Goodbye Germany – Kalergi Plan Wins!

I’ve mentioned Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi before, but it was more a historical retrospective look for the roots of things.

Here, The Iconoclast, does a more contemporary to forward looking video about his results. Seems there’s a “prize” given for folks who follow his dream of a Europe devoid of Europeans and filled with a EuroAsiatic-Negroid mixed race. Angela Merkel got one…

The video points out that: of children under 6 in Germany, 42% are from immigrants. Furthermore, the native German birth rate is low, while that of the replacement population is quite high. Essentially he realizes “Demographics is destiny” and that this means the German Nation is already gone. 30 years and there will be few “Native Germans” left to argue about it. (Either that or a rather extreme repeat of history will be on the cards.)

I think he’s got a proper grasp of the problems this will bring. He also understands that there is no good outcome. No clean way to “fix it”. The engine is already off the cliff where the bridge was blown up and the rest of the cars will, inevitably, follow it. Democide, Suicide? Is there a word that combines the two into a self Democide? Or perhaps it is really a stealth murder by the Kalergi Advocates.

I will be a bit sad when the Grand Churches and Cathedrals of Europe are torn down. Some of them took 200 years to build. Oh Well, they are not well suited to conversion to mosques anyway, being cross shaped. Watching The Louvre burn will be no fun either. (France is on the same course, following behind). But since pictures are forbidden by the Koran, well, all that blaspheming art needs to meet the bonfire.

Sometimes seeing the future can be a depressing thing.

He does discuss an exodus of Native Germans, but does not state to where they are emigrating. In the USA, over 1/2 the population has at least some German ancestors (me included – about 1/4 German) so perhaps to here. Or perhaps to Austria that has realized it does not wish to enter the dustbin of history.

I must admit that I won’t really miss the German Language. The overloading of pronouns with too many functions and the bizarre way gender maps to things is, well, silly. Most Germans speak English and I’d expect the same from the immigrants, so that will become the common language I expect. I guess it’s sort of German like in a bastard kind of way.

Well, time to go… so “So long Germany! It was nice to visit when you were German.” A couple of decades ago. I think I need to work in an Octoberfest sometime in the next couple of years, before it is banned as non-islamic in about 20 years when the majority votes for that.

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30 Responses to Goodbye Germany – Kalergi Plan Wins!

  1. John F. Hultquist says:

    I have always been interested in demographics and so have read various reports over the last 10 years about this issue. If any of the US politicians are aware, I am not aware of that.
    I think all of this transition will be painfully obvious but not yet catastrophic in 10 years.
    It will become catastrophic to the native Germans in 30 years. Unless a miracle happens!
    Coming also to other European countries such as Sweden.
    An aging population is straining Russia and Japan.

    I will likely check out before a lot of this happens.

    Meanwhile, leaders of the Democratic party and many people are more interested in Trump’s tax returns, and other tangential matters. With folks such as Kyrsten Sinema and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the new shining lights of the Dems, there is not much hope that the US will have an influence on the demise of the European cultures. Note that the leader of France just lectured us on the concept that nationalism is bad.

  2. ray warkentin says:

    For me it’s also sad seeing what is happening in Germany as I also have a German heritage. Agree with you about the language. A while ago I tried to learn some German and found the complexity of the language presented great difficulties. Multiple verb endings, three genders, six possible different endings to adjectives and articles when tied to different gendered nouns or depending on whether the noun is the subject or direct or indirect object. This is referred to as grammatical baggage and though English evolved out of German, in the process it has lost this baggage and in many respects has been simplified. However, that simplification allows for some beautiful syntax and constructions and flexibilities not possible in some other languages.
    I have to say that I have never understood the enthusiastic rush of the European elites to merge their cultures into one large homogeneous blob and in fact inundate and eradicate the indigenous cultures. Separate nations with distinct people, languages, habits and various characteristics that developed over centuries present a wonderful mosaic of human expression and the technocrats want to wipe all of that away in pursuit of their soulless artificial bureaucratic creation. Nihilistic, destructive, and a guaranteed bad ending and a tremendous loss.The European leadership is utterly bereft of sound judgement and sense.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    @Ray Warkentin:

    IMHO, it is because they embrace the fundamental ideas of “3rd Way Socialism” or “Market Socialism” and then look at the utter failure of it when the Italian Fascist did it and when the National Socialists of Germany did it. Now they have a cognitive dissonance that threatens their core belief.

    W.W.II was horribly traumatic to them. They can NOT accept the truth, that it was caused by Socialism. Italian Fascist Socialism along with German National Socialism vs Russian Communist Socialism. So the only path left for their minds is to ASSUME it must be Nationalism that was the reason it failed. Yeah, that’s it.. Socialism Good, Nationalism Bad!. Now they can sleep at night.

    The necessary conclusion then becomes that to avoid W.W.III caused by Horrible Nationalism, you simply must destroy the Nation State. As “nation” has two basic meanings, one is “a people” and the other is the Nation State of a Westphalian Governmental Construct; they choose to destroy both. Eliminate borders and via genetic swamping destroy unique races. Bingo! No more “Nation” of any kind!

    And then the world be happy and peaceful and nobody will ever have a war again ’cause there is no horrible Nation causing problems… and Pure Socialism can at last assume its rightful place governing humanity. The Utopian Dream realized, at last.

    Of course this will fail, since it wasn’t Nationalism that caused W.W.I, W.W.II the Cold War, etc. etc. It was largely a mix of normal human nature with the Lust and Avarice of the Sociopathic Leadership (i.e. Their Class) seasoned liberally with the idiotic policies of Socialism.

    It also ignores the several thousands of years of Religious Wars; for example, as Islam repeatedly invaded and destroyed parts of Europe, eventually to be driven out of Europe in a generational war. So mixing some local Jihad into Europe seems fine to them… “Never let a disaster go to waste” and all that, so a little “Disaster for effect” is just fine. Wipe out those pesky Nations faster and they can then fix it all up once the Supreme Socialist Soviet is in power… Oh, sorry, I meant the Eu Parliament & Executives…

    Short form: They are psychotic idiots who don’t understand human nature nor the grand sweep of history in all its gorey… (the lack of an “L” is deliberate)…

  4. ray warkentin says:

    And the thing is that when one objects to what is going-on out of respect and appreciation for human and cultural differences and variety, one is smeared a racist and the ideologically motivated perpetrators then feel themselves fortified and more convinced of their enlightened superiority.

  5. Right throughout history there are nation states. Sometimes one nation conquered another then there were breakups. The breakup of USSR is an examples. Not long ago there was a referendum in Scotland to break away from Britain. I think as a consequence the parliaments in Scotland and Northern Ireland were given more power while a government of sorts was formed in Wales. Brexit was about getting out of the EU. There is an area in Spain that wants to secede and get out of the EU. Switzerland is a example of a federation where areas or states control their destiny and support each other through a federation which has limited powers. Australia is a federation where unfortunately the central government has been taking more power which also seems to be the case in USA.
    Globalism can not work because people are different. Not long ago I went on a trip to China. It appeared to me that there is a difference between the provinces and some of these do not like the central government. Certainly the Tibetans would like to separate from China. The Formosans or Taiwanese do not want to be part of China.

  6. saighdear says:

    Phew! – never before was so much written in a short article that covered so much I already empathised with !
    Oh, I did wonder whether Scotland would come into the conversation, too.
    In Bosnia/Serbia etc, the phrase “Ethnic Cleansing” arose from the Conflicts there.. We had already been seeing that happen in the Highlands of Scotland – fowk fae the Sooth ( Dare I call them WHITE Settlers? ). Politicians and the MSM have a great way with words – renaming areas, etc. The Highlands politically ( Area) extends to the “outskirts” of the greater ‘Glasgow’ area or what we may call the Central Belt as opposed to the Lowlands. Hence some Glasgow fowk can legitimately call themselves Highlanders too – without ANY Comprehension of Life around and NORTH of Inverness. Since the 70’s for Modern times, we’ve had fresh Large scale industry brought in to provide work – Hmmmp, not for us, so much, as for the Southerners / foreigners all aka ‘white settlers’ who have now established themselves and taken over out culture. Gone is the traditional Highland way of Life – the happy cheery gay Laddie on a bike whistling in the morning glory and a wave to the neighbours sort a thing as he went off to school or work somewhere. Gone is the use of the ‘Queen’s English’ . Instead you struggle along, meeting / suffering the dour incomer with their right to be at that Locus – no smiles / wave or let you get past along the narrow roads, etc.. Come changed School Holiday periods, where are they then? – gone dan sarth to visit the Family. In other words our area has become a Dorm for them, for the good lifers, etc. I have said before that what happens to me will happen to the rest , 20 years later, and so it comes to Pass. The Incomers in the Councils, happily tear apart our Heritage – Local Schools built after the Great Wars been torn down ( poor cond’n due to cost cutting) to produce Academic Factories – Steel Sheds….. Houses built all over, farm land bought up and some fields in states of Building dereliction – waiting for development – horsey land or Birds n Bees land – Just like you see Dan Sarth around the City Conurbations
    AS for Brexit & the SNP, …. just something else – init? don’t want to be told by our demo. elected London Gov. but desperate to be governed by Brussels’ unelected cohorts ( Strasbourg, etc ) – Ach they’re all the same in my eyes ! WSCotland has been filling its Pop’n coffers with Students for free education and Pensioners for Free this n that – … just another form of demographic change – and then the SNP call out for more incomers to provide the workforce….
    Och just another Letter from America … nay from Scotland – but in the same way as Alastair Cook’s ( ) . so I’d better stop here for now

  7. beththeserf says:

    What the euro and Brussels technocrats have wrought… Hubris followed by Nemesis.

  8. cdquarles says:

    A quibble, our gracious host. There is only one race: human, with three overlapping somewhat distinctive phenotypes. That said, what’s happening in Europe is sad. This time, I say, the USA should let them go. Part of our own society’s issues derive from rejecting our Founders’ principles and premises. That started early, too, now nigh on 200 years of it.

    About German … well, English and much of the Viking derived Norse offshoots are, in part, forms of German that branched off a good 1300 years ago, so we likely will see the current modern German get subsumed.

  9. E.M.Smith says:


    While I agree with the sentiment, there is that need to maintain a tidy mind… so:

    The modern genetics:

    There is one human species but it comes in several different physical types, who’s traits are passed on genetically. Furthermore, the three dominant divisions (and 4 if you include the particular traits of the Australian Aborigines) can be see as made distinct by their differing admixture of 3 earlier Hominids. Sub-Saharan blacks having purer Cro-Magnon, Europeans have an admixture of Neanderthal, Asiatics having a Neanderthal + Denissovan addition (and the Australians a higher proportion of Denissovan than anyone else). To some extent I’d assert the traditional “big three” racial divisions reflect the different hominid genetics; but that muse isn’t needed for finding them “races”. Just that they have definable differences genetically derived.

    The appeal to authority:

    Your use requires dipping down to the 4th definition listed. I’m fine with that, but not with the exclusion of uses 1, 2, 3, 5, 6,…

    from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

    n. A local geographic or global human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group by genetically transmitted physical characteristics.
    n. A group of people united or classified together on the basis of common history, nationality, or geographic distribution: the German race.

    n. A genealogical line; a lineage.
    n. Humans considered as a group.
    n. Biology An interbreeding, usually geographically isolated population of organisms differing from other populations of the same species in the frequency of hereditary traits. A race that has been given formal taxonomic recognition is known as a subspecies.
    n. Biology A breed or strain, as of domestic animals.

    In support of your case:

    Your usage is allowed by definition 4 (though not to the exclusion of other uses…) and we note that geographic or genetic isolation is used in some definitions. As the world indulges in ever more widespread travel, and mating, those properties will eventually cease. They are not gone yet, though. So in another 300 years will there be groups that meet those definitions? Unknown. Yet even then we can readily apply the traditional definition or #5 retro to the past inhabitants. Though it is highly likely that by 1000 years on there will be no clearly definable racial groups; just because genes move on their own once in a population, and most populations now have some amount of mixing. Yet though started by the Romans 2000 years ago, Europe is still not fully blended out of recognizable sub-types. But the rate has accelerated, so perhaps an exponential applies.

  10. philjourdan says:

    Note to self – Oktoberfest on the bucket list!

  11. cdquarles says:

    True, our gracious host. Still, I can’t help but note the troubles caused by 1 and 2, when misapplied, in my opinion. I am, of course, speaking from a biological point of view, primarily, so race = species with its subspecies duly noted, yet not taken too far. As you noted, overloading semantic use cases appears to be as much of a source of trouble for natural human languages as it seems to be for computer ones.

  12. Larry Ledwick says:

    And so the brain drain begins, in time only the poor and unemployable native Germans will remain, an European Detroit of broken down infrastructure and dangerous neighborhoods full of people incapable of maintaining Germany’s high tech precision machine manufacturing industry, chemical industry and high end auto manufacture and the crash of productivity will break their society and economy.

    I figure 20 years it will be a basket case like Greece with all social and economic systems imploding trying to support the unemployable.

  13. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    Well, one good thing: In 20 years or so when Germany is a feral decrepit failing State, it will be much easier for Russia to just stroll in and take over…. /sarc; ( I think… maybe…)

    Unfortunately I fear there’s some truth to that. Germany & France are both headed to kaos and decay. They will end up “a house divided against itself” and with nobody willing to fight to defend it.

    At that point, 1/2 the population would welcome an outsider taking over… to “liberate” them from the otherwise inevitable extinction.

    I give it about 60% odds for some kind of catastrophic European War. Divided about equally between a Civil War of Europeans vs Invaders and a war of conquest / liberation from Russia. The remaining 40% is about 30% of “The EU breaks up and the Nations toss out the ‘immigrants'” and 10% “EU-istan” (pronounced Yew-ee-stan). Only modest firmness to those numbers, more an intuitive SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess ;-)

  14. ray warkentin says:

    There is an aspect which is salient to all progressive/leftist/socialist/new- world- order thinking. That is the denial that an objective reality exists..There are cause and effect dynamics in all courses of action and the success of any social or economic structuring depends on the internal integrity of the internal elements being aligned with objective reality.

    Objective reality exists in all matters. None of us apprehend it perfectly and in many matters have a very cloudy understanding, but inherent in leftist thinking is denial of external realities, in most cases non-consciously so. That is, they just assume they can make the world, society, economy whatever they want according to their wants, feelings, desires, hopes, wishes, biases, assumptions, or personal convoluted thinking and if only those stupid reactionaries would get out of the way everything would be wonderful. They don’t feel a need to validate their notions against an external reality and if they do or are challenged to they seem to have a facile ability to just conjure up in their imaginations whatever they need and present that as the reality foil against their ideas.

    That’s why I always say that socialists can never win in any meaningful sense. Yes, they can win political power, but they can never win in the quest to create a successful and enduringly prosperous society. Their thinking takes place in a bubble in which objective reality is absent. That’s why the fruits thereof can only be misery, poverty and failure. They have done so much harm in the world and will continue to do so.

  15. p.g.sharrow says:

    The thinkers of the world forget the demographic crash that afflicts Europe also threatens Russia. Their society is also being hollowed out by negative replacement numbers, Japan and China are afflicted as well. America is the only industrial nation that has a future IF new arrivals can be convinced to become Americans as our predecessors were. We do not want them recreating the shithole countries they came from, here. The Liberal Progressive communists must be purged from the Education system. even if it requires shutting it down by cutting off its money …pg

  16. Larry Ledwick says:

    The one interesting aspect of this, is that as I was growing up and studying history in school and then later as like many of us here I continued to learn the real back story of various countries not all of which was “approved” I would wonder how once great dominant powers of their day, grew flourished and then died or faded away.

    It was always a bit of a puzzle how for example the Vikings who in their time were a dominant power all over the North western European continent and even ventured out side that home area. In their prime they were feared by all of the civilizations that they touched. The list is long Egypt, Rome, Carthage, the various heathen tribes of Europe which in time became the French, the Germans & Austrians, the Italians, the Spanish & Portuguese the English, the Dutch the Swedes (King Gustavus Adolphus who revolutionized military organization) The Poles and King Sobieski who drove the Muslims from the gates of Vienna, each in their turn grew, developed and then faded away.

    Thanks to modern technology we are watching in compressed time this process on a much grander scale than our great grand parents did.

    Because of both the availability of information being only a search query away from a curious mind and the speed of modern communications, developments that in a prior century would take months now can happen in days.

    It is fascinating in a macabre sort of way, to watch the major nation states which in my youth I assumed would live for centuries coming apart at the seams in decades right in front of my eyes.

  17. p.g.sharrow says:

    Socialists do not have to be productive to thrive. They only need to seize power to use Government guns to enslave all others to create the wealth that socialists require. . All socialists feel they are “Special” enlighten people that deserve the support they crave.Those that oppose them are low life’s that must be subjugated for their own good. They have no respect for others,not True Believers in this enlighten way. There is no reasoning with these Religious Fanatics…pg

  18. Larry Ledwick says:

    America is the only industrial nation that has a future IF new arrivals can be convinced to become Americans as our predecessors were.

    And this might be the one positive aspect of the brain drain in Europe as the traditional citizens flee the swirling whirl pool to save themselves. Many of the most industrious and employable in Europe the Craftsmen of Germany, artisans of Italy etc. will come to America for that precise reason. The demographic question is which surge will dominate in the end, and will some currently unforeseen event totally reshape the industrialized world and function as a huge reset button.

    Will the free loading refugees in Europe fare well in a time of dramatic cooling or will they self deport back to their warmer home climes when it gets really cold and life gets harsh?

  19. Larry Ledwick says:

    The other option is that Poland Hungary and parts of the buffer states of Europe become the European refuge for the collapsing EU and a western buffer for Russia. The only thing I am pretty sure of is that the Europe of my youth has died and its corpse is on life support holding out to the bitter end, but the life and vitality has already gone.

  20. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    I think I may be a bit more sanguine about the life of Empires and Nations as I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating the broad sweep of history by looking at the chart of empires vs time in my map book and in the “scroll” version of it. THE one thing that stands out is that ALL Empires END. I talked about it (with a low res photo of the chart in the book) here:

    Speculating that it was in many cases a sudden temperature / precipitation swing that was the final push of the cliff for senescent Empires. That it was cyclical.

    To the extent we are at one of those places where The Shift happens, there will be a major demographic and violence effect.

    Looks like the Amazon link still has a product at the other end:

    Golly! The wall chart “histomap” version is now $59 (gulp!). I think I’ll take better care of mine ;-)

    Here’s the jpg of it: (time runs from the start of history at the top to the present at the bottom, geography is roughly west on the left, east on the right, and ethnic group is by color. (the big pink blob in the middle for example is the Roman Empire)

    Then the product link:

    An Empire grows as long as The People benefit enough from it. When it stops serving the people, they put up with it for a while until some big Aw Shit comes along, then they abandon it. That can be an external invader with a reputation for being nice to the folks once they surrender (changing the GEB above you – like Gengis Kahn has that rep), or it can be crop failures in climate catastrophe ( “Migration Era” Pessimum) or other plagues of humanity.

    My sense of it is that the Socialist Globalists are our modern Plague / Drought / Cold / Decadent Rome / and we’re going to have a “do over” of the Muslim Western Invasions until we come up with a solution, or succumb. But the Old Order is clearly under full on attack and isn’t bothering to fight back just yet. While a New Order of “house divided” with Civil Religious Wars and all the productivity and efficiency of centrally planned Socialism (/sarc;) will not survive long.

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    Probably worth adding that it covers 4000 years. At the start, the far left is the Aegeans, and the wide pink bit is the Egyptians. As the Egyptians fade out in importance, that blue and green to the right of it expands. The Assyrians, Babylonians, and Iranians (turning into Persians as the right most of the three expands greatly). Then that big green blob shows up from the left – the Greeks, followed by and replaced by the Roman Empire as their pink blob dominates 4/5 the width of the map…

    As the Romans fade, the Teutons come in (burnt orange) on the left while the Mongolians (Atilla) make a spike on the right (that yellow almost triangular spike). Then further down the Teutons spike in from the left while the Moslem Arabs & Persians (green triangle) spike in from the right. Bad time for the Byzantines…

    Then the Byzantine Empire struggles on with a small recovery, the Teutons blend with the Franks then turn into that Green wedge on the left of the Holy Roman Empire (3 way split with France -pink- on the left and The papacy- yellow- on the right of it). The Holy Roman Empire starts to take over while the Arab Moslem wedge weakens and the blue Seljuk Turks show up. The Seljuks thin a bit then widen again as the Ottoman Turks just a bit after that last giant yellow spike of the Mongolians again (Ghengis Kahn)

    Almost at the bottom, from the left side, a new pink blob starts to dominate – that’s the British Empire. That other wide pink bit a couple of colors to the right of it is Napoleon in France and the (brief) French Empire.

    Then, at the very bottom, that dark blue wedge appearing on the left is the USA. Russia is showing up as that far right yellow bit one in from the Mongols yellow that fades away. This image cuts off about 1960, but the one in my book continues to 2010 (about when I bought it) and at that point has a slightly wider Central & South America (far left band), a wider USA by a bit, Germany a wide stripe dominating the other EU nations in a cluster with text spanning them saying things about the EU, and Russia much diminished (with China, and India slowly growing in importance and on the very far right a stagnant but significant Japan)

    Looking at it, one can’t help but see that the USA is the Big Empire of today, and the EU is a Wanna-be Big Empire with too many internal divisions to hold. While an envious Hispanic Americas is chewing on the USA, and an expanding East (India China) is chewing a bit at Russia and wanting to get into the rest of the world.

    Our Empire is small by Roman standards, and a bit short by Egyptian or Byzantine standards, but still “long in the tooth” and unlikely to continue to hold the dominant place – unless…. The others screw up worse… Nothing prevents us from having a couple of hundred more years if the EU continues the self destructive Socialist Globalist folly. China is not yet stable enough to “take over” and has some significant demographic issues “baked in the cake”. The Islamic Empire has shown itself incapable of any significant production or advancement (destroying books and images with real information in them so you can read nothing but the Koran does not a strong industry make). That basically leaves Russia as the wild card.

    IF Russia can get the Orthodox Nations to bind together against the incredible Stupid of the Globalist EU, they can “pick up the pieces” as it fragments. Then when convenient, just come in and take over Germany & France via kicking out the non-Germans and non-French (by then the rump ethnic Germans and French will welcome them). That would give Russia THE dominant empire position in Eurasia, and more than a match to China / India. I could easily see that as the next turn of the Empires Game.

    Flipping through the pages (or rolling the scroll version) over 4000 years of history gives an interesting perspective. Wondering why at any given time a dominant empire just fades away, and some “nothing” swoops in to take over. Partly it is weather and food and such practical issues; but a big part is also just “Who is willing to fight”. Once the current GEBs are seen as evil and corrupt, even if drafted into service, the typical person will just be in it to assure personal survival, not survival of the GEB Empire… And the Empire fades…

  22. Larry Ledwick says:

    Yes I understand that all intellectually, but when you are younger you assume that your “age” will continue long after you will. The whole concept of leaving things to your kids and all that.

    There is sort of an implied assumption in society that you are living near the front or middle of the cycle rather than the uncomfortable idea that in your life time you will see the wheels come off and all you know might fall to ruin. It could be just a period of challenge like the great depression and WWII or earlier with WWI but there is always that nagging possibility that this down cycle has no good outcome.

    The process of growth and decline is well presented by the Chinese theory of Dynastic Cycle

    There is likewise a parallel in the Kondratiev waves or super cycle theory of 50-60 year cycles of ebb and flow of social order

  23. Simon Derricutt says:

    On the other hand, what would the effects be of (cheaper) batteries of around 4-5 times the capacity, supercaps ditto, and cheap (because recycled) energy? Would that revitalise the industry and (because energy effectively drops in cost by the odd order of magnitude) release so much extra purchasing power even from the highly-taxed peon of today? A friend of mine is pretty close to getting the batteries and supercaps onto the market (maybe another year) and the technology is pretty amazing. The same printing technology may make a cheap energy-recycling device possible, so there will be tests done. It’s useful to know the right people….

    Whereas technology used to change only a little during a person’s lifetime in the 18th century, because the net allows people to know what’s happening the other side of the world in real time and can thus build on other peoples’ ideas, the rate of technology change is now very fast. It’s getting difficult to predict even for a couple of years ahead, and some of the projects I know of could produce very large social changes if they succeed. These will affect transport, communications, and energy production/storage. In computing, there looks to be an order of magnitude improvement in performance in the next year or two (though I expect bloatware will eat some of that), from new memory design (and new chips) and also architecture.

    Will this be enough to counter the social problems that are also foreseen? I don’t know, but it seems bound to make a difference. Such a largesse from the technical advances mean that a society can support a much larger proportion of people who aren’t contributing. Automated production of the necessities of life, and that it only really costs energy, and energy becomes cheaper, should give us that breathing-space from social problems we need to get to the next plateau. Well-fed people tend not to riot. People who see that life for their kids will be better than theirs tend to be happier than those who see conditions worse for their kids.

    Maybe we can dodge the next fall. Hope may not be a good strategy, but I’m seeing quite a lot to be hopeful about.

  24. gallopingcamel says:

    Thankfully I already did Oktoberfest.

    A little closer to home I played golf on the “Old Course” (twice), the New Course and the Jubilee Course. Sadly there was not an opportunity to play the Eden Course. Will golf be played in the UK in 2118?

    Some European institutions may survive a few decades but if you come back one hundred years from now you will not find much you can relate to.

    Douglas Murray explains in “The Strange Death of Europe”:

    Can this catastrophe be averted? These days you don’t find leaders like those that repulsed the Ottomans at Vienna in 1683 or James Matamoros (Order of Santiago):

    Our civilization seems ready to exit T.S.Eliot style:
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.

  25. richard verney says:

    The same is happening in the UK. I recently saw a report that noted that about 35% of children starting school (5 years of age) have at least one parent who is not British.

    I do not know how they define British. The report may have concluded that second or third generation immigrants are British. If that is the case, if one disagrees that second or third generation are truly British, then the percentage could be considerably higher.

    The upshot of this is that in 13 years, when young people have completed their education, some 35% of young adults (18 year olds) will not be British. At the same time due to the difference in birth rates, it follows that the number of very young children starting school (5 year olds) will, by then, be well over 40%.

    We are talking about no more than about 50 to 70 years before over half of the population of the UK will not have pure British heritage.

    As you note, it is not easy to see where the Europeans will go if they do not want to be consumed/assimilated, but the best prospects appear to be to Eastern Europe, ie., the former soviet bloc countries such as Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia etc.

    All rather sad to see a great culture lost.

  26. Steve C says:

    @richard verney – As far as I’m concerned, it’s not just happening in the UK, it has already happened and probably beyond correction. I don’t believe that figure of 35% for a moment – most schools and school outings I pass are so culturally enriched it’s often hard to spot a white face among them.

    Bear in mind that (e.g.) Leicester became majority Asian a decade or so ago – and that’s not counting its black population. In only a generation or two, the people whose ancestors actually built the place have been reduced to “just another” minority. Many cities are going the same way, proudly proclaiming their “diversity” even as their streets become more dangerous by the day.

    I have always regarded myself as English because I was born of English parents and grandparents and … – not just for being born here. Had my parents been holidaying in France at the crucial moment, it wouldn’t make me French. I find it most objectionable that Englishness seems now to have been degraded to the detail of birth location – hence the “anchor baby” phenomenon, popped out as soon as possible after immigration (legal or, it seems, illegal) and your ticket to suck at the State’s generous teat for years to come.

    From there on, you won’t get sent home because it would infringe your “right to a family life”. To claim your benefits, you have a “translator”, who tells you all the answers to give for best outcome – in your own language, of course, don’t want the natives listening in! Get on the list for a council house, too – you’ll get preferential treatment over the locals. All welcome.

    Our welfare system was built and financed by the British to provide basic sustenance for the British in time of need. It now also supports millions of migrants and their dependents and descendants, and is being “Cloward-Pivened” to collapse. Ditto housing, with millions of houses now to be built and laws preventing them from being built alfresco across the countryside being “relaxed” to allow it.

    I grew up in safety, in a beautiful country, among my people. I shall die, in the same country, in exile, in a place where I no longer feel at home or safe. The people who did this to our wonderful, civilised society should be swinging from lampposts.

  27. J Martin says:

    Many European countries will be majority Muslim in 40 years or less, then add in a sizeable black population and white European will be a small minority. Everywhere I go unanswered struck by the number of white families that only have one child, a designer child I call them.

    Child benefit is used by non white families as a major means if income so they have as many children as possible, they don’t care about the quality of care and upbringing asa result of the overcrowding. Whereas the white population want each child to have its own bedroom and with housing at record unavailability and cost, few can accommodate more than one child.

  28. E.M.Smith says:

    Don’t forget too that the Western World was subject to intense propaganda about he need for small families and “population control”. So did as they were told. Now being rewarded by “replacement migration”. By design?

  29. Larry Ledwick says:

    As I have noted in the past, the Club of Rome book “Limits to Growth” talks about massive migrations into Europe triggered by resource shortages and the population bomb in Africa, so Personally I think yes it was planned at least in general, if not in detail. (or at least anticipated)

    There have been a few mentions in recent months of Europeans mentioning they should return to large families (and a couple even specifically mentioned that they were i a breeding war with the migrants). Interesting that Hitler did the same thing prior to WWII he normalized promiscuity and encouraged young girls to have children for the Father Land, surely knowing he would need lots of soldiers in the near future, so it is not out of the question that there is an intentional effort to create cannon fodder that is able to be manipulated by the powerful interests in Europe, as that historical precedent has already been set in the late 1930’s.

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