Next News Network & Hillary Guard Speaks

Some of this is old news, but still was interesting to me. Some is newer.

First off, I’m convinced the Roku Youtube application has not been ‘diddled’ as much as other search / social software. It still tries to figure out your biases / nature and give you more of that; but it does not seem to try hiding any conservative content. Maybe it is just too small a part of their operation to care about (yet?).

So I regularly find interesting new things on it after a few clicks and watches. The only problem is it doesn’t have a history function (or I just haven’t found it) so trying to get the url of a thing you liked is a bit hard once it ends.

Tonight I watched a very interesting video that was a history of all the Hillary scandals. But now I can’t find it again… What it moved on to was a very interesting video from 2016 when Hillary was running for POTUS. This from a “news network” I’d never heard of before. Next News Network.

Here’s the 2 minute ‘plea’ from them about the present Purge of Conservatives:

Their YouTube channel:

They, too, have seen the need to also have a presence on Bitchute:

This is a 5 minute video reporting that the USA was just rated #1 for business climate:

Good news I didn’t see on ABC CBS NBC pMSNBC…

It looks like they started to come up on but only put up one video on their channel 2 months ago.

My guess would be they didn’t get banned from YouTube (yet) so likely resumed making most of their money there. Oddly, a fair amount of searching did not turn up a blog or main internet site for them. Patreon, Twitter, Facebook all yes. www whatever not so much. It may exist but I’ve run out of time on looking for it.

With that, here’s the 1 hour 20 minute long Hillary Slam:

I’ve only finished an hour of it. Fascinating stuff even if the guy’s skype is occasionally a bit jerky. Gary Byrne. Wrote a book about his experiences as a White House Secret Service agent – Crisis of Character.

If I can ever find that first video I’ll add it here too.

I’m really glad we didn’t get her back in the White House. It was such a close run thing, both times, and could have resulted in so much harm.

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6 Responses to Next News Network & Hillary Guard Speaks

  1. Eric Fithian says:

    mojeek gaives me “” most of the way down the first page of results.
    Firefox “iceweasel” jammed up, trying to open that site, so I have no idea how many results are above “Gary Franchi’s Next News Networtk” ….
    The joys of using Firefox….
    I have to try installing Brave on eLive 3.0 (when I put *that* on one of these boxen)…

  2. Eric Fithian says:

    Update: loads better on Netsurf.
    There, they give the address as “”

    And I keep transposing “work” into “wrok” … which would doubtless lead into some Wonderland of phony sites, filled with ads for Erectile Dysfunction aids and suchlike….

  3. ossqss says:

    @EM, YoueTube history is in the library tab on the left of the page on my ROKU. I am logged into my account, if that makes a difference.

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    Ah, I refuse to sign up for “An Account” with anyone when I can avoid it. Especially folks who want to track me and profile me. So I’ve got no YouTube Account. I can live with that…

    So thanks for the pointer, at least now I know.

    @Erik Fithian: just sits and spins for me (on an older FireFox).
    It does work in Opera.

    IceCat just sits and spins like FireFox (from which it is derived).

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    Does work on the newer FireFox on the Devuan R. Pi and with clear sound (unlike some things where the sound is more garbled from it.)

    My guess is it uses some relatively new codex or video standard not in the older browsers.

  6. ossqss says:

    I hear you EM. I use Youtube to share private unpublished video via links to family and friends and have everything shut off but my history and some good subscriptions for the most part.

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