Trump Triggering Deep State?

A rather facinating 15 minute video that puts forward a thesis about things Trump did, the volcanic reaction by the Deep State Players, and what that might mean.

By a Dr. Dave Janda

I’d not run into his site before, but it looks interesting. My only exposure so far has been this video from YouTube via the Roku:

His basic thesis is that these 4 things have happened and caused The Left to have a vapor lock moment and spit and sputter publicly, which is claimed to be confirming.

1) Push to attack the human trafficking and pedophile networks via executive order. Supposedly arrests are “astronomically higher” now than before.

2) Lindsey Graham at the Kavanaugh hearing put 5 minutes on the issue of Military Tribunals. Supposedly sending a strong message kavanaugh was a “rule of law” guy. (And implying tribunals might become an issue soon ;-) Then within 12 hours we had the Bimbo Eruption.

3) Trump speaking about wanting unredacted documents declassified for the FISA warrant for Carter Page, Comey McCabe texts, and the 302 forms from Bruce Ohr. The idea being it exposes there was sedition, treason, and fraud. (In particular a theory that Bruce Ohr was one of the authors of the “dossier”).

4) Rod Rosenstein on Air Force One (a SEIF) and the idea he has been flipped.

With interesting evidentiary statements and sidelights on each.

An interesting and fun hypothesis. Hope it’s true ;-)

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5 Responses to Trump Triggering Deep State?

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    Hmmm… Interesting guy. Just a bit more speculation than the facts support, but interesting in an insight vs fantasy question kind of way.

    Here’s one titled “Trump, Khashoggi, Soros & The Deep State” where he asserts a Russian connection (the actual torturer), a heart attack, the Deep State not liking the new Crown Prince MBS as he is not Deep State aligned while the older regime was; all leading up to an attempt to get Trump to piss on the Saudis so in the retaliation the crash of the global economy could be blamed on Trump.

    A fascinating idea, plausible even. But were is there evidence for those assertions? Oh Well; fun to ponder anyway:

  2. cdquarles says:

    Trouble that I have is that all of us react to news reports and then reports/columns written/televised based on those reports. Fine enough, take them as true for argument’s sake; but not forget that taking something given as true does not, by logical necessity, make it be true. News reports, in particular, are inherently biased. They are biased by what they contain, what they don’t contain, and how the things said are said.

  3. E.M.Smith says:


    Nice list of biases. I’d also add biased by what they have wrong…

  4. R. de Haan says:

    What about the current slaughter and starvation of the Yemen population? Statement of Putin during the meeting with Bolton Eagle has 13 arrows one claw and 13 olive branches in the other… Did your Eagle eat all the Olives? That’s a great question, not only in regard to Trumps cancellation of the US/Russian arms treaty but just as valid for the endless slaughter of civilians in Yemen as this war could be stopped within 24 hours if the USA wants it to stop.

  5. R. de Haan says:

    I am glad however Trump and Putin will have talks next month in France.

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