Deep State Or Itch?

How better to have a Friday than a bit of Conspiracy Theory vs Deep State vs The Trump.

So Alex Jones was running in the background as I had breakfast. Interviewing “some guy” I was ignoring… who said something about censorship and how thousands of conservative voices were being stilled on the internet (as Alex pondered the Pick One: a) False Flag. b) Current culture war. c) Deep State Attack! etc. etc.) and said it would not work. ~”Just look up Huma and Linsey Graham”…

So I did.

Lots of conspiracy theory videos. Some running at 1/4 or less speed with deep sonorous ominous music to set the mood. (But so slow you can’t get the feel of what is really happening).

Along the way found this one. Very short, nicely annotated for just what really matters. It sure looks like something happens, but as they tag it: What?

It is just after the John McCain funeral. You’ve got 2 Generals standing near each other upper right. Lindsey Graham near center frame. Huma Abedin comes rushing in from off camera right, gives Lindsey a big hug, they whisper something, she notices and shakes hands with some “important lady” behind Lindsey, they go back to the two of them interacting…

All while the two Generals watch, notice, get distracted by a solicitation off screen right (some guy wants to shake hands), then return to the observation of Lindsey.

Then it gets creepy.

During all of this, we have ( I think) Kissinger in the middle trying to find someone who thinks he is important, while the game goes on right past him. I think it is General Kelly that stares at Lindsey, who turns to look behind himself to see what’s being stared at… turns back realizing it is him, then Gen. Kelly puts a finger to his eye…

So scratching an itch, or saying “I’m watching you!”…

Then Lindsey looks a bit flustered.

So many possibles and questions.

Has Trump got a few trusted Generals who know how to follow orders and love the country working their own Shadow Play doing a take-down of the GEBs, Soros Machine, Useful Idiots in Congress (but I repeat myself…), and traitors?

Is Huma now a “Known Agent” and Lindsey is getting a reminder that “optics matter” and he doesn’t want to be on film hugging someone who’s under surveillance?

Has Lindsey “come over” to the Trump side and getting a reminder who’s side he’s on now?

Is is just Huma (who had Mccain deliver a defense of her from the floor – so owes him and thinks highly of him) and Lindsey (who saw McCain as a fellow honorable man and Senator) both missing a long time friend and sharing a moment of sorrow? Perhaps with a paranoid General (or rightly paranoid since the Democrats and Socialists ARE out to get them…) overreacting to an old guy hugging a young lady?

I can’t say at all what it means; but I can say it isn’t at all normal. Something is afoot.


You can drive yourself around the bend on all the videos of this that show up if you search on the names of the players. There’s even a video of a VIP sort (some Senator?) on the news being interviewed saying ~”after McCain was put to death”. Slip of the tongue or reference to Hospice? (It was remarkably fast after he announce going off meds to being dead, so maybe a bit of extra morphine to help him past the last pain.)

It’s a minefield of paranoia and conspiracy. Yet “something happened” in that video…

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9 Responses to Deep State Or Itch?

  1. cdquarles says:

    That’s why it is so hard to take media reports too seriously. So much is left out, or twisted, or both, context-wise. Take all of the Sessions bashing. Key points are rarely brought up or addressed fully. Folk forget, when not reinforced, the crap Sessions took during confirmation. Folk forget that he was ‘borked’ out of a judicial appointment, using the same kinds of smears, sans the sexual stuff. Stuff like that matter. RR is between a rock and a hard place. So is Jeff Sessions. To a greater or lesser extent, both are ‘victims of smears’ that they can’t address in public, in part because there are serious felonies involved that need a full and proper investigation and prosecution. Those take time. People are far too often too impatient. That said, Soros and a whole lot more people need full exposure and then prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. We also need to remove a large fraction of the rubber-like laws we do have on the books currently.

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    Yes that was White house Chief of Staff General John Kelly, and Secretary of Defense Mattis. A more powerful pair of operators it would hard to find. Very deep connections to the real power in the throne. The military absolutely reveres General Mattis.

    Very interesting dynamics there in that clip.

  3. Clay Marley says:

    I could hardly keep my eyes off Kissinger’s tie. I know he’s ancient, but surely someone could have given him a hand.

    As for Humma, if I were in Washington I wouldn’t let her come anywhere near me. But then, I’ve read the Koran, something I doubt any politician has done. If she believes her holy book, then we know what her motivations and goals are.

  4. John F. Hultquist says:

    (It was remarkably fast after he announce going off meds to being dead, so maybe a bit of extra morphine to help him past the last pain.)

    Wiki says of Barbara Bush:
    On April 15, 2018, her family released a statement regarding her failing health, stating that she had chosen to be at home with family; desiring “comfort care” rather than further treatment.
    She died on the 17th.

  5. David A says:

    Donald Trump clearly stated the following…” I trust MY intelligence people.” (caps were his)

    I think we just saw who two of those people are.

    If you were to run a sting on the deep state, ( does this not include international one world globalist)
    how long would it take to develope the evidence as you found more and more operatives? When would you start indictments?

  6. Steven Fraser says:

    David A wrote: ‘When would you start indictments?’
    I think after the suicides have begun to die down….

  7. E.M.Smith says:

    I like Steven’s answer… but I’d add “and after the whole network has been found out and documented and as much as possible flipped or neutralized.”

  8. llanfar says:

    IMO that’s why the Soros network hasn’t yet been rolled up. Can’t hide transactions.

  9. wizz33 says:

    welcome to the Q phenomenon see Qqresearch on 8chan and use sort

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