A Modest Suggestion: Fixing Honduras et. al.

We are being told that the Governments and economics of Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador are so horrible, that the citizens must flee murder, violence and more. They must flee to the USA.

The reasonable question to then ask is “Why don’t they fix their governments?”. This is met with statements that they have not the power to do so.

OK, let’s run with that.

Clearly any “fix” must come from outside, then. The USA doesn’t need to be perpetually occupying Central America, so is there an alternative?

Why, yes!

Turns out all those countries were at one time part of Mexico. They speak the same languages, eat similar foods. It’s a natural match. We just need to let Mexico restore them to The Mexican Empire.


Mexican Empire
Main article: First Mexican Empire
Coronation of Iturbide in 1822.

Mexico now had its own government, but Iturbide quickly became a dictator. He even had himself proclaimed emperor of Mexico, copying the ceremony used by Napoleon when he proclaimed himself emperor of France. No one was allowed to speak against Iturbide. He filled his government with corrupt officials, who became rich by taking bribes and making dishonest business deals.

In 1822, Mexico annexed the Federal Republic of Central America, which includes present-day Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and part of Chiapas.

They’ve done it before, they can just do it again!

We can get rid of a half dozen embassies, and lots of “Aid” payments.

Those States would be getting better governments (even if not as good as ours) and we’d get fewer “caravans”. “Win-Win”. Problem solved. Then all those poor Honduran’s and Guatemalan’s can get jobs in Mexican factories making Fords & Chevys and such…

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6 Responses to A Modest Suggestion: Fixing Honduras et. al.

  1. philjourdan says:

    While the tin plated despots running those places would object, I doubt the people would. Most of the caravans folks are staying Mexico. The jobs are there, the wages are better, and the language is the same.

    The food is a bit spicier, but they can adapt.

  2. J Martin says:

    Move the US border down to the narrowest part of the land between northern and southern America, build a big wall which will be much shorter, cost a great deal less and will be easier to police. Ensure that all schooling in the new territories and the old territories is conducted in English, ban all television programming for young people in Spanish, ensure that it is all in English, ban all news broadcasts in Spanish, etc etc. Convert all those in the new enlarged America to one language, English. Crime will drop, the economies will improve and illegal immigration will cease.

    Where America is ensuring its own dissolution today is because it is allowing Spanish to flourish within its borders, so that you end up with a society within a society, that isn’t a recipe for a happy future in my opinion.

  3. jim2 says:

    How about just move all the Dimowits to Mexico? That way the rest of us could build a really nice and functional border wall.

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    @J. Martin:

    Um, that would be Panama… and we already have a big ditch there that the USA built…

  5. Bruce Ryan says:

    the robber barons that created something that lasted is resembled today by the drug traffickers of South America. Unfortunately, the lasting piece of today’s traffickers isn’t infrastructure you can actually build on.
    I suppose there is help in the notion a good President-A could fix it. What is it E.M. says, “hope is not a strategy”, or something like that.

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    Yup, that’s it.

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