Sweden – Behind The News With RT Documentary

You know how YouTube strings run… one thing suggests another and eventually you are watching something and wondering “How did I get here?”. This was one of those. A documentary by RT (Russia Today) that wanders around Sweden asking Swedes what they think of immigration. Then goes to immigrant areas to ask them what they think of Sweden. Oddly, in the immigrant areas they were often driven out by rather verbally aggressive “locals” from foreign lands…

One theme became clear: The Swedes have not lost their inner viking and their nearly unlimited patience is nearing an end. One group formed up to patrol the streets is named “Soldiers Of Odin” and wears jackets with that on it in large letters. Keeping the peace when police are inadequate.

Here’s the video. About 49 minutes:


A surprising number of folks willing to say, on camera, “send them back” if they can’t become Swedish.

There is some small hope Sweden and the Swedish people may survive as a culture. OTOH, the direct statements that the immigrants intend to out breed the locals and become a majority inside a few decades is not helpful. Time will tell.

My fear is that having mistaken the Swedish politeness for weakness, the immigrants will push just too far and discover what happens then. I’ve known a fair number of Swedes. Incredibly polite and forgiving, but only up to a point. Step beyond that line into unreasonable offense and there is no return.

Given that they have the highest density of immigrants to locals, they may well be the first place to “tip” against the process. Having their own currency (still), they can more easily tell the EU Central Authority to “go stuff it”. Which also has me wondering if Britain might form a compact with the Scandinavian Arc. Just split off that top layer of the EU as a free trade zone with indigenous cultures and currencies. Germany wants to destroy itself, go right ahead, but leave them out of the insanity.

I could, perhaps, see similar zones forming in the southern arc (Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, the minor Mediterranean islands,…); and: the Eastern States (FSU buffers / Slavic) are already sharing a like minded set of complaints about the EU center (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary). I might even put Austria (who have already voted in an anti-immigrant party) in that group too.

So is Sweden the indicator of what is happening? What is to come? Or trailing Austria?

Hard to say, but IMHO the EU Socialist Globalist plan to remake the face of Europe (literally) with immigration is about to blow up in chaos. I just hope war and massacres can be avoided. Historically that’s not been the case. I guess we will see who has read their history and who will get to live it again…

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7 Responses to Sweden – Behind The News With RT Documentary

  1. andysaurus says:

    I guess my father having been born in Hungary of Austrian Parents (I was born in England and live in Australia), I am more aware of the importance of Vienna and Lepanto than many others.

  2. Ralph B says:

    A quote by Charles XII kind of sums up the Swedes “I have resolved never to start an unjust war but never to end a legitimate one except by defeating my enemies”. Basically you go too far, you may be opening a large can of whoopass

  3. cdquarles says:

    Here in the old South, we have a saying that goes: “Don’t get his Irish up”, which amounts to that “inner Viking”. I suspect any part of the world touched by Celts has it. How does that saying go about ‘waking the dragon’?

  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    They need to do a bit of reading, King Gustavus Adolphus the Great of Sweden made it a great power and revolutionized military tactics. I am sure those genes are in there somewhere, and they tempt fate if they ignore history.


  5. Sandy MCCLINTOCK says:

    We visited our surrogate Swedish daughter 3 years ago and were unaware of any problems. So the nasty chaos being reported by RT really is a very recent development. Very sad that it has got to this state. Sweden has always seemed to be one of the more civilized places. The trouble is that not all refugees/migrants are nasty. Should one separate the thugs from the undamaged ones? – and how to do it?

  6. E.M.Smith says:


    I suspect RT sought out the exemplar places and that many villages in Sweden are still Swedish and both polite and peaceful. The problem comes with increasing numbers and spread of non-Swedish cultures into those areas.

    Unfortunately, “how to sort” has a set of 2 bad choices.

    1) Wait for them to do something bad. (Meaning someone else got damaged, and that really fails when the two sides approach “even” as then nearly 100% of the good folks get damaged.)

    2) Pre-judge based on markers of social compatibility. (Meaning, as one example, if they endorse Sharia, and it is quite clear that Sharia is antithetical to Christian values, you pitch them out. That, then, has some of the new folks who could be assimilated tossed before they get their chance to show it.)

    I suppose there could be other systems dreamed up, but I think they will end up sub-types of one of those two. perhaps grading them into strength classes of the sorting process.

    The historical pattern has been #2. This is now branded “prejudice” as a pejorative, ignoring that often times using just a little bit of brain power you can, in fact, predict what is going to go very badly sideways and prevent it. (It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to predict that a Klan rally in Harlem would go badly and tell them they don’t get the permit…)

    Our legal system is largely based on #1, but even there we have “restraining orders” (that don’t really do much without enforcement). We also have expulsions for folks who advocate for riot and illegal acts, but that also requires enforcement to be effective.

    A Modest Prediction:

    I would predict that history is our guide and that this will get worse until there is another expulsion of the Muslims from Europe. The simple fact is that Islam demands submission and conversion from the infidel and the infidels of Europe don’t want that. This basic incompatibility has existed for ~1400 years, so it isn’t going away soon.

    IMHO the only real question is how many millions (from both Muslims and Christians) will die in the process, with a minor question of “when”. If “when” is 2050, there is a chance the demographics will have shifted so far that it is the Europeans who are wiped out. If before 2030 then that’s very unlikely.

    So I’d give it 15 years at the outside of “likely”, with 10 more likely as the EU breaks up and implodes. Britain leaving first. Likely Hungary / Sweden / … second tier. Then the Mediterranean States as they will not be able to borrow enough German Money to stay bought. When France and Germany split is up for grabs, but likely last; as they are the core of the New Holy Roman Empire that is the EU. Also a bit foggy is where to put Spain. A Mediterranean group member, or core continental EU… But I’d say more Mediterranean Debtor than industrial core.

    Essentially, unless this demographic swamping is reversed, the EU structure can not be sustained as the individual nations will dissolve into chaos. If the demographic swamping IS reversed, it will happen via throwing off the EU political structure that is driving it. In either case, the EU as a political force “goes away”.

    We already see both processes at work with BREXIT as the break-up example and Sweden / Hungary as two examples of non-breakup (yet) with increasing chaos inside (Sweden) or ignoring the EU “rules” (Hungary). There isn’t really an alternative to those choices. The fantasy of raising the Islamic population of a European nation to 51% and having it be a wonderful place for all people is just not going to happen. See “Christian Lebanon” as an example. Once 51% Muslim, you get sharia. Islam is NOT “Christianity Lite”. Similarly Islam pushes the “war of the womb” with high birth rates, so even a 10% Islamic population will grow to 51% given time (and not all that much time either as it is an exponential). So you get a war oscillator. Until one side dominates. That’s what 1400 years of war with Muslim Nations & Empires has shown. It will not be different this time.

  7. cdquarles says:

    Ugly it is but; so what. Since RvW became ‘law’ of the land, we have aborted about as many ‘native’ Americans as we have imported to replace them. Not good. Invasion does cause cultural problems. So we’ve inflicted a double whammy on ourselves, largely due to ‘progressive’ ‘religion’, to be, um, nice in stating it.

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