Lovin’ Nigel Farage

These are all about 12 to 15 minutes each.

Nigel & Le Pen in 2014 rip the EU parliament processes. I don’t know which one does the most ripping! Note the number of folks clapping behind Le Pen. That didn’t show up in the media coverage, where she was vilified. 13:40 minutes:

Then Nigel rips on the EU dissing Trump. Just wonderful. To quote Nigel “It doesn’t matter!. 12 minutes:

On the media. If you only watch one of the videos, watch this one. Includes a riff on Climate Change, 16 minutes:

Sidebar on Video Focus

And yes, I’m on a video clip kick. I started out 100% text all the time. Not even graphics. So I’m catching up with the millennials and their video fixation ;-)

The reality is that I’m pondering making some videos. It’s a much bigger workload and requires a set of skills I do not at the moment possess (video editing in particular) along with the fact it works better with more than just one person. (Lights, Camera, Action! are usually 4 people minimum. Lighting, the videographer, the “talent” and the director shouting about it all.) In reality there is also a 5th, the editor. To some extent that is the skill set being practiced here. Doing that with one person is a peculiar art. So I’m looking at these videos both as content, and as “what does it take to be creator?” – with a side bar on “and the revenue prospects are?…”

So forgive me if I’m overloading folks on slow wires with video and denying my usual detail analysis of deep textual nature. I’m trying to grow in a particular new direction and just seeing what it requires; and if I have it.

In Conclusion

Two big hinge points of history are in play at this moment. One is the midterms underway in the USA. Will we end up with a split congress and Trump under attack by the House? Or will we continue our march to liberty?

The other is that the Italian government has submitted a budget to the EU that is entirely unacceptable to Germany.


The spread between yields on Italian and German bonds climbed to its highest level in almost five years on Friday as a row between Rome and Brussels over the country’s budget threatens to boil over.

European Union authorities on Thursday rejected budget proposals put forward by Italy earlier in the week, accusing the eurozone’s third largest economy of an “unprecedented” break of EU rules around spending and deficit limits.

Citing Italy’s plans to increase spending and its deficit, and allow its government debt to remain elevated, the European Commission said the country is trying to undertake “a particularly serious” breach of the rules.

Essentially, Italy has laid down the fiscal gauntlet and told the EU to go stuff it. Italy want’s to have easy money and a juiced economy and is telling Brussels (and German) to just get over it. When this is forcefully rejected, it puts the core of the EU at risk. The Eastern States are already chaffing under the forced immigration and lack of self determination. Britain has said “We’re out of here”. Now one of the biggest 4 economies of the core of the EU has said “Our way or go ahead and kick us out”.

This is a very big deal.

So the next few months are very rich in hinge points. We are living in interesting times, and Mr. Soros is ordering more Depends…

The problem for the Globalist Elites is that they have shoved us YUPPY (Young – well I was at the start…- Upwardly Mobile Professional) and Middle Class folks over into The Deplorables – and we are seeing that we are not in The Club and never will be. They will get their “Revolution” but it will be more like the French Revolution than the Russian.

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8 Responses to Lovin’ Nigel Farage

  1. Rhoda Klapp says:

    Videos? Go for it.

  2. Spetzer86 says:

    I’m really liking Le Pen. Shame she was going too fast for the translator for a bit. Wonder what listening in on a social meeting with her, Farage, and Trump would be like? Or, maybe better, having them sitting around a small table in a quiet bar after a few beers.

  3. jim2 says:

    Waaaayyyy back in the day, it took 2 of us to make an educational video; one to run the mixer board/camera selections/video tape/etc – and one to man the camera. And then one to present the material. Not sure any of that is relevant to today’s tech.

  4. jim2 says:

    Video edit software:

  5. John F. Hultquist says:

    I’m not a fan of video unless short segments are embedded in an analysis.
    Some music-classic/history or special things I watch. For example “The Big O’s” black and white evening is a good one.
    Politics I generally don’t watch — but may if, like today, you suggest the I should.
    I watch Earth Science ones. Look at Nick Zentner’s things

    These 2-minute (+) ones are done with Central Washington University’s video experts and input from science researcher-experts. Nick is the gatherer and presenter, not the researcher. His hour long talks in town are also filmed (or most are), but not so slick. He carries the presentation.

  6. jim2 says:

    As far as editing goes, the go-to transition from one video/still image to another should be a relatively fast fade. This will ease the transition to the eye, but not force the viewer to sit through grindingly slow transitions. Special effects should be used only for special situations.

  7. corsair red says:

    Windows Movie Maker is an excellent video editor. Straightforward, easy to use after some practice. I recommend it. It is not available from Microsoft. There is a download here. I know nothing about the page.
    Lightworks has a large learning curve; it is not user friendly. Not to me anyway. I have discovered that what techies call intuitive means ” if you are a rocket scientist. “

  8. corsair red says:

    This was made with Movie Maker. No,not Putin or Farage.

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