Polly Boiko #ICYMI On RT Is A Hoot

I did a quick news cycle and it was all “Same Old Same Old”. Ended on RT. Decided to explore some of the “Shows” choices on the RT Roku channel… and ran into Polly Boiko’s show “#ICYMI”. It is a hoot! Each video just a few minutes long.

Here’s a couple of examples. First up, Climate Change:

Pretty much sums up how the average person sees the Climate Hustle. We’ve had used car salesmen and folks peddling super soap on our TVs for a generation now; to say we’re a hard sell is putting it mildly. So along come these Climate Amateurs trying to sell us FUD (Fear Uncertainty & Doubt) about the end of the world as we know it and – well, after all the Friday The 13th movies, more remakes of Frankenstein than can be counted, and at least one Disaster Move Du Jour for the last 40 years… Let’s just say fewer polar bears and maybe a longer BBQ season are not high on the scare factor.

Then, on the Gender Insanity of PC:

She was educated in the UK, but I suspect she is of Russian heritage, we know she is working for a Russian channel. If I might take a great leap: I think this is telling us just how Bat Shit Crazy the whole western PC world looks to Russians (and not a small percentage of us in The West). There’s something about just stating the stupid in a way that makes it obvious how ludicrous it is that causes a giggle ;-)

Then the question of the sanity of Elon Musk. Some of us have pondered this, I’m sure:

Then on Russia Gate we have ‘blame a Russian’:

There’s a whole lot more stacked up on the channel, but I’ll leave them for the folks willing to explore. There are 35 just in one compilation…


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7 Responses to Polly Boiko #ICYMI On RT Is A Hoot

  1. mddwave says:

    Good ones, they made my day!

  2. philjourdan says:

    I see great potential! But she is soft peddling them too much. I guess she does not want to get banned. ;-)

  3. E.M.Smith says:


    Glad I could help ;-)


    I think it’s low key aspect is what I find attractive. Like the need to pause to read the “Easter Egg” in the background listing on one of them. (Big white board / paper listing…)

    It’s like the British sense of humor where the more subtle it is the more I like like. (Best is when you find yourself starting to chuckle but then are not really sure it was intended as a joke ;-)

    I don’t need to be beat over the head to get a point – and the shouting conspiracy theory shows do so much of that I like the lower key as respite from it… Then the humor in it is a great contrast to the Leftist pessimism and doom in our time ranting.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I like that mix a lot…

    So take Lisa Haven. Like her stuff, but after a few of them I need a break. It’s just so animated and everything is energized and NWO worries and, well, I like giggles more than worry. Yeah, the worry is important at an intellectual level but… give me chocolate and giggles and I’ll accept your message better ;-)

    (I posted a link to Lisa Haven’s stuff on the W.O.O.D. topic:


  4. Another Ian says:

    Jo Nova on the latest Hadley data


    The thread sequence

    “#DataGate! First ever audit of global temperature data finds freezing tropical islands, boiling towns, boats on land”


    And the next post to keep links down

  5. Another Ian says:

    “ABC Climate fiction: Life at 0.5 degrees hotter, dead plants, animals, ghost towns, jellyfish hell”


    “#DataGate: Hadley reply to first audit with foggy excuses about problems 2,000 staff didn’t find”


    “MediaWatch: Jo Nova, McLean, Newscorp fools! Govt committees are always right.”


    “ABC News Maths” in action

  6. Another Ian says:

    This might have to do with the video problem here atm


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