On Individual Empowerment – Candace Owen Speech

This is a remarkable speech by a person who is both smart, and beautiful. About 1/2 hour long, and stick with it to the end. The preamble matters to the impact and the punch line at about 27 minutes is the “kicker” in context.

I think I’m seeing a pattern here. Folks who had some tough times and from that figured out they are NOT a victim, that they are masters of their own destiny, and reject external manipulation; they become strong independent voices.

I know I don’t “sway” easily via social manipulative practices. Here Candace shows she is no longer swayed either. We know The Donald is such a person. Kanye seems to be (but has now backed off from “politics” – so maybe everyone has limit to the abuse they can sustain).

Is it really that simple? Does the world divide into “self directed and empowered” vs “externally validated and driven”? The “I AM somebody” who does what needs doing when “somebody ought to do something” vs the “please validate me” snowflakes who melt if challenged as they have no inner strength. Though I think there is room for a third axis: Those folks of hard character who manipulate the Snowflakes to gain power over them. The Sociopath manipulators.

We the “inner driven” reject the external control. They, the control freaks, reject and hate us for that, so gin up a mob of Snowflake Rage against us. The Snowflakes “can’t understand how we think” since we don’t give a damn about what the Control Freak Authorities say to us, call us, or threaten us with. We “got over that” a long time ago in some early social hurt. (We also tend to not react to the NPC Snowflake chants and feel no need to be “socially accepted” by them – i.e. to conform to their narratives.)

There is an inner awareness of the outer social gaming that inoculates us against the “peer pressure” and manipulative verbiage. We have “fundamental truths” and “fundamental principles” that form our foundation. The place we retreated to from that early hurt / rejection / experience; and built our strong foundation. It is our rock, and we will not lightly abandon it.

They have no such place. What is “true” or “valuable” changes with the wind. It only depends on what the peer pressure approves (via what the sociopath manipulators broadcast).

We are fundamentally different in our thought structures.

There’s also a large mass of folks in the middle. Just trying to cope with the shit storm that is life. Some feel embarrassed enough or ‘rewarded’ enough to give lip service to the Controlling Narrative. “I’m for equality”… of something, whatever that is. Others just not engaged either way.

Then there is The Moment, when one of those un-engaged folks suddenly realizes the Control Narrative. They realize their own internal foundation is opposed to what is being actually done (not said) using the Mob. That is the “red pilled” moment. The moment they refuse to let go of their foundation stone, refuse to submit to the “shared narrative”, the moment they realize “I am somebody”… and my opinion matters.

Candace “is somebody”. Her opinion matters.

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5 Responses to On Individual Empowerment – Candace Owen Speech

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    Candice is a very strong speaker and she hits on some great points and asks some important questions in powerful ways.

    Although I was aware of the numbers intellectually her comments about abortion death toll for the black community suddenly triggered an Aha moment.

    The Left likes to talk about the Holocaust as a bench mark for barbaric government, it is constantly used to demonize “right wing” government as they see the Republican administration (never mind that the Nazis were hard left totalitarian socialists).

    Well lets look at the numbers the Holocaust killed approximately 6 million Jews, and a total of about approximately 17 million total victims.

    Planned Parent hood has since 1973 killed 19 million black infants by abortion.

    In absolute literal terms Planned Parenthood has conducted a greater genocide than Hitler did, in the open and with the full support of the Democratic party leadership – so? – – – – –
    Who is really the American Nazi party ??

  2. J Martin says:

    Black female support for trump was almost non existent when he was elected, if Candace can change that to the same extent that Kanye would seem to have done judging by recent polls showing increased black support for Trump, then in 2020, the democrats are going to find themselves wandering the wastelands of politics for another 4 years and maybe more.

  3. philjourdan says:

    @Larry – the left really are NPCs. They spew the normal BS about Nazis and the right, and then I hit them with the facts. The longest any lasted was about 3 replies before they blocked me.

    I do not do it for the NPCs. I do it for the rest that can learn. So does Candace. So does EM. So do we all, n’est pas?

  4. YMMV says:

    “Though I think there is room for a third axis.” The good, bad, and ugly. But let’s call them the paranoid, the evil bastards, and the sheep. Social manipulative practices — the force is strong; if you are not paranoid, you have been assimilated. If you are paranoid, you are woke, took the red pill. (sorry, not so good at mixing clich├ęs)

    “I love the way Candace Owens thinks”. Great speaker too.
    This previous post gives some background:

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    The choice of The Media to tag Republicans with “red” (so as to avoid the obvious connection of the Democrats with communists & socialists) had the very fortunate side effect of making “Red Pill” work.

    Yeah, in a world where the reality is manipulation by Greedy Evil Bastards with $Billions manipulating whole continents, it is rational to act in a paranoid way. They ARE out to get you.

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