IPU – Still Hoping For Lenin’s World Government

A rather facinating 12 minute video that explores the Inter-Parliamentary Union. A group dedicated to a One World Government even before the UN was formed. BTW, it is still around today…


The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU; French: Union Interparlementaire [UIP]) is a global inter-parliamentary institution established in 1889 by Frédéric Passy (France) and William Randal Cremer (United Kingdom). It was the first permanent forum for political multilateral negotiations. Initially, the organization was for individual parliamentarians, but has since transformed into an international organization of the parliaments of sovereign states. The national parliaments of 178 countries (the last three member countries are Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vanuatu; Memberships were given during its 137th conference) are members of the IPU, and 12 regional parliamentary assemblies are associate members. The IPU has permanent observer status at the United Nations General Assembly.

So this thing is still alive and kicking. Interesting Naming Of Names in the video.

FWIW, it seems there are many folks all trying to become the Masters Of The Globe.


List of international parliaments
See also: Inter-parliamentary institution
Inter-parliamentary institutions and international parliaments Name 	Sessions 	Legislative power 	Direct election 	Related organization and notes
ASEAN Inter Parliamentary Assembly 	1977 - 	no 	no 	Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Inter-Parliamentary Union 	1889 - 	no 	no 	none
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) 	1949 - 	no 	no 	CoE
European Parliament[note 1] 	1952 - 	1970 	1979 	EU
Nordic Council 	1953 - 	no 	no 	none
Benelux Parliament 	1955 - 	no 	no 	Benelux Union
Assembly of the Western European Union 	1955-2011 	no 	no 	WEU that dissolved and was effectively succeeded by the EU.
NATO Parliamentary Assembly 	1955 - 	no 	no 	NATO
Latin American Parliament 	1964 - 	no 	no 	none [note 2]
African Parliamentary Union 	1976 - 	no 	no 	none
Andean Parliament 	1979 - 	no 	no 	CAN
British Irish Parliamentary Assembly 	1990 - 	no 	no 	none [note 3]
Central American Parliament 	1991 - 	no 	no 	SICA
Baltic Assembly 	1991 - 	no 	no 	none
Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe 	1992 - 	no 	no 	OSCE
Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States 	1992 - 	no 	no 	CIS
Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States 	1999 - 	no 	no 	OIC
Asian Parliamentary Assembly 	1999 - 	proposed 	no 	none [note 4]
ACP–EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly 	2000 - 	no 	no 	none [note 5]
East African Legislative Assembly 	2001 - 	no 	no 	EAC
Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Eurasian Economic Community 	2002 - 	no 	no 	EurAsEC
Arab Parliament 	2004 - 	no 	no 	AL
Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly 	2004 - 	no 	no 	none [note 6]
Pan African Parliament 	2004 - 	no [note 7] 	no [note 7] 	AU
Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly 	2006 - 	no 	no 	none [note 8]
Mercosur Parliament 	2007 - 		2014 [note 9] 	Mercosur
Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking Countries 	2008 - 	no 	no 	Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States
Assembly of Caribbean Community Parliamentarians 			no 	CARICOM
Inter-Parliamentary Committee of the West African Economic and Monetary Union 			no 	UEMOA
Parliament of the Economic Community of West African States 			no 	ECOWAS
Parliamentary Assembly of French-speaking countries 		no 	no 	OdLF
Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean 		no 	no 	none
Euronest Parliamentary Assembly 	2011 	no 	no 	none [note 10]
South American Parliament 	proposed 	USAN
United Nations Parliamentary Assembly 	proposed 	UN
Parliamentary assembly of the World Trade Organization 	proposed 			WTO

Watch that last one. That’s where all the “Trade Agreements” are heading so your sovereign nations die under a mass of “trade rules”.

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3 Responses to IPU – Still Hoping For Lenin’s World Government

  1. Another Ian says:

    Sounds like the original TPP ?

  2. seabrznsun says:

    I can just see our last president wanting to be the supreme ruler. He’s probably busy working on his “speech” for the next meeting. I wonder if he will claim he’s representing America, Africa, or the Middle East? I suppose he could claim them all. It would give him a leg up towards the respect of this group.

  3. H.R. says:

    There’s only room at the top for one GEB.

    First they get a One World Government. Then the stabbings begin in earnest.

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