Happy New Year!

Just a quick Happy New Year!

It’s already done in Australia / New Zealand, and on into Asia. Europe is teed up for The Big Party with the Yellow Vests saying they will show up too, but one hopes to party… Then on to the UK, across the pond to NYC and eventually much much later it will reach me.

So enjoy the 24 hour round the world party!

Say goodby to 2018 and hello 2019. Remember to date your checks right starting tomorrow ;-)

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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18 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Simon Derricutt says:

    EM – still around 4 hours before it reaches France, but I’m expecting it to turn up on schedule unlike airplanes, trains, or indeed any other public transport here. No strikes going to stop it….

    Have a great party to end this year, and I hope we all get a good 2019. I’m expecting some will be interesting times in a bad way, but there should also be interesting times in a good way.

    Thanks to all here for some very interesting and useful ideas.

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    Happy New year to all, I will be working this evening so all the other folks can go party. Probably single digit temps this evening and light snow here in the Denver Metro area so could be an interesting evening for those out partying.

    Oh by the way at midnight we enter the year the film Blade Runner was supposed to have taken place in – so happy Blade Runner Year.


  3. cdquarles says:

    Checks? What are those? :P. A second Happy New Year to one and all. T minus 9 hours and 11 minutes and counting.

  4. H.R. says:

    Checks? Checks?

    Are those Wheat Checks, Corn Checks, or Rice Checks? Those are the only checks I’m familiar with these days 😜

    Seriously, I have always remembered to date things correctly in the New Year. Where I get bit in the @$$ is along about March or April and then out of the blue, I’ll use the previous year’ date. Happens just about every year.

    Someone once said, “Hope is not a strategy,” but I’m hoping for a decent year for everyone with minimal bloodshed and maximum prosperity. We won’t know until 2020, though.

    @Larry: Now is a good time to catch up on your sleep. Who’s going to be around to disturb a good nap? 😜

    It’s my favorite time of the year: college bowl season. It is great fun to watch the various conferences play against each other. There are so many bowls now that I think it is 50% of Division I schools go to a bowl. The bowls that pick early have some good matchups. There are some that have “Slaughter” written all over them, but they have to scrape up two teams so there are a few 6-6 teams playing against 8-4 and 9-3 teams. But those guys go and have fun anyhow. I suppose the next new bowl they add will be the “Meat Grinder Bowl” sponsored by IBP. 😆

  5. John F. Hultquist says:

    It is just past 1 pm here in central WA State, sunny with clear blue sky. The temperature has made it above freezing. I may even go outside and do a few chores. We have about 3″ of snow on the ground so the sun doesn’t do much heating but all is clear and bright.
    At our elevation of over 2,200 feet and the clear sky, by 9 pm we’ll be at about 20°F.
    The 410 ppm of CO2 doesn’t do much about holding (aka ‘trapping’) heat so the drop off is quick and ruthless. Some of us (volunteer vine pruners) have met for years on the Saturday after New Years for a traditional pruner’s meal called a Raclette – big fire, hot coals, melting cheese, potatoes, and other food.
    The first few of these started about 4 pm, but even with a big fire, food, and wine from the vines we pruned, by 5 or 6 pm it got mighty cold. So, now we start at Noon. I’ll be thinking of you come Saturday.
    I’d like to talk to a few high profile AGWers about this. It is proof enough that they have no idea about that they preach.

    Oh, the good thing about 20 degrees on New Years Eve is it keeps the locals from doing lots of fireworks and gun fire. About ¼ mile from us, the guy loads a black powder rifle and fires it off. Nice boom that!

    Cheers to all.

  6. llanfar says:

    As a NC transplant from MN, I really miss the snow. Still, a happy new year for all is my hope!

    Thanks @Larry for the Blade Runner reference – my favorite movie.

  7. jim2 says:

    @Simon Derricutt – I read the Yellow Vests will be out “celebrating”!! Happy New Year to those ex-serfs!

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    I regularly write a check. It goes from my investment account into my spending account. No eFunds transfer there ;-0

    OMG, Blade Runner Year, I love it! Loved the movie too… SF Writer Clue Stick: NEVER set your timeline closer than one lifetime in the future ;-)

    Still about 11 1/2 hours to go for me. Will start with a nice white wine with / after dinner, then finish with Premier Corona (gift of my neighbor who is a beer salesman ;-) as needed ;-)

    Dinner tonight to be stuff bird with trimmings and saute of Crimmini Mushrooms with Red Onions and a bit of asparagus with butter. Which I need to start making in about 1/2 hour ;-)

    In some ways it’s like watching other folks party, being on the tail end of the clock. OTOH, I get to tune in to various places around the planet and “be in the party!” for the whole day ;-)

  9. philjourdan says:

    About 4 hours until it reaches your east coast future home. Happy New Year.

  10. Steve C says:

    Well, we’ve had half a day of it so far and it all looks very New Year. At my front window, the leafless trees are strongly sunlit from one side, but with a lowering dark grey sky behind them which, were it not 12 degrees out there, I would have called a “snow sky”. I went for a walk round town this morning, almost nowhere open and the streets virtually deserted, a rare sight.

    Another couple of days, the sunrise will slip back to before 08:18 (where it’s been since Boxing Day), and we’re off on another cycle with “only another six months before the nights start drawing in” (!) A Happy New Year to everyone here.

  11. H.R. says:

    I’m going fishing to start the new year. The tide will be rising until 10:30. Then I’ll be heading home to binge watch all the bowl games.

    I didn’t indulge in any adult beverages last night. It struck me that I can’t recall having drinks on New Year’s Eve for… well, I can’t recall when. However, when the bowl games start, let’s just say I don’t plan on operating any machinery more sophisticated than a bottle opener for the rest of the day.

  12. Larry Ledwick says:

    Happy New year everyone, was a cold night here in the Denver Metro area, got down to 2.5° F at my house but the record for this date is -19° F from 1901 so can’t really complain. That said I will not be inclined to go out and play in the snow today.

  13. llanfar says:

    Happy New Year from gloomy, warm RTP, NC. At least it’ll be cooler and sunny next week for some disc golf (lithotripsy tomorrow so pain meds in my next 2-3 days – doesn’t go well with work/play).

  14. gallopingcamel says:

    This afternoon I sat on my front porch with my dog for a couple of hours. While it was mostly cloudy the temperature was in the upper 60s…….magical.

    Given your location you should consider attending VRWC meetings. In January 1998 Drudge broke the Lewinsky scandal which was dismissed as a “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” by Hillary Clinton. While this was typical Hillary BS it struck a few of us as a great idea so we set up a VRWC “Local”. Back then Chapel Hill was dominated by the “Vast Left Wing Conspiracy” at UNC so we were only able to find four members. We decided to meet every Friday morning at the Bob Evans restaurant located at the junction of I-40 and 15-501. One of the reasons for choosing this restaurant was the 50 foot American flag flying there.

    The founder members were Don Holloway, Jay Lindgren (deceased), Charles Tanquaray and Peter Morcombe (aka the gallopingcamel). We needed an “Anti-Hillary” who would be more female, more blond, more smart and at the opposite pole of the political spectrum. We chose Ann Coulter and her photo was displayed at the head of our table at all our meetings. We were all rather old but nineteen years later the VRWC is much larger and the average age has fallen dramatically. Some days we have over twenty members present and the intensity of the dialog is amazing.

    Several times each year “Gail Combs” makes an appearance even though it it a long way for her to travel.

  15. llanfar says:

    @gallopingcamel Nice – I’ll check it out soonish.

  16. Alexander K says:

    Happy New Year to you, EM, and to all the other contributors who give me much to ponder and enjoy.
    New Year’s Eve here in our new and rapidly-evolving beachside suburb in what was an ancient swamp on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand it was warm, quiet and windy.
    Having just entered my eighth decade on the planet and mostly intact and healthy, I went to bed early counting my blessings. Someone not too far away lit a couple of fireworks and that was about it for noise.
    I hope you all have a great year.

  17. beththeserf says:

    A belated Happy New Year To E.M and all the denizens from a serf in Oz.

  18. gallopingcamel says:

    I forgot to mention that the official starting time for the VRWC is 0900 hours each Friday.

    This morning was a slow day with only 19 attendees. Our numbers include many people involved in health care such as surgeons, pharmacists and psychologists. We have a couple of authors and at least a dozen veterans. We are trying to attract more women and I am happy to report that five showed up this morning.

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