Speak The Truth, Go To Prison – It’s the EU Law

It would seem that in the EU, you can not state Historical Fact without being fined, found in violation of the law. One presumes repeated infractions would escalate to prison as such things usually do. It all has to do with “Religious Feelings” you see. I wonder if this new world of litigated “feelings” will allow me to collect money from anyone who talks dirt about The Infidel? I’m an infidel and it makes me feel demeaned and insulted and makes MY religious feelings hurt. What’s wrong with MY religion that it can be called “infidel”, eh? I’m quite steeped in fidelity with it…

Furthermore, as a Master Druid I see it as my right to dance naked in the forest. I’d like any and all Muslims who complain about women not “covering themselves” to pony up the bucks for hurting my “Religious Feelings”. It is profoundly insulting to me that someone says it isn’t beautiful and natural to dance naked among the sacred trees. In fact, I find the mere sight of the Burka offensive to my religion. Paypal is fine for paying your fines… I’d like just $10 / person who demeans the Infidel and $20 / Burka / year. That would make my “feelings” feel more respected.

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Then in Canada, insult someone and refuse to accept SJW Shaming and you face prison.
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Has the world gone mad and I missed my dose of crazy juice?

Where does this kind of crap thinking end up? In backlash land as Joe Average says WT?
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6 Responses to Speak The Truth, Go To Prison – It’s the EU Law

  1. David A says:

    Is it simply mental illness based on worship of feelings as long as they are the right kind of feelings?

    Where is the billionaire conservative classic liberal to bring your druid case to court?

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  3. Graeme No.3 says:

    If precedents are allowed in law then the EU has just shot their left foot. Any quoting of the Koran may be illegal (according to them) but what of the Iman who criticises Jews or Christians? That must count as a HATE crime. So must inter-faith utterances – no more Irish (Polish in the USA, Finnish in Sweden) jokes, no more critical comments between Sunni and Shiite, let alone between Wahabi and Turkish Sunni (let alone Kurds).
    Prosecute one, prosecute all! The result will be complete legal chaos as today’s fad is sued by yesterday’s.

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    @Grahame No.3:

    That’s the problem with basing law on “Feelings” and not fundamental principles. Everyone has “feelings” and they are often in conflict and often changing. It makes a right muddle of choosing who’s “feelings” matter.

    @David A:

    Don’t know where they are, or why no-one has stepped up to oppose the present Globalists, but more on that in another post RSN (Real Soon Now…). Bannon is trying to get something going.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    I’ll just put the Bannon thing here. He’s starting a foundation to oppose what Soros has been pushing:

  6. ossqss says:

    Hummmm, makes me wonder if the “Team America World Police” movie is banned in the EU? ;-)

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