Europe Continues Snowgeddon

“RED ALERT” sounds kind of like a big deal…

Wednesday, Jan 16th 2019

RED ALERT issued across Europe as heavy snow continues while a 16-year-old German-Australian boy is killed in an avalanche while skiing with his parents in Austria

Europe’s snow chaos has deepened with further snowfall of up to six feet expected before the weekend
At least 17 people have died including German-Australian teenager killed in avalanche in St. Anton am Arlberg
The highest red warnings for snow have been imposed in Germany and Austria amid fears of more avalanches

By Tim Stickings For Mailonline and Ap

Published: 05:42 EST, 10 January 2019 | Updated: 18:55 EST, 10 January 2019

Now the masthead date is the 16th but the byline date is the 10th, so I’m not sure just how “current” this is. Still, we’ve got folks dying and the snow looks to be clear down in Turkey, and measured in meters, so it’s a big deal.

Europe’s snow chaos has deepened again with hundreds of people trapped after roads were buried by avalanches.

The highest red warnings are in place in Germany and Austria with up to six more feet of snow expected before the weekend.

The confounded article dating has me wondering if this is a warning, or if now it is a historical fact.

This one from the 6th says Greece was getting a load of snow:

Heavy snow in Germany, Austria, Greece causes chaos for travellers

Heavy snowfalls across Europe — even in Greece — have thrown travel plans into chaos, trapping hundreds in alpine regions and airports, and leaving snow on Italian beaches.
AP, Staff writers
News Corp Australia Network January 6, 20193:45am

Accuweather seems to show it moving into Eastern Europe:

Snow creates slick travel from Poland to Ukraine as Alps brace for avalanches, flooding
January 14, 2019, 12:42:44 PM EST

A period of snow will blanket parts of Poland and Ukraine with fresh snowfall into Wednesday.

So starting Monday 14th and continuing through Wednesday (tomorrow or today depending on where you are).

This one from 3 days ago seems to show the whole north of Europe is involved:

Snow brings parts of Germany and Sweden to standstill

Parts of Europe have been brought to a standstill as snow made driving conditions perilous.

Trains were at a standstill on Friday in Germany and Sweden and schools were shut.

The Red Cross helped drivers stuck on a motorway in the southern German state of Bavaria and a nine-year-old boy was killed by a falling tree.

12 Jan 2019

In general, it sure looks like Europe is getting clobbered and like folks definitely know what snow is…

This graph from shows more cover now than last year:

Recent Snow 10 Jan 2019

Recent Snow 10 Jan 2019

Here’s another view of it. Looks like Spain and France are warmer and with less snow than usual (like the USA “Midwest” that is really just inland from “Back East” ;-) like around Chicago) while the more Eastern parts of Europe are snowed over (rather like the West and Rockies of North America have it cold and snowy this year. “Loopy jet stream” and all.

It has a layered image so without a screen capture and clean up I can’t grab it; meaning it will be a different image in the future when folks hit that link…

In general, the news makes it sound like Central & Eastern Europe are quite the snow mess.

Hope folks over there get a break soon. With plenty of winter still ahead of us, lots of snow problems followed by melt floods could be in the works. A “watch this space” situation as of now.

What’s very clear is that this much snow is NOT “Global Warming”, but being inside historical norms, nor is it “Climate Change”. Just your garden variety cold snowy winter in Europe.

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17 Responses to Europe Continues Snowgeddon

  1. Saighdear says:

    Yes plenty to say – but not much time to write ;-)
    ON the ZDF network – 3Sat programme about the recent weather ( they (in germany) insert special programmes to cover recent chaotic events – storms, floods, violence , whatever.. ) their weatherman interviewed their Prof. Harald Lesch, astrophysicist, about this event. Just googled and look at the results: a.)
    and b. ) —- Fancy that now !
    Anyroad, and as there is NO MENTION in the results of that recent interview, HE spoke about ( as I understood it) that this snow was called by Glob Warming causing all this SNOWFALL ! Why> BECAUSE it created sooo much moisture in t he atmosphere but because it was soooo cold, it fell as snow instead of rain! as he said IMAGINE if it hadn’t been so cold – we would have had flooding. ( Scare ). ….. When I hear mention of GW or CC in their programs , I find the Red Mist coming down in the Highlands :-) slàinte mhath !

  2. Steve C says:

    9° here in the UK Midlands at the moment, still hanging on to the last of the mild weather. By nine or ten tonight, though, a preliminary Beast from the North should have reduced that to 1° or so, so maybe we’ll get a bit of snow over the next week or two, as temps are predicted to stay down. Don’t forget, too, that a couple of inches of snow in the UK can cause more disruption than a couple of metres in countries more used to it, even without the Brexit saga! ;-)

  3. Graeme No.3 says:

    Adelaide (South Australia) will be only 37℃ tomorrow (Thursday) after 3 days of 40/41℃. Further away from the seaside it got to 49℃. Some people are blaming Global Warming but I can remember a day in 1962 when it got to 42℃ or possibly 44℃.
    No sign of snow.

  4. oldbrew says:

    More snow forecast as parts of Europe battle worst snowfall in decades
    15 January

    This report from a week earlier explains what was/is going on with the jetstream.

    The same cold weather system has been stuck in one place for about two weeks, but should start to move in the next few days.

  5. craigm350 says:

    @Graeme No. 3
    According to CNN it must’ve been hell on earth with such rocketing temps:

    Took them a day but they’ve at least updated it now:
    Australians are sweltering in temperatures as much as 12 degrees Celsius (21.6 Fahrenheit) above average after another extreme heatwave swept across the country Monday, the second in under a month

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    @craigm350 & Graeme No.3:

    I’m sorry, but a picture of folks frolicking at the beach and playing just somehow does not engender a sense of dread and angst… what was CNN thinking…. or maybe: What? Was CNN thinking? (at all…)


    So looks like the Down Under contingent are conducting an advertising campaign for their European 2nd Cousins to take a winter vacation away from it all… Snow or beach, decisions decisions…

    @Steve C & Oldbrew:

    Book your flight now, before the beaches get too full ;-)


    Yeah, that one always got me. It is sooooo hot that the oceans are steaming, and that means it’s cold enough to make it into snow… Just a basic failure to grasp reality.

    It is either hotter, or colder, not both at the same time. At least under the CO2 theory. (In the real world the oceans were warmed by more UV for a couple of decades and now that the sun has shifted to low UV / blue they are getting less at depth while the increased red end is causing more prompt evaporation at the surface. Meanwhile the lack of UV heating in the stratosphere has had the whole atmosphere shorten and the descending air at the poles is colder so the whole air mass is colder and every “high cold place” is effectively higher and colder as the air column shrunk. That’s what happens in a solar driven cold phase start.)

  7. Jeff says:

    IIRC, they’ve moved the goalposts thermometers in Oz making temps appear 2 or 3 degrees higher in a number of places. Squeezing the data until it complies with their Gorebull Warming twaddle…

    As far as snow here in Germany goes, there’s a meteorologist (lukewarmer) who says “it’s just weather, it’s just Winter, it’s happened before, and it’ll happen again”. As the YSM are looking for every disaster they can spew. The snow IS really wet though, hence the avalanches, and folks are being warned (as they’ve been warned before) to stay within the bounds, etc., etc.

    Joe Bastardi at WeatherBell on his summaries is /and has been) predicting a VERY COLD next couple of months here, again like similar years in the past.

    Pierre over at notrickszone has a couple of articles translated from the German meteos over here, the first of which demonstrates “The New (weather) Math”, where Gorebull Warming brings snow :)

    and the second, level-headed Jörg Kachelmann explains, “hey, it’s winter already”:

    And of course the Daily and Saturday summaries from Joe Bastardi (which Pierre references as well)

    Joe predicted this quite some time ago, and, based on his analysis, we’re getting ready for lots of the white warming. Too bad we didn’t have a White Christmas this year… missed it by THAT much …

    Sooner or later I’m going to have to buy a new battery if all this warming keeps up :)

  8. John F. Hultquist says:

    Apparently, up here in Washington State the weather is going to change – about every 15 minutes.
    You can see what is expected, but hope you don’t have any issues with your color vision:
    WPC – NOAA

    NOTE: Just above the map there is a ZULU time and date sequence. Move your pointer from the left-most one to the right. Colors are shown on the lower left.

  9. ossqss says:

    A rare Bizzard warning in Cali? Seems we may see more of this type pattern over the next several weeks. Yuk!

  10. ossqss says:

    LOL, I guess a Bizzard warning IS even rarer than a Blizzard warning! Dang mobile keyboard ;-)

  11. Graeme No.3 says:

    Contrary to CNN it is only parts of Australia, mostly the sparely settled areas e.g. Maree had 47℃, Woomera 49. Adelaide has had 3 days of 40℃ and today (Thursday) is expecting 37℃ before a cool change arrives and drops the top temperature to 29-32℃.
    An average summer so far, after people complaining about a cooler Spring. My agapanthus plants, which are more reliable than our local Met. Bureau** were later flowering this year than in the previous 17 (although last year ran them close).

    ** They must be the only Met. Bureau who think that the atmosphere warms as you go higher.

  12. Larry Ledwick says:

    There are forecasts showing up now for very cold weather the weekend of Jan 20 in the eastern part of the US.

  13. Larry Ledwick says:

    Deep Thunder plot forecast for south east US calling for very significant snow fall in some areas.

    Mike Wankum
    ‏Verified account
    Follow @MetMikeWCVB
    Not to add to your confusion but this is an interesting computer model you don’t often see. It’s from IBM using the Watson computer system. It’s called Deep Thunder. It uses data from one model and feeds into another and verified with historical data.

  14. E.M.Smith says:

    Just had (having?) some wild winds. Sister-in-law reports tree down in the yard. Very gusty.

    No idea on the technical details. I’ll be inspecting things once it dies down more. We’ll see if if I’m fixing another fence or not ;-)

    If you don’t hear from me for a long while it will be wires down….

  15. John F. Hultquist says:

    I have relatives in northcentral Pennsylvania. There is a small airport that gets a weather forecast now showing -5°F for Sunday night.
    Bradford Regional Airport (KBFD)
    Lat: 41.8°N Lon: 78.64°W Elev: 2106 ft.

    Within the family we have some fun with those that live in that area, saying it is the coldest place in the World where any family members choose to live. The difference between people in the State Pen, and the Bradford folks is that the felons know they are being punished.

  16. gallopingcamel says:

    @ossqss says:
    “A rare Blizzard warning in Cali? Seems we may see more of this type pattern over the next several weeks. Yuk!”

    In Cali, Medellin and Bogota nobody is worrying about the weather is. It will always be way better than anything you have in Europe, the USA or Australia.

    What they worry about is the flood of illegal immigrants from Venezuela:

    This story shows how compassionate people such as my sister-in-law who lives in Bogota initially welcomed Venezuelan refugees. My sister-in-law has changed her tune. She wants to close the Colombia-Venezuela border. She wants to repatriate the immigrants who have overwhelmed the social services in Bogota and many other jurisdictions in Colombia.

    There is a lesson to be learned here. Compassion is wonderful thing unless it turns your neighborhood into a slum.

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