Review: Roku Channels: America’s Survival and Liberty One TV

Junk accumulates, and the same is true of “channels” on the Roku. I click on the ‘add me’ sometimes, then maybe months later get back to deciding if it is a keeper or a tosser. Sometimes the channel has died and doesn’t work at all by then. So today I was doing some housekeeping. First I put all the “local news” channels from around the country in a more or less geographic order (W to E) so I can quickly check on local news when something happens. Somewhere around a dozen that I’d selected from the hundreds available. Then I decided to check a few channels I’d not really done anything with. Did I really need to keep this? Well, I tossed about a dozen. 4 or 5 were just dead now. A few were uninteresting. But two got moved to the top of the queue for more frequent watching.

America’s Survival channel has sections for “Recorded Shows”, “Conference Videos”, and “Guest Videos”. I sampled Guest Videos, and found a gem. Looking at the videos under Recorded Shows, several are dissing Kavanaugh as not conservative enough. Others have names like “The Free Speech Apocalypse” and “Trump’s Enemies – Media Bias Phony Polls & Vote Fraud”.

Under Guest Videos, one featured near the top under a heading of “Capital Research Center” is titled “America Under Siege: ANTIFA” and interviews “name names” from the Right about Antifa. They also did their homework on the history of Antifa and it’s a good introduction to where it came from, who it is connected to (including Democrats & old Weather Underground folks), and where it is going. What I already knew was correctly reported in it, and there were some things I’d not known before.

Their website:

The other channel is Liberty One TV.

They have a set of 24 “recent episodes” by their regulars. Names like Pete Santilli, Jermain Botsio, Bob Carson, and Jeremy Hanson. (Maybe more, that’s just a random few from the screen open at the moment). Then there’s an “Archiies” set of 150 choices, and a Live section. I didn’t sample their regulars, but a couple of minutes on the “live” show was interesting. But the one that really pulled me in was the lone Intellectual Frogslegs episode they had up under “recent”. (Well, there may be more, I’ve not gone through the whole 150 archives, but at least one more is in Archives). Titled Liberal Farm it was a hoot and a half comedy take-down of the Democratic Party.

In Conclusion

As YouTube and Twitter and Facebook attempt to block conservative and Libertarian voices, those voices will just find other platforms. I’m pleased that the Roku looks to be one of them. Anyone can set up a channel, fairly trivially (one kind even has a free self directed web site automated process claiming 5 minutes – it gets ads put in) so it is unlikely to be “policed” out of freedom.

I would suggest to every conservative or libertarian voice that uses any of the “Social Media” platforms: Get yourself a Roku channel set up. It is not expensive nor hard. (Entry level paid channel was something like $40 and then you control the commercials more). Then your reach extends to all sorts of folks, even if all they have is a TV and not a computer or tablet.

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13 Responses to Review: Roku Channels: America’s Survival and Liberty One TV

  1. larrygeiger says:

    Sorry for the off topic comment. Wanted to bring it forward. I bought some “Nu-Salt” (potassium chloride. Havn’t found “No-Salt” yet). Have been sprinkling it around some. Did not use it on pancakes, grilled cheese, etc. Anyway, I have not had a night time cramp in three nights. So far, really good. YMMV.

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    Morton Salt has a product sold under the name Lite-Salt (blue and black package) which also is partially potassium chloride to help balance out sodium and potassium in the diet. It is what I use.
    You can also pick up potassium gluconate pills in the nutrition isle 550 mg K as I recall per pill.
    Now back to Roku stuff –

  3. larrygeiger says:

    Hi Larry. Thanks for the Lite-Salt recommendation. I tried potassium supplement pills and they didn’t do any good. A few things that I read said that it’s hard to get potassium to work in pill form. Anyway, it didn’t work for me. The potassium is also supposed to reduce Zometa infusion side effects. We’ll see in a couple of weeks.

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    Most grocery stores also have the Morton KCl pure product. It’s in a small blue tube about 1 inch by 3 inches and if you are looking for big salt boxes you will not even see it… but it’s usually there somewhere…

  5. philjourdan says:

    No matter how many moles you whack, there are always more popping up. But the left just is not smart enough to know that, even when the moles bite their noses!

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    What I find fascinating is that the amorphous self assembling capitalist system just flows around the organized “resistance”…

    Maybe I need a new moniker… “Mole” ;-)

    Update: Maybe “ChiefMole” ;-)

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    Military designation
    By-pass tunneling engineer, Mole type, one each.

  8. beththeserf says:

    Patrick Wood and Anthony Sutton research who’s behind the curtain of
    Agenda 21 resources grab. It’s the Trilateral Commission members who
    set up the Brundtland Report for a new international resource based model
    change economic system change constitution David Rockerfeller founder,
    members by invitation, Gro Brundland ooh look, two past US Presidents,
    George Bush and Bill Clinton, Paul Volker, Soros, Kissinger, Greenspan,
    lots of bankers, Al Gore, John Podesta, Dianne Feinstein, Eric Schmidt
    of Google’s a member,

  9. E.M.Smith says:

    How nice of them to give us a list of who’s dirty…

  10. clive hoskin says:

    I saw a picture of President Trump and it said, “I make STUPID people angry”. 

  11. ossqss says:

    FWIW, I implemented the Roku Premier + unit yesterday. I would recomend it at $49 for a Walmart exlusive. Comes with power block, USB cable, and 2.0 HDMI cable. It is not MIMO/AC connection capable, but I doubt anyone will need more than an N connection for a 4k feed (20-25 megabit absolute Max).

    This for me is a perfect replacement for a cable box. It provides for a TV power button and TV volume control (auto program via HDMI) on the remote. Actually, that is a feature the app can’t do without a networked TV, or an onboard IR blaster like a Note 4.

    The Spectrum App works great to provide every channel I can get with a Box, without the rental charge. It is not as good as I would like, but I am not sure Spectrum would want to facilitate revenue loss by making it better. We shall see. The app does provide for a favorite channel list access etc..

    I would state, being able to move the Roku around vs. an HDMI stick type (this one has that provided HDMI cable) allowed me to place it in a better world on fringe of my network (it is easy to move around if ya have compatible cables in place on other TV’s. Size of a half pack of smokes.). Sticks plug into the back of your TV and can impact signal strength, and still require a power source.

    Now they do offer a high model called Ultra, which basically adds a nice JBL earpod headset and a remote to plug it into for low noise situations, and an AC router MIMO connection for 99 bucks. BTW, if you are using the phone app, you can also use headphones on the phone/tablet, whatever ;-)

  12. E.M.Smith says:


    I have a very nice LG bluetooth headset on my tablet.. that runs the Roku app… just sayin’… wires are soooo 20th century ;-)

    Glad to hear the Roku world is working out well for you. There’s always a bit of angst when you recommend a path to someone as some folks have needs or desires you do not foresee.

    Me? I’m happy every day that I got the Roku. At about $30 for the cheap sticks I got (for 2 of them) it’s one of the best deals I’ve every had. It makes the LG “Smart” TV look incredibly dumb. Seriously! I’ve got a Roku plugged into my “smart” TV. Think about it…

    ‘ve presently got 300 channels in my selected set, yet at least 150 of them I’ve only checked for about long enough to see one program launch and not be crap. There’s literally thousands more. Of all of them, we spend most time on Netflix and Amazon Prime (well, the spouse does…) and really only Netflix is paid for (we got Amazon Prime only for the shipping cost reduction, then later found out it included video). I mostly watch free news feeds and Pluto. Others sporadically.

    Come next The Orville season I’ll have a decision to make. How to get it without a “cable” provider to use for signing in. We do pop the bucks for CBS as the spouse mostly watches their shows. But I liked The Orville. So “someday” that needs resolving.

    As it stands, I have about 50 hours / day of free stuff I’d like to watch. I’m simply never ever going to get through it. So exactly when will I feel compelled to pay up for more? Hmmm?

    There’s a thesis in there… What happens when a satisficing level of programming is available for absolutely free or embedded inside something bought for other reasons? What does that do to equilibrium prices for “others”? One clear effect: Both the spouse and I have become intolerant of commercials. I’ll maybe take 1 minute worth “up front” (after the tease / lead-in) but the dozens (hundreds?) of Roku channels with “free” movies or TV series that put 2-3 minutes of ads in every 15 minutes… they just leave me chomping at the bit to “move on”. That was not the case pre-Netflix and pre-Amazon_Prime. When you are over saturated and time limited with zero commercials / ads; the ability and / or need to tolerate them drops dramatically.

    I mostly go to news and current events; plus a few series (2 of them in Spanish- go figure…) while the spouse has a half dozen things on CBS & Netflix she watches. Trek. Blue Bloods. NCIS. Etc. Then the clock runs out and it’s tomorrow. Rinse and repeat. Suddenly shove 4 minutes of commercials into that in a block and I just click out and move on. “Someday” I’ll need to edit down that 300 stations based on the newly developed intolerance of wasting my time…

    Then there’s all the quirky channels… For some reason I can’t explain I find it entertaining to sample things like the Lodi town channel and watch folks in government who think they are only talking to locals… or watch the news in Venezuela. There is a channel out of Miami for expats that is covering it on the scene… You do need some Spanish to follow it… Things like a fat person complaining about food shortages and not realizing the irony… or a scene of dozens protesting that their pensions are now worthless and most of them clearly under-fed… You get a view impossible to get from USA media… Just the sheer variety of it amazes. I watched a local baseball game in Nicaragua, as one example. It was like local B league here. So honest and real. And the Marde Gras parades! Not just in Brazil, but smaller ones from little Islands, clearly expected to be viewed by family and friends. Or how to make Indian food, in a heavy Indian accent from someone IN India…

    So will I ever come up for air from it? I don’t know. I do know I’ve had to limit the hours so everything else can get done. And that means limiting the time spent doing channel exploration. At this time I’m pretty sure I search new channels at a rate slower than they arrive. Oh Well. I can live with that ;-)

  13. H.R. says:

    I’m not much of a TV watcher. The Mrs. is and has it on starting in the afternoon and into the evening.

    I did notice some shows she selects warn up front about commercials and you can’t fast forward through them. However, they are called… can’t recall the term.. truncated commercials or something like that.

    The first time I saw the halt for those commercials, they had a “1 of X ads” indicator in the corner of the picture. Oh joy. 5-something ads you are stuck watching. Well sunuvagun! Five ads take about 30 seconds where it tells you it’s going to be 2 or 3 ads it’s only 10-15 seconds. You hardly have time to react with a remote and you’re back to what you are watching.

    That’s a great compromise, but I think that may catch on for regular TV commercials. In today’s short attention span patience impaired society, advertisers will figure out that they have 7-10 seconds to hit you with NAME/PRODUCT and they will hire ad agencies who can deliver effective ads that fit the 5-10 second time frame.

    Its an interesting development to me, as I have a side interest in marketing.

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