “they” are a natural event and have as much right as you do to their position is not going to end well. Saying “Please stop hitting me” to a bully only encourages them. It will be necessary for an “in their face” put down to stop it. Basically, treating riot as “political speech” must end and instead riot police need to get in their and “bust some heads” to stop it.

    It isn’t “rude” to enforce peaceful and polite speech and peaceful streets. It does not restrict anyone’s speech. If someone can not act polite in a polite society, even with reprimand, then it is time to throw the bastard out. (or in jail). The alternative is “most rude and aggressive shouter wins” and that is not a pleasant country.


    I’m not really “into” emoji, but I suppose you could make one… =0> (KKK laying down?? ;-)

    The Iraq elections were called the Purple Revolution since folks dipped their finger in purple ink. The Wiki says Bush used the term:

    January 2005 Purple Revolution was a name first used by some hopeful commentators and later picked up by United States President George W. Bush to describe the coming of democracy to Iraq following the 2005 Iraqi legislative election and was intentionally used to draw the parallel with the Orange and Rose revolutions. However, the name “purple revolution” has not achieved widespread use in Iraq, the United States or elsewhere. The name comes from the colour that voters’ index fingers were stained to prevent fraudulent multiple voting. The term first appeared shortly after the January 2005 election in various weblogs and editorials of individuals supportive of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

    Not clear what parties the “commentators” were, but likely Left as they thought in terms of Color Revolutions. Likely it was Bush using the term that killed the popularity with The Left ;-)

    I find my self thinking we are having dueling colors at the moment. From The Left we have a recycle of the Purple Revolution (perhaps named for their facial color from facial apoplexy ;-) while we are having a Golden Revolution what with Trump being the Golden Boy with Golden Hair…


    Also consider the value of using their playbook against them… just change “national leader” to NGO or Organization Leader. (Note that some corporate folks have already been forced out of office using such tactics, so I think they already use it at the organizational level).

  14. cdquarles says:

    We are now using the Left’s own rules against them. About time!

  15. gallopingcamel says:

    Oh Gail…….so good to have you back and stronger than ever.
    You and hubby were looking good yesterday. I hope you will enjoy this:

  16. gallopingcamel says:

    The Tea Party asked me to contribute money to a fund that would be used to promote judge Jeanne Pirro to replace Geoff Sessions.

    What a show that would be!

  17. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting visual here – is this a hint of a future new political party?

  18. gallopingcamel says:

    Totally “Off Topic” but interesting. I just stumbled on this:

  19. Larry Ledwick says:

    No commentary needed:

  20. E.M.Smith says:


    I read that graph differently. The early lines that were helpful to everyone, or the “man of the house”, like autos, radio, electricity; have uptake lines as fast as modern things (at least until they ran into money limits like autos where rich adopted quickly but poor could not, so it limited at a medium level of uptake). But, in the ’30s to 60’s, things that helped “women’s work” had slower uptake (washers, dryers).

    I remember my mother “lobbying” for an automatic washer and dryer and my Dad saying a clothesline was good enough… After the large influx of women in the workforce and “their own money” the gender barrier to uptake went away… but for expensive capitol goods like dishwashers it is still a slower uptake than for low cost things like cell phones. (Were I living alone, I’d not bother to buy a dishwasher. It would take a week to get it filled… but a cell phone? Gotta have a phone.)

  21. philjourdan says:

    @EM – I am not sure they will succeed in 20 years. I hope and pray that they do not. I was just referring to the fact that Obama was 20 years too early (to have this type of dictatorial edicts stick) and thus so are the current antics. Trump may break it, or even push it out farther. But I figured it was 20 years too early as Obama was.

    There are enough of his judges to throw the monkey wrenches in backing out the garbage, but that is only a delay.

    For most of us, the crowning irony of the Obama policies was the stand by George McGovern (who we remember as being too far left in 72) against some of the Obama policies. If it is too totalitarian for George McGovern, it is too far left for a lot of the democrat base.

  22. philjourdan says:

    Dryers – never had one growing up, we used clothes lines. A neighbor (young couple, 2 children under 5) does that as well. It is very economical – except when it rains. :-)

    But I noticed something when I was out in Imperial Valley. My in laws have a clothes line as well (as well as a dryer). And out there (dry heat), clothes dry fast. Maybe too fast? They come out stiff as boards! I just found that amusing – so they use dryers for fluffing!

  23. gallopingcamel says:


    It was 1948 when electricity became available where I lived (Manorbier, Pembrokeshire, Wales) and the first thing we bought was an electric lamp. That relieved me of one of my chores which was to maintain and polish the beautiful oil lamps we had. After a while we pitched those lamps into the trash………they would be worth a bundle today!

    In 1950 we got a 115 Volt Westinghouse refrigerator that needed a transformer because there were no affordable 230 Volt refrigerators!

    In the early 1960s I was designing telephones and used to worry about market penetration. IIRC there were 85 telephones per hundred people in the USA at that time compared to 14 in the UK. My team regarded our low number as a great opportunity! It never occurred to us that there could be more than one telephone per person!

    In 1984 our household did not have a microwave even though they were commonplace (25% of US households). My wife was not convinced we would ever use a microwave but now we wonder how we got along without one.

    A plot of “Households with widget XYZ” stops at 100%. I would like to see a plot of “Widgets per person” that can go well beyond 100%. For example how many electric motors per person in the USA? There are at least a dozen in the every new automobile!

    I have not forgotten my childhood without electricity and that is why I advocate using the trillions wasted on “Mitigating Carbon” to bring electricity to every dusty hamlet in the third world.

  24. philjourdan says:

    I got a microwave early (about 1980). But it was part of a promotion that had I to do it over, I would not have bought into.

  25. Larry Ledwick says:

    In about 1955 or 1956 my parents went down the home show at the Denver Convention center. It was a big display of all things for the home (sort of like a boat show only for appliances and such)

    They had a new microwave oven on display, and I remember vividly the sales pitch the guy put a raw potato in it, along with a book of matches and turned it on. Cooked the potato as we watched but it did not ignite the matches. It was really really cool tech back than and came with a really cool price tag – as I recall it was almost $1000 in 1950’s dollars. Both my Mom and Dad wanted one but in a time when that was the price of a pretty nice car, no way we were going to buy one.

    Now you can buy a comparable unit for $150 at Walmart (yes that would be a very nice high power microwave ) more common power levels without the stainless steel exterior more like $50. That with dollars worth only about 11% of those 1950’s dollars.

  26. H.R. says:

    @Larry: When my dad was in Grad school, he took my mom to an evening demonstration at the Battelle Institute of……… drum roll…… A microwave stove!

    Needless to say, that bit of cutting edge technology was quickly shelved.

  27. gail combs says:

    Melania Trump is a gracious, kind and lovely lady, the likes of which we have not seen in the white House in my lifetime.

    great to see you too!
    Hope to make more breakfasts but we are coming in to the fall busy season. (Gig this Friday but I will lobby for breakfast FIRST!)

  28. Larry Ledwick says:

    I think this probably fits here about as well as any other topic.

    Does this surprise anyone here?
    Soros funded plan to crush conservative voices on the internet appears to be the blue print for the recent crack down by Facebook, Twitter etc. on all things Trump or Conservative news related.

  29. E.M.Smith says:


    If that linked article is even 1/2 true, it looks to me like legal action is reasonable for / to:

    1) Remove their liability exemption as they are clearly exerting editorial control.
    2) Penalize for “contribution in kind” to the DNC / candidates.
    3) Break up for Monopoly & Trust practices and collusion.
    4) Indict for “Election Meddling” by NGOs who are supposedly “charitable”.
    5) Fraud (as they state their purposes are one thing yet their actions are another in fundraising).
    6) Recognize the Russian request for Extradition of Soros for similar actions against Russia.

    Just off the top of my head. I’m sure a mediocre lawyer could find a dozen more and a good legal team could expand it to dozens…

    Were I in Trump’s DOJ, I’d be salivating over the possibilities.

    And that’s without even getting into the issues of sedition, subversion, and treason against a sitting government…

    I’m unwilling to sign up with scribd to get the pdf, and 49 pages is a lot to save one page at a time. If anyone finds a download pdf without signing up, I’d appreciate a pointer (or a copy in email…) UPDATE: I have a copy downloaded now.

    This is the kind of thing that needs to be mailed to every single Republican member of congress, and every honest lawyer in the DOJ, and all members of Trumps advisory team and cabinet… (And maybe a few select State Governors and DOJ’s – depending…)

  30. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and copies of it need to be sent to every single conservative voice shut down by Google/Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. along with the most prominent Class Action Lawyers of a conservative bent…

  31. E.M.Smith says:

    Don’t know if it’s just me, the IceCat browser, or what; but I get rapid staccato reloads of the linked page, so I’m going to quote a lot of it here:

    Begin QUOTE:

    Memo reveals Soros-funded social-media censorship plan
    Plotted with Google, Facebook to eliminate ‘right wing propaganda’
    Published: 1 hour ago

    The recent wave of censorship of conservative voices on the internet by tech giants Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Apple mirrors a plan concocted by a coalition of George Soros-funded, progressive groups to take back power in Washington from President Trump’s administration.

    A confidential, 49-page memo for defeating Trump by working with the major social-media platforms to eliminate “right wing propaganda and fake news” was presented in January 2017 by Media Matters founder David Brock at a retreat in Florida with about 100 donors, the Washington Free Beacon reported at the time.

    On Monday, the Gateway Pundit blog noted the memo’s relationship with recent moves by Silicon Valley tech giants to “shadow ban” conservative political candidates and pundits and remove content.

    The Free Beacon obtained a copy of the memo, “Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action,” by attending the retreat.

    The memo spells out a four-year agenda that deployed Media Matters along with American Bridge, Shareblue and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) to attack Trump and Republicans. The strategies are impeachment, expanding Media Matters’ mission to combat “government misinformation,” ensuring Democratic control of the Senate in the 2018 midterm elections, filing lawsuits against the Trump administration, monetizing political advocacy, using a “digital attacker” to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and damage Republicans, and partnering with Facebook to combat “fake news.”

    Quashing ‘fake news’ with ‘mathematical precision’

    The Free Beacon in its January 2017 story said Brock sought to raise $40 million in 2017 for his organizations.

    The document claims Media Matters and far-left groups have “access to raw data from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites” so they can “systemically monitor and analyze this unfiltered data.”

    “The earlier we can identify a fake news story, the more effectively we can quash it,” the memo states. “With this new technology at our fingertips, researchers monitoring news in real time will be able to identify the origins of a lie with mathematical precision, creating an early warning system for fake news and disinformation.”

    Media Matters met with Facebook, which boasts some 2 billion members worldwide, to discuss how to crack down on fake news, according to the memo.

    The social media giant was provided with “a detailed map of the constellation of right-wing Facebook pages that had been the biggest purveyors of fake news.”

    Brock’s memo also says Media Matters gave Google “the information necessary to identify 40 of the worst fake new sites” so they could be banned from Google’s advertising network.

    The Gateway Pundit pointed out that in 2016, Google carried out that plan on the Gateway Pundit blog and other conservative sites, including Breitbart, the Drudge Report, Infowars, Zero Hedge and Conservative Treehouse.

    Facebook, meanwhile has changed its newsfeed algorithm, ostensibly to combat “fake news,” causing a precipitous decline in traffic for many conservative sites.

    President Donald Trump himself was affected, with his engagement on Facebook dropping by 45 percent.

    A study in June by Gateway Pundit found Facebook had eliminated 93 percent of the traffic of top conservative news outlets.

    Western Journal, in its own study, found that while left-wing publishers saw a roughly 2 percent increase in web traffic from Facebook following the algorithm changes, conservative sites saw a loss of traffic averaging around 14 percent.

    ‘Totalitarian impulse’ of the left

    President Trump’s 2020 campaign manager charged last week the giants of Silicon Valley are stifling free speech, particularly conservative speech, manifesting the “inherent totalitarian impulse” of the left.

    On Friday, Facebook appeared to be “shadow banning” the non-profit education site PragerU, founded by talk-host Dennis Prager, causing a drop in engagement of 99.9999 percent while removing two videos regarded as “hate speech.”

    After Facebook rejected a highly inspirational ad for a Republican congressional candidate that included images depicting her parents’ persecution under the Khmer Rouge communist regime in Cambodia, Twitter followed up with its own ban.

    WND reported earlier this month Facebook banned a pro-life video ad by a judicial candidate, giving the same explanation.

    On Aug. 6, WND reported, Facebook, YouTube and Apple banned commentator Alex Jones and his Infowars website within hours of each other.

    Last month, WND reported moderate Muslims and counter-terrorist activists were increasingly being restricted by Silicon Valley, while terrorist content remains on social-media platforms, according to researchers.

    Trump campaign chief Parscale said last week the banning of Jones “will inevitably lead to the silencing of those with far less controversial opinions.”

    “What we are seeing in Big Tech is the inherent totalitarian impulse of the Left come into full focus,” Parscale said.


    It includes this link to the PDF:

  32. E.M.Smith says:

    I’m only 1/2 way through the PDF, but it is clear their “plan” is in full effect. It is censorship of the worst kind, including attacking corporations directly and strategies such as blocking mergers and acquisitions of media properties by folks they don’t like. ( SEC Issues? Hmmm? )

    This makes Orwell look like he lacked imagination…

    Someone point Gail at this…

  33. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh Dear… that “Russian Spy” lady that was setting up Trump Jr.? Worked out of an Obama official’s office…

    Fusion GPS Spy Natalia Veselnitskaya Worked Out Of Obama Official’s Office
    Published 15 hours ago
    on Aug 20, 2018

    By Patrick Howley

    WASHINGTON — The Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya who set up Don Trump Jr. for a meeting in Trump Tower as part of a Fusion GPS plot was operating out of the Washington offices of Cozen O’Connor, a law firm run by an anti-Trump former Obama administration official whose super PAC donated to Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in the 2016 presidential election.

    Veselnitskaya’s work from the Cozen O’Connor office provides more evidence of a Democrat and establishment Republican effort to set up the Trump campaign for a future Russian collusion case. Veselnitskaya was allowed into the United States by the Obama Department of Justice while the former Obama official who runs Cozen O’Connor publicly warned then-candidate Trump that if he became president he would be investigated by the DOJ for contacts with foreign leaders. Veselnitskaya reportedly had dinner meetings with Fusion GPS chief Glenn Simpson the day before she met in Trump Tower and also the day after she went inside Trump Tower.

    Big League Politics has confirmed that a Cozen O’Connor partner who lives in the same apartment building as James Comey’s friend Daniel Richman — who leaked classified information to the press on Comey’s behalf — spoke with Richman during the period that Comey and the Fusion GPS team were trying to obtain FISA warrants on Trump Tower.

    Let’s break down the facts of an Obama administration official’s involvement in the Trump Tower plot:

  34. A C Osborn says:

    E.M.Smith says: 21 August 2018 at 7:27 am

    Click to access 337535680-Full-David-Brock-Confidential-Memo-on.pdf

    Just like UN Agenda 21 etc this is in plain sight and no-one really took any notice until now.

  35. E.M.Smith says:


    Well, this particular doc is only a few months old, so we’re only running a few months behind their action cycle now; instead of the few decades for Agenda21…

    I expect the Trump Admin will be getting ahead of their cycle in a couple of more weeks.

    Given the number of exposures this brings to a company, I’m really surprised any of them signed up for it. Just think of the legal / loss risks of:

    1) Loss of common carrier status and being liable for editorial decisions.
    2) Denial of Civil Rights suits from everyone muzzled (and potentially their followers).
    3) Pissing off 1/2 your customers – revenue plunge.
    4) SEC investigations for misrepresentation in financial documents (i.e. editorial status risk)
    5) Shareholder lawsuits
    6) Anti-Trust proceedings.
    7) Breakup of your company after #6
    etc. etc. etc.

    Already they’ve vastly increased the visibility and reach of InfoWars ( I’m watching it most days for a couple of hours now and reading some of their articles – they stated a net gain in followers) and the censoring companies have given a GIANT boost to their competitors (Gab, BitChute,,…)

    AND, in one giant belly flop of stupid: They have proven Alex Jones was right about a conspiracy.

    My God that’s so stupid. They could have just left him looking like a conspiracy theorist nut, but noooo… had to go and hand him a Real, Undeniable, Documented, Bonafide conspiracy against right wing folks. Talk about giving him credibility and firing up the Republican base (while alienating anyone on the Democratic side with moral fiber remaining and energizing the #walkaway folks…)

    But don’t tell them, just snicker and ask about their grandchildren ;-)

  36. beththeserf says:

    Great Southern Land is in the throes of a leadership challenge, Malcolm Turnbull, globalist Paris Treaty advocate replaced by a mate. : ( I’m putting out here on EM’s open discussion blog some links re global governance, rule from afar, that serfs’ think is terday’s , big bro’, M*rxist / f*scist attack against parliamentary democracy. Apologies fer its length, EM.

    Man behind the curtain, George Soros, supporting globalist agendas and funding opposition to free speech, via Soros’ Open Society Organization but also by back door funding to radical left organizations.

    The man chosen by Soros to head his Open Society Organization, is Aryah Neier, a Leninist Marxist, founder, in the 1960’s, of Students for Democracy, committed to overthrowing American institutions and remaking them in Marxist mould. Quite a few of the Open Society echelon have a similar history and the behemoth they control funds an activist movement with a similar program to Students for Democracy, to herald in a utopian era of supra-state government, U.N. and EU style.

    A few of my links to Soros funding activity, some direct and quite a lot that’s indirect. Herewith in the Open Society Org Top 150 Grantee list: seven figure grants went to Centre for Community Change – dedicated to finding the progressive stars of the future and training grass-roots mobilizing, to Centre for American Progress,- its program includes targeting free thinkers who oppose Islam. Also 7 figure grants went to Demos, Obama is a on the board, a network for leftist ideas and actions, and to Central European University – mission to produce social justice warriors, active in ‘occupy ‘ movement. One of the top three grantees by Open Society Org is The Tides Foundation. The Tides Foundation that provides millions of dollars annually to extreme movements including Media Matters and ACORN. Soros uses Tides to subsidize the establishment of ‘popular’ support’, to train new activists and create ‘Astroturf’ organizations claiming such ‘popular’ support. In 2010 Tides gave Wikipedia Foundation $2million to support left-wing editing of conservative viewpoints. .

    Another grantee of Tides and indirectly of Soros, is The Alliance for Global Justice which reads like a who’s who of radical left-wing foundations, including ANSWER, established by communist Workers of the World Party and Refuse Fascism. In 2017 the Daily Caller revealed that AGJ funneled $50,000 to Reform Fascism the org that shut down speaker Milo Yiannopoulos at Berkly University in California. Funding to AGJ since 2004 includes $200,000 from Tides and 2004/2006 a direct grant from Soros Open Society Foundation.

    In 2011/10 Soros, tipped $11million plus dollars into the coffers of Tides Foundation which in turn gave Media Matters around $4million. This was in addition to the $1.1 Soros Open Society Org. gave in its own name. (Soros Files 2011.)

    Media Matters and Mr Soros. Media Matters, founded by David Brock and John Podestais staffed by Marxist Workers World Party and specializes in anti-America rallies.Media Matters funds ANSWER and Soros funds Media Matters. ANSWER is linked to Rise-Up org that claimed responsibility for organizing the violent May Day protests across the US. Is there an AntiFa connection? AntiFa is affiliated with a large network of AntiFa related websites and some of them use its email platform “” and other connections are revealed. re AntiFa funding by Hedge funds..

    Hope links work, I am but a serf, and Humanities’ graduate ter boot. Tsk!

  37. beththeserf says:

    Say, EM, well they worked for me before I sent this.

  38. E.M.Smith says:

    Just looks like some stray carriage returns. I’ll see if I can fix ’em up. No worries…

  39. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like just a “line wrap” issue. WordPress has things without carriage return at end of line and it looks like this was a “cut paste’ that put a carriage return at the end of each line pasted. I have that happen a lot with PDF cut/paste.

    It’s a PITA, but the way to “fix it” is to go, line by line, and remove the carriage return so each line gets glued onto the line above it (except where you want a paragraph break…). Much easier with just a couple of paragraphs of text (like your comment) but with PDFs it will sometimes put in a bogus line break after most characters of math formulas and such, so a full paper of that pasted in can be a few hundred CR/LF (carriage return / line feed) deletes needed.

    Needless to say, I’ve done a lot of that… 8-}

    OK, it looks like the links are working now. I’m going to make another pass to improve the line wrap. (Who, me, a tidy person who likes to tidy up? Not me… ;-)


    OK, I did the “line wrap” fix-up. The link per The Donald just up from the last line turns into a comment / link and I don’t see why. It’s just a link in the HTML, so wordpress or whoever is doing something “cute” with it.

    In any case, look it over and if I changed / screwed up something you didn’t want changed / screwed up let me know. 8-)

  40. beththeserf says:

    Last comment of appreciation didn’t come through – say it again,
    ‘it’s now better than the original.’ )

  41. E.M.Smith says:

    I’m contemplating results in Australia today, but I’m still not sure who’s the good guy…

  42. beththeserf says:

    Neither are we. But we sure knew who weren’t, the Globalist
    sometimes referred to as ‘the Minister for Goldman Sachs.’

  43. E.M.Smith says:



    What to do when nobody has a clue who’s the good guy…

    Well, good thing is you have Crocodile Dundee on your side! …. Oh, wait, your Globalists had him murdered for being resistant to their agenda…. My bad… /sarc;

    (For those who don’t know, the man who was the model for Crocodile Dundee was killed by Central Authority police for failure to submit to Central Authority and be a good marxist… and give up his guns.)

    It would seem that irony is lost on them… RIP Crocodile Dundee….

  44. beththeserf says:

    E.M. Oz has a traditiion of larrikinism or rowdiness and disrespect
    of authority, prob’ly emerging from our convict past. :) Our WW1 soldiers,
    ‘diggers’ were supposed to be good fighters but undisciplined off the field,
    their larrikinism is part of the ANZAC Legend. Two OZ Prime Ministers,
    were considered larrikins, ex-air force fighter pilot, WW2, John Gorton,
    Liberal Party leader, 1968 -71, got voted out in party room vote, Gorton
    had casting vote and voted himself out of office, and Bob Hawke, Labo’
    PM 1983-91. Hawke is generally considered one of our better PMs.

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