Iranian Diplomat Plotting Bombings?

It looks like another Iranian Diplomat is busy in the bombing business.

The Slatest
France Accuses Iran of Involvement in Paris Bomb Plot
By Joshua Keating
Oct. 2, 2018 7:08 PM

The French government says it has seized assets belonging to Iran’s intelligence services in response to an alleged attempt to bomb a meeting of an influential Iranian exile group in June.
A senior French official tells Reuters that Paris has little doubt that elements of the Iranian state were behind the plot, likely hardliners looking to undermine President Hassan Rouhani. Also, French police launched an anti-terrorism raid on a Shiite Muslim association near Dunkirk, arresting three people on weapons charges. The founder of the center has spoken in support of Hezbollah and the Iranian regime, according to French media reports. It’s not clear if the two moves are related.

What was the plot?

Iranian diplomat faces extradition from Germany over ‘bomb plot’

01 October 2018 Europe

A German court has backed the extradition of an Iranian diplomat suspected of involvement in a Paris bombing plot.

Assadollah Assadi is accused of handing a bomb to attackers who were targeting Iranian opposition supporters.

The case is complex. Mr Assadi was based in Austria, arrested in Germany and will be extradited to Belgium.

The German court ruled that his diplomatic immunity did not apply, since he was arrested while on holiday.

“The wanted man cannot cite diplomatic immunity because he was on a several day holiday trip outside his host state Austria, and not travelling between his host country and the state that dispatched him,” it said.

Iran has denied the existence of any such plot, saying it was designed to mislead the public about who was responsible and harm Iran’s international standing.
A country-crossing plot

France, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg and Germany are all involved in the story of the alleged plot.

On 30 June, Iranian opposition supporters had gathered in Paris for a rally of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

That day, two Belgian nationals of Iranian origin – a husband and wife known as Amir A and Nasimeh N – were caught carrying half a kilogram (1.1lb) of explosives and a detonator.

They were arrested in Belgium by police there – but that was not the end of the story.

Another man, identified only as Merhad A, was arrested in Paris, the city where the alleged bombing was to have taken place. He is accused of being an accomplice.

Assadollah Assadi, meanwhile, was an Iranian diplomat based in Austria – but he was arrested by police in Germany.

Prosecutors in Germany say that Mr Assadi is an intelligence agent who met the husband and wife team in Luxembourg, where he ordered the attack and handed them the explosives.

That’s one expensive vacation…

So we’ve got Iran behaving badly. Not a surprise. What is a surprise is the EU players willing to do something about it and arrest a “diplomat”…

So there’s a little bit of hope for the EU member States standing up to defend themselves. Maybe.

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  1. philjourdan says:

    What is a surprise is the EU players willing to do something about it and arrest a “diplomat”…

    Trying to throw a bone to the eastern European members?

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