Add Patreon To The “Be Woke – Go Broke” Club

It seems to be some kind of mental disorder of The Left. They just don’t “Get it” that pissing off 1/2 your potential customer base is a Very Bad Idea. Even worse, they don’t “Get it” that being the Nanny Police pisses off all sorts of us “Normies” too.

So one of the guys I find most interesting is Sargon Of Akkad. A slightly acid wit who speaks the truth plainly. Nothing very offensive.

Seems Patreon suddenly shut his account and banned him (thus also shutting off any income). His “crime”? He used the “N-Word” on a live interview on an obscure channel on some other person’s show. The WAY he used it is also important. He was calling some quazi-nazi folks White N-word… as an explanation of something in their character; not as an insult to black people.

IMHO it just smells of folks “out to get him” who then ginned up a “story” from it.

Seems others have the same feeling, and in general Patreon has taken a “hit” from this action.

Now I’d thought of setting up a Patreon account just to get away from PayPal. Given this, I know I’m not even going to investigate setting up a Patreon account. How many other thousands (millions?) of folks had the same switch flip?…

Here’s Tim Pool’s take on the whole thing (another guy who’s stuff I like, BTW) 12 minutes:

Then here, Sargon himself explains the stupidity involved. 29 minutes:

So, OK, add Patreon to the list of those companies who are to be avoided. Period.

Sorry all you folks who are unrelated to this and suddenly find folks not funneling any money to you just so Patreon doesn’t get a cut. Find a platform that doesn’t discriminate against and attack folks who are “other than far left”.

It is very clear that what’s needed is a complete set of “platforms” insulted from all this crap, where folks can just conduct business without politics polluting business. Clearly there is now a large and ever growing market.

Looks like there’s a couple of more of these.

This one is especially good:

Looks like there’s a whole playlist of 30 some odd videos

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5 Responses to Add Patreon To The “Be Woke – Go Broke” Club

  1. cdquarles says:

    Bah. I guess the young ones just don’t know what those of us who lived through the death of Jim Crow do know. “Ni .. er” is, indeed a derogatory term. It was used to describe a person’s character. Short for lazy, good-for-nothing scum bum. NB that isn’t racial at all, as such. So, yes there were, and are, ‘white n…s’. Unfortunately, here in the old South, the general slurring of endings must have confused people. There was another “N” word that was racial, used to speak of females. It wasn’t derogatory at all, at first … but … languages change and … you can guess the rest.

  2. Gary says:

    Well, yes, it’s a mental disorder/dysfunction in the sense that Lefties remain in System I (emotional) rather than move on to System II (deliberate) thinking. They’re stuck in adolescent mode, reacting in anger about things they can’t understand. Without the advanced capacity, there’s no chance wisdom will take hold.

  3. philjourdan says:

    Keep the list going. I can do without all the comatose woke companies. Let’s see how long they can do without customers.

  4. Alexander K says:

    Nothing useful to add here, except to say that I was warned about ‘Bolshie Lefties’ when I started work 65 years ago as a 15 yr old, after I escaped school. I had no idea what I was being warned about, but I learned.
    I am saddenned by the numbers of well-educated young people who are active in the movements of the Left. The Western education sytem is producing them, obviously. Perhapas I am fortunate in that I did not attend a university until I was in my late thirties and old enough to know the difference between wheat and chaff.

  5. Graeme No.3 says:

    That solves one problem ….. what happened to all those Stasi employees when East Germany collapsed. they went to work for various computer companies and are likely to reproduce the same result.

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