The Left Pole Of The Political Sphere – Where All Directions Are To The Right.

A rather interesting point was made in this rather interesting video. It’s some video bits of Jordan Peterson. There’s a place in it where the author of the video puts up Leftist Hate Speech calling Jordan all sorts of hateful things (like racist, bigot, etc.) that doesn’t quite seem to match the video involved. I think I may have missed some connection (like the venue of the talk or some such). But overall, it is interesting stuff.

What caught my mind most was one little analogy. Jordan said that, like the North Pole where no mater what direction to go it is South, there is a Left Pole in political ideology. A place where no matter what direction you look, everyone “that way” is “right wing” (and therefore by leftist quasi-logic a right wing bigot). It does fit the apparent behaviour. Things like Leftists calling conservative Blacks “racist” (but not calling their White Hatred “racist” nor calling their Man Hatred “sexist”… as they stand on the Left Pole and those folks do not…).

It is a useful idea for understanding The Left. As a pole is a point, everyone must crowd ever closer to that one exact point or they, too, will be branded “right wing” (and thus: racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, etc. etc. even if they are Black, Hispanic, Asian, Gay, Women, immigrants, etc.) Thus, too, the venom dripped if you say LGBTQ and leave off the latest additions ( what are they now? 2aSR+ something or other). From that Left Pole, everyone and everything else is “to the Right” and therefore a threat to their mind-set and made evil in their minds. 15 minutes:


IMHO, if The Left wants to make Universities and Colleges “Bastions Of Left Think” and ban all Right Think and Right Speech, they are welcome to it. Simply remove all Government Payments and let them go on their own way. Charge only what is necessary as rent to recover the cost of land and buildings. Let them pay salaries and pensions from their tuition income. It is only fair to not use my tax money to support an institution that teaches to hate me, and that teaches to stop my 1st Amendment rights to free speech.

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5 Responses to The Left Pole Of The Political Sphere – Where All Directions Are To The Right.

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    Another interesting video by the same guy. Here’s the description of it:

    ZeroFox Given
    Published on Apr 21, 2017
    Thomas Sowell asks three questions of the left with a claim that it is rare that the answers are readily available. This video frames the housing market crash from 2008 and challenges those on both the Right and Left. When a social policy is adopted and becomes a top priority – asking honest questions is the only way of ensuring you remain objective. The radical left today appears to run into difficulty when those same questions are asked. I certainly don’t agree with all of Sowell’s positions on every topic, but the questions are worthy of being asked.

    Has some nice video of Pelosi and Frank is A/B flat out lies ;-) Covers the contribution of the housing acts (Clinton signed) in building the bubble. Has the economics basically right (slightly glosses over some of the CDS vs other securities types details) and is more approachable than my too technical explanations, while being basically correct. 15 minutes:

  2. philjourdan says:

    The left cannot handle Dr. Sowell or Dr. Williams. They are out of their range of reality – free thinking black men.

    Before there was a PC, or everyone was called racist, I have followed Dr. Walter E. Williams (since 1978). But I am a racist because I agree with blacks who are not slaves to the left’s view point.

  3. H.R. says:

    E.M.: “Thus, too, the venom dripped if you say LGBTQ and leave off the latest additions […]”

    Willis cracked me up when he used “LBGTQWTF” on his personal blog, Skating On The Underside of The Ice. I can’t recall which article it was in, but I can’t forget that.

    I’ve used it a couple of times (crediting Willis, though the people didn’t know who he is) and it got knowing laughs. It seems that no-one can keep up with what letters are supposed to go after the original LBG started being used.
    Acronym Inflation©: I just did a little searching and it seems that LBG was used in the 1980s. Then the transgenders squawked and got the T added in the 1990s and the acronym became LBGT. IIRC, it was around, maybe after, the year 2000 that more righteous indignation arose and the Q was added to bring the acronym to LBGTQ.

    That started the snowball rolling and we had several more letters added in rapid succession to the point where I don’t think anyone is sure what the correct acronym is today. I call that Acronym Inflation©.

    Question: Am I to believe there are actually meetings held – Robert’s Rues of Order – .where the decision is made about which letters to include in the acronym?

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    No Robert’s Rules, but there are meetings…. held in the street with much shouting and fire-lighting and gas-lighting and tremendous bellowing signifying nothing but discontent with the choices they made in life… then they all go off somewhere, mutate their words again (often into several different forms) and yell at the rest of us for not following their lead…

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