Why Leftists Love Islam & Immigration? Marxist tools.

I’ve pondered just this question. This video was enlightening. Viewed through the lens of Marxist Doctrine, it makes sense, in a broken kind of illogical way…

The video that brought understanding to how Marxist Doctrine makes this make “sense”. Cultural Marxism using cultural chaos and destruction instead of a “workers revolution”.
16 minutes.


A somewhat longer look, but by the same “Oppressed Media” poster, about why Immigration matters so much to Marxists. As a way to destroy the Nation using “cultural Marxism” and make way for the global Socialism that they think will replace it. With history as our guide, what replaces it is a World War. We’ve had that happen several times now. Not just the 2 we’ve numbered, but also the Cold War, and then the Crusades as Europe fought off the last Islamic Invasion. Probably also a few others in there too. Essentially, when a Nation realizes it is under existential threat, it does not go quietly into that good night.
27 Minutes.

At it’s core, the idea consists of something simple. Before you can replace a working system, you must break it. The immediate goal is simple. A Cloward & Piven “crash the system” extended to the Nation State itself.


The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”.

IMHO, anyone facilitating that process, and any NGO funding it or supporting it, are committing Treason. Pure and simple. Treason is an attempt to break the State, and that’s exactly what they are doing.

It is my opinion that, based on their committing clear treasonous acts, Antifa, the Soros funded NGOs, and perhaps even their political party facilitators need to be given a head to toe “investigation” by the FBI, and perhaps a few other TLAs as well. I could also see RICO applying as these folks often solicit funding as “charities”. I see nothing “charitable” in the attempted destruction of the USA, Germany, England, France and the almost complete destruction of Sweden as a peaceful country.

I doubt that will happen, though. Too many palms being greased by too many Soros $Billions to keep the game alive. Perhaps Trump could just recognize that Russian warrant for Soros to be arrested ;-)

As a footnote: I’ve saved both of these videos so that when YouTube deletes them, they will not go away…

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10 Responses to Why Leftists Love Islam & Immigration? Marxist tools.

  1. cdquarles says:

    Thank you, EM :)

  2. E.M.Smith says:


    You’re welcome. I just had a bit of an Ah-Ha moment with it (seeing it through Marxist eyes instead of insisting on “reason and logic”) and realized others might benefit from that changed POV too.


    Interesting picture… kind of wondering where, when, why…

  3. pinroot says:

    >> I’ve saved both of these videos so that when YouTube deletes them, they will not go away…

    Out of curiosity, how are you saving them? I had a plug-in for firefox that used to work, but right now it’s hit or miss (mostly miss). There was the hooktube method, but youtube has done something to either break it or forced hooktube to break it, because it no longer seems to work.

    Speaking of $oros bucks, has anybody noticed these GoFundMe’s being started up for people like Peter Strzok and Christine Ford are collecting hundred of thousands of dollars? Ford reportedly has several set up in her name and the one I saw had around $400k. Are these legitimate donations or is this a way to funnel money to them while making it look like lots of small individual donations? Just curious as to what everybody thinks…

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    I use a randomly selected site called “savefrom.net” that has a kind of a plug-in that mostly just takes you to their web site with the target URL already filled in.

    You get to sit there and look at their constant nag to buy and upgrade until you spot the small print click-me that lets you download “in your browser” for free:

    But if you’re okay with slower download speed and limitations on file formats, feel free to download video in browser

    which gives you a limited set of formats one of which is my preferred MP4, so fine….

    For me, when I say to download, it also nags me to update my Quicktime (that I can’t do on this old Mac) so I get to click out of a couple of windows… but then it works.

    I have some other plugin installed that I’d tried, but it saves things in a format named videoplayback that the Mac at least can not run and I’ve never heard of:

    ls Downloads/ | grep .vid
    Sargon Of Akkad – On Black Bloc _ Musings from the Chiefio.videoplayback

    So I don’t use it and put up with the web site one instead…

    I’m open to other choices, but pickings are slim on the Very Old no longer supported Mac… I think I tested a couple of others on the R. Pi but as I never watch videos on it, don’t use them nor even remember what all it was… (On a some-day-low-priority-to-do list to get Linux Video stuff all tuned up and running fast on the Odroid… or some other box… but since it runs FINE on the Mac and Chromebox and Roku… well, sloth is winning…)

    FWIW, if you paste the URL of this page into their website, it finds the video and asks if you want to use THAT video link… then all proceeds as with a direct YouTube watch / download choice…

    Probably a lot easier with a PC or a Real Linux machine ;-)

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, some examples:

    EMs-MacBook-Air:~ chiefio$ ls Downloads/*.mp4
    Downloads/Antifa and the Black Bloc Explained.mp4
    Downloads/This is the END, Hungarian FRIEND.mp4
    Downloads/Why the Left Loves Islam EXPLAINED.mp4
    Downloads/Why the Left Loves Mass Immigration.mp4

  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    The left is using GoFundMe as a money laundering / anonymous bribe and political pay off service.

    Cause a fuss, claim victem status, open GoFundMe and watch leftists dump money in your bank account as a pay off for playing their game.

  7. philjourdan says:

    Glad to see affirmation. Several months ago, I penned a comment where I basically said the reason behind the Islamic immigration is to break the system. A content population does not demand radical change. It is only a frightened and impoverished one that does.

  8. Larry Ledwick says:

    The bad news is that they don’t recognize that change often happens in unexpected ways, instead of breaking the system they might end up breaking the immigration proponents.

  9. ossqss says:

    EM, that picture was taken at the signing of the Motor Voter Act. Here is some color around it. .


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