A Jewess Gives A History Of Islam

My guess is this is from some meeting about 2 1/2 years ago. In the last 1/3 she talks about the importance of who we elect President (POTUS) “next year”. It is dated as posted just a few months ago, so the only reasonable conclusion is that it was from the last election.

FWIW, after the video is a discussion of what looks like highly biased (i.e. hiding this video) search results on some search engines.

She does have a bit of an accent, but after a while I managed to track on it.

FWIW, they title says 5 minutes, but the actual history seems to take up the first 9 minutes of the 17 total, with the last half dozen being more a current affairs and MAGA get out the vote theme.

Also FWIW, every claim about Islam that she makes matches what I’ve read of the history or what it states directly in the Koran. I did not find any “whoppers” in what she claims. (A bit of “sellers puff”, perhaps). It is essentially the story of the rise of Islam from obscurity to nearly dominating the ancient world, then the recovery of Europe via the industrial revolution and the eventual fizzle of the the Caliphate as the Ottoman Turk Caliphate collapsed at the end of W.W.I in 1924.

She does manage to leave out Charlemagne and the French stopping the Arab Muslim invasion of France and glosses over the several hundred year reclamation of Spain to Christianity. Then again, with only few minutes you can’t spend much time and still cover 1400 years of conquest and liberation.

IMHO it’s a good “thumbnail sketch” of that long a period of time suited to giving folks who will not spend an hour learning real history a bit of flavor of the whole thing. With that:


Sidebar on Search:

I first stumbled on this as a “suggestion” from Youtube on one of my Roku devices. Then, searching for it on the laptop to make the posting, I used a search phrase that ought to have made it the only or at least the top hit:

“youtube 1400 years of real history islam Lauren Martin”

Pretty specific to a YouTube, most of the title, and the poster. Right?

Perhaps if I instead used “Bridgett Gabriel”, who I think is the presenter, it would work better? Well a quick test on Mojeek did not improve it, but one on DuckDuckgo did fix it (but leaving out the name entirely doesn’t fix it). Strange that.

Well, it didn’t pop up on Mojeek or DuckDuckgo in the top few. Only when I went to StartPage did it pop as #1. Why? Who knows. Could be a question of how often they dredge YouTube and this just being “up” 3 months.

Oddly, Google puts 3 copies at the top of the search results:

1400 Years of The Real History of Islam in 5 minutes. – YouTube
Video for youtube 1400 years of real history islam Lauren Martin
▶ 17:31

https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=o0m9nEafBE4

May 19, 2018 – Uploaded by Lauren Martins
1400 Years of The Real History of Islam in 5 minutes. Lauren Martins.

#1400 Years of ISLAM in 15 Minutes By Brigitte Gabriel – YouTube
Video for youtube 1400 years of real history islam Lauren Martin
▶ 14:58

https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=QlyNvEfuTEg

Sep 24, 2017 – Uploaded by TRUTH FIGHTERS
1400 Years of ISLAM in 15 Minutes By Brigitte Gabriel TRUTH FIGHTERS

Brigitte Gabriel : 1400 shocking years of Islam in 5 minutes – YouTube
Video for youtube 1400 years of real history islam Lauren Martin
▶ 18:24

https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=Rbkl1yViatQ

Dec 25, 2016 – Uploaded by maggy maggy
Brigitte Gabriel : 1400 shocking years of Islam in 5 minutes. maggy maggy …

So a couple of other folks seem to have uploaded it prior, in slightly different lengths. I’ve not looked at those links to see if they are the same or different recordings, or what.

But that, then, raises the question why those older copies were not found by my search on the other sites…

Here’s the DuckDuckGo result, which really makes me think someone is playing games with them and their acting as a search proxy. Is Google dirtying the results for folks doing proxy searches? I’ve cut this down to just the titles:

Our Role Model Steve Jobs – YouTube

Cass Midgley and Bob Pondillo converse with Elliot, an expert in sexual misconduct in the workplace, and a second guest, Lauren Martin Day, a woman who has experienced unethical sexual and relation…

A Sweet Lesson On Patience: This Taxi Driver’s Story Will Change Your Perspective On Rushing To Get Somewhere

Then Came The Morning by The Bill Gaither Trio – YouTube. Then Came The Morning by The Bill Gaither Trio – YouTube …

Find this Pin and more on Landscape Architecture by Lauren Martin. similar with my city plan~ Big paver stones

Frankie Cosmos Examines Fear, Fame And Womanhood | NCPR News

Kline writes all of Frankie Cosmos’ lyrics and most of its music, though the name belongs to the group: She tours with and records with bassist Alex Bailey, keyboardist Lauren Martin and drummer …

Oklahoma | The Honest Courtesan | Page 12
The Illinois Supreme Court has agreed to a three-year suspension for a solo lawyer who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of prostitution and failed to disclose her illegal work history on her bar application. Reema Nicki Bajaj…was suspended [for not mentioning sex work she did to put herself through law school]…in response to a question …

Charles Martin – 14,469 Public Records Found

How does Canada compare to its peer countries? At 15.1 per …

Clearly something very wrong! Then Mojeek:

Site Suspended – This site has stepped out for a bit

At War With Ourselves: The Domestic Consequences of

Sargon of Akkad | Matthew Hopkins – The

An Out of Character Appeal to the Masses

University of Indianapolis sample resumes

Maurice Broaddus

Patriotic Button Creator. Web Menu Creator

It sure smells to me like someone at Google is giving deliberately bogus results back to the proxy search via DuckDuckGo and / or Mojeek. Either that, or their search method is choking on something. (To the best of my knowledge neither of them is in the business of corrupting “Non-PC” search results).

In any case, something is strange here. Browser used is a FireFox (older one) on a MacX and I’ve not bothered to test on other platforms. It’s remotely possible it’s a software issue in them, but I seriously doubt it as everything else works fine. Searches on “Youtube Hillary Speech” returns a top page full of results for Hillary C. speech stuff…

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11 Responses to A Jewess Gives A History Of Islam

  1. Ed Forbes says:

    “youtube 1400 years of real history islam Lauren Martin”

    The only listing on Duck on my Ipad was yours

    A Jewess Gives A History Of Islam | Musings from the Chiefio
    An interesting video about the violent history of Islam. Then a peculiar comparison of search engine results when you try to find it.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    A bit more playing and I’m thinking it may be a matter of some of the search engines passing the search string in quotes so Google can’t make guesses about what words matter.

    So, say YouTube doesn’t publish the poster of a video much or at all; then adding “Lauren Martin” would act to block all the listings without that which would be all of them. When directly at Google they just try a best fit for some of the words and would ignore low hit words (unless quoted).

    That would explain why DuckDuckGo finds them when the name is left off altogether. So just the forming of the passed search string and how it is quoted could be part of the issue.

    In either case (censorship based on some names or text, or quoting artifacts) is says that the search engines have very different behaviour in some contexts and that behaviour may not be what was desired.

  3. lapogus says:

    Chiefio – you-tube has been censoring and hiding ‘politically incorrect’ or videos for many months now, but they have ramped this up in the last few weeks. It is now very difficult to successfully search for and find videos even if you know the title or specific words. The SJWs in San Francisco are effectively purging the internet of any content which questions their cultural marxist worldview. I fear it may be too late to reverse this, and content providers need to upload to http://www.real.video and/or, bitchute and leave youtube to the Nike wearing mercury-damaged millennials, who will watch and believe any crap. Great to see you are still going – best wishes from Scotland.

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    Hello Scots! Yes, I’m still going. Will be until I can’t.

    I’d been thinking of trying my hand at video, but haven’t come up with any idea good enough (and I’m not that photogenic all by myself ;-) Now, with YouTube going nutty, I’d not even start there, but most likely at BitChute (just because it’s a distributed censorship free platform) and real.video (because it’s anti-Gorble, er Google).

    I’m a big advocate of Peer To Peer as the future, and a hard core “hater” of censorship, so do not fit the Left Wing Paradigm at all…

    It looks like a P2P alternative for payments is needed, now that PayPal has outed themselves as strongly influenced by the Soros ownership stake (they told Alex Jones he has 10 days then they stop processing payments for him). The “unpersonning” of folks is just gone crazy…

    What the SJW types seem to ignore is that in the long run this is lethal to them. Perhaps they are willing to spend that capital now for the midterms, but it is a huge risk. “The Internet” is not a single thing and it is functionally beyond the control of any one agent. “Dark nets” show this. P2P shows this. It was designed from the get go to “heal” and route around network outages. That’s built into the protocols. It took a massive FBI effort years to take down Silk Road on the .onion darknet, and that only worked due to the guy making some errors, committing big crimes, and being physically in the USA.

    So what will be the result of all this PC Policing? The rise of Right Wing alternatives. RightSide Broadcasting Network, http://rsbnetwork.com/ and Real Video (your link) and Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/ and conservative (or at least private) search engines: https://www.4conservative.com/news/ or https://duckduckgo.com/ or http://www.yippy.com/

    The internet will just flow around the obstructions. So the only “angle” they can really play is one of rate of change or how fast the flow can happen.

  5. Larry Ledwick says:

    By the way gab is starting a video distribution system too, although not much content yet.


  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    Looks like there is some R rated videos there on GAB (like they say uncensored) so use appropriate caution if that sort of viewing is not appropriate.

  7. lapogus says:

    Chiefio – thanks for your thoughtful reply and links. I use duckduckgo as my standard search engine, though I don’t think it is conservative – neutral at best. I’ll check out the rbsnetwork and yippy etc, they are new to me. Gab is also worth supporting as they are strongly committed to free speech. I am not on twitter but always take a look at Paul Joseph Watson’s (https://twitter.com/PrisonPlanet) to see what the latest is. PJW’s polemics are brilliant and I think video is the way to reach and try to save the next generation – e.g Tony Heller now uses youtube very effectively to promote a sceptic/realist perspective on climate change, Sometimes I wonder if we sceptics had done this earlier the msm wouldn’t still be setting the alarmist agenda. Have you still got the big old merc? I loved your tale of driving to Florida for the last space shuttle launch – let me know if you will be heading there for the BFR and I’ll try to fly over from here so we can meet up somewhere on the beach, those restaurants sounded great. Do you still grow the Siberian tomatoes which set seed at 50F? No-one has ever heard of them here, and at 57 degrees north I think that’s what we need. Slainte.

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    The big feature for DuckDuckGo is the non-tracking (as opposed to “conservative” bias).

    I’ve got a Gab account but so far I’ve only used it to watch other folks ;-)

    The “big old Merc” was a 1979 Yellow Wagon (“Banana Boat”) and has unfortunately just this year reached EOL. It is presently parked at the mechanic, non-op’ed, to be a parts car.

    I was just in Florida (Florida Friend had heart surgery…) and hope to fly back for a week in early December. It’s a bit uncertain when at this time. Probably would be better for a meet up in Spring when I hope to be there a few weeks…

    The garden has been deprecated. I was working in Florida for almost 2 years and it “went to pot”, while now I’m in the “Fix up to move” phase and running a garden is not on the list. I do still have the seeds (but they won’t be needed in Florida ;-) They are not hard to come by. Many are listed as Crimean of some sort. A search on “Russian cold tomato seeds” usually turns them up.
    looks like it too.

    I’ll have to check out the Tony videos and see if I get any ideas for what I could do…

  9. E.M.Smith says:


    “R” Rated? As in “rrrrrrr” ;-) one supposes …

  10. philjourdan says:

    The current state of the masters of the universe reminds me of the Foundation trilogy of Isaac Asimov. It seems that the smaller players are playing the role of the 2 foundations. And trying to keep knowledge safe from the barbaric times that are coming.

  11. Jeff says:

    Bel Riose, Hober Mallow, Salvor Hardin, Preem Palver, Arkadia Darrell, Harry Seldon, Gaal Dornick, Linge Chen, Han Pritcher, Onum Barr, Bail Channis, Jord Fara, First Speaker… ahh, THOSE were the days…

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