3 Mos. of Virtue Signalling Censorship and…

Ah, the joys of watching The Left shoot their toes off…

So FaceBook and Twitter decided to piss on Conservative Voices, doing all they can to collude with the Democrats and shift (meddle in) the Midterm Elections.

So what do you get after 3 months of pissing off 1/2 the population, your customers and potential customers (not to mention your investors)? What’s your ROI on that action?

Here’s their stock tickers in the last 3 months compared to the S&P 500:

Facebook and Twitter stocks take a 3 month dive.

Facebook and Twitter stocks take a 3 month dive.

Down 26% and 34%. At that rate, they can reach zero in a year… A fella can hope ;-)

Normally I’d start to watch for “bottoming action” and a chance to pick up a rising company on the cheep. The problem here is that it is not clear they will ever ‘rise’ again. Will they change their behaviour after the election? Will a Red Tidal Wave mean they get “congressional oversight”? Will they double down on the policies even as their customers find other competitors who do not abuse them?

There’s just too much unknown until a good ways post mid-terms.

But until then I can enjoy a good laugh at the schadenfreude…

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6 Responses to 3 Mos. of Virtue Signalling Censorship and…

  1. H.R. says:

    Things change, and in today’s world they can change rapidly.

    Not the exact same thing, but remember Blockbuster Videos?

    Things change. We’ll soon find out if Facebook and Twitter can adapt or if they are locked into ideology.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Unfortunately, the 49 page doc is again on scribd that requires a “social media” account and login to download it. If anyone puts it anywhere else, please let me know.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    Interesting article.

    Isn’t there some requirement that folks register as “Foreign Agents” and are not these folks acting as foreign agents to meddle with our election?

    It also seems that some of this must violate First Amendment (i.e. “civil rights”) and other laws.

    Then the idea that FB & Twitter and such are giving direct access to raw data must violate a few dozen rules about corporations “due diligence” and violate some privacy laws…

    Just seems to me that these folks have had a free hand without any application of morals or laws for far too long and the judicial system ought to be doing something about it. Not sure if it rises to the level of “treason”, but it is generally considered some kind of criminal act to tear down the campaign signs of your opponent and isn’t it also a crime to discriminate in who gets to communicate over a “common carrier”?

    Just saying, it seems to me there’s options that ought to be put in play. Ignoring it and letting them have free run of the information space seems pretty dumb.

  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    What I think is going on:

    The Feds are probably monitoring facebook and twitter account activity closely building a case file.
    Meanwhile President Trump continues to fill out court vacancies with conservative constructionist judges.

    They are also probably waiting for Facebook and Twitter to trip themselves up (give them rope).

    Twitter CEO has already alluded to the fact that Twitter has become a “public square” for discussion of important topics. This opens the door to strip Twitter of the “private company” protections and move them into the “Public Utility) class. Once that happens with the proper test case they can get a judgement that with a near monopoly on the digital public square the two companies (along with Google / youtube) are stepping into the domain of critical infrastructure which has a legitimate government interest seeing that it is truly open to all and non-discriminatory against certain groups (whites [this opens the doors against racist charges], conservatives [this opens the doors for political persecution] etc etc.

    Like Ma-Bell and other similar communications giants they are crossing over into essential services for an information age society and locking out one or more classes as undesirable would be like a common carrier refusing to ship products from certain companies, or banning distribution of certain news papers, or black listing certain Hollywood stars.

    I think right now they are waiting for the ideal test case, and President Trump does not want to energize the left by kicking off action on this topic so close to the election. Far more important to build the case during the mid terms and get the essential building blocks set prior to the 2020 election cycle.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    The risk to the slow road is that IF the Soros strategy works, you get Democratic control of the House and nothing will be done to the folks who got it for them.

    It will all come down, IMHO, to just how pissed it makes conservative and middle of the road voters vs how much having conservative voices silenced “works” for the Left.

    One of the requirements to be exempt from libel and slander suits is that they act as a public carrier and not an editor. Since they are clearly exercising editorial power, IMHO, they ought to have that “protection” removed immediately.

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