Tony Heller Videos

Just in case folks don’t know, Tony Heller has a YouTube channel.

I stumbled into it when the Living Room Roku / Youtube decided I was a “Denier” and showed me some of his stuff.

(The bedroom Roku thinks I’m a Hispanic 20 Something as that’s where I listen to Latin Music – the spouse being unfond of it and taking the big TV… while the Office Roku isn’t sure who / what I am as I use it to search for things for postings / tech stuff. Does think I’m a bit nerdy though ;-)

So on Roku Youtube or really YouTube anywhere, search for Tony Heller and you get his channel with lots of interesting and effective videos. Here’s a link for your computer:

His web site is here:

I’m going to put a few of them here as a sampler to get you started:

Snowy Sonoran Desert

Remember my photos from the drive through snow across the Arizona Sonoran Desert? Here’s a 45 second video of it:


Fake “data” Issue

From 12 hours ago, Feb 10, 2019, a look at the ever rising percent of the “data” that is not data; culminating in a spike up to 61% just recently. As they get back to work post government shutdown (AKA long paid Christmas / New Years vacation) some of this may be “caught up”, but it is still way too high.


One Horrible Tweet, 12 Minutes of Corrections

From February 7, 2019. NASA puts out a horribly PC tweet, and T.H. shows it to be exactly wrong on just about every single word (certainly every sentence). Gives a nice view of how the physics really runs. Things like the “Red Hot” Arctic is actually just a slightly warmer WINTER temperature, you know, when it is way below zero frozen so a little less way below zero really doesn’t matter.


Coldest Day in the Hottest Evvaah?

From January 29, 2019, about 8 minutes.


Extreme Weather, or not?

From January 3, 2019 about 11 minutes.

Have we really had a load of “extreme weather”?


In Conclusion

He’s got a whole lot of really good short attainable videos. The ones asking “Is the Global Temperature Record Credible?” especially so. So don’t stop with what I’ve included here.

Order in some beer, wine, & cheese; invite over some friends and have a “Denier’s Party” where you play these to the less involved folks in your life. Let them see something other than the 4 Walled Propaganda from the Left Wingnut Media.

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12 Responses to Tony Heller Videos

  1. Tom O says:

    A quote –
    ” As they get back to work post government shutdown (AKA long paid Christmas / New Years vacation) some of this may be “caught up”, but it is still way too high.”

    Yes, they will get paid, but for 35 days and the 2 months leading into this wonderful “vacation,” they also were not able to make plans to give the kids gifts or travel or whatever that they wanted since who knew if or when they would get paid again? Seems to me, people that live in limbo ought to get a little more respect than you just gave them with the “vacation” crack. Try living without an income for a month to see how much of a vacation it really is. Granted, this was Heller’s comment, but you could have qualified it with your own thoughts of what it might be to be a young family starting out with the normal encumbrances and not knowing when you will get paid again.

    [reply: I have lived for YEARS without income. My last paycheck, as one example, was in 2016. As an independent consultant, my income would fluctuate widely and “only” a month without a paycheck would be a dream. So no, no sympathy for being unable to take a few weeks off. As to not knowing: Well, EVERY SINGLE SHUTDOWN has had a paycheck at the end of it. There wasn’t any doubt it would come. It was also pretty clear that it was somewhere over 2 weeks and under 2 months. Political constraints and all. As a “young family” was when I was doing consulting / contracting on my own and the ONLY thing I knew was that IF I was able to make the next sale, I’d get the next paycheck. Guess what: Everybody on commission works that way too. And all the folks who work contracts know that only if their sales guy makes a sale will they get the next paycheck. That’s a LOT of the USA, btw. The notion that you WILL get a paycheck, every month, clickity clack, to the end of your days: That is the long dead notion for most of us. Only a government worker could think otherwise. -E.M.Smith]

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    FWIW, a couple of others that Youtube tossed me into as I let it free run and get all wound up in a “theme” of pattern…

    “Prof. Don Esterbrook crashes the global warming party” has some very good stuff in it as he testifies to “Congress” that is mostly empty seats and one guy who keeps interrupting to try making a point and gets a polite slap in return ;-) 1.5 hours so not short, but I enjoyed it ;-) :

    This one has some very nice graphs in it that are crafted to “make a point” and do it well.
    Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable Energy – FOS Steve Goreham 45 minutes:

  3. Lynn Clark says:

    Tom O:

    Grow up. Working in the private sector my entire career, if my company had a shutdown I had two choices: either burn vacation/personal time to cover the income during the shutdown, or take it off without pay, and there was no back pay when the shutdown ended. I have absolutely no sympathy for government drones who have a virtual guarantee of lifetime employment and gold-plated retirements after 20 or 30 years no matter how bad of a job they do. You want to know what it’s really like to “go without a paycheck” during a shutdown? Get a job in the real world private sector. Otherwise, shut up and quit complaining. And remember who you work for.

  4. hillbilly33 says:

    Thank you for those links E.M, especially on the NASA tweet. I recently watched a Sir David Attenborough “Blue Planet” video in which he showed several large icebergs. I thought that perhaps my advanced age and failing hearing must be finally letting me down when he predicted disastrous sea level rises would occur when all this floating sea ice melted !

    It’s the “silly season” again in Australia when every natural disaster, from floods due to very heavy monsoonal rain in Queensland and other Northern Australian areas, to really bad bushfires in my home state Tasmania, have all been “attributed ” by the usual suspects to human induced climate change.

    The latest from the loopy Greens here is a plan to substantially increase the number of firefighters , fire-fighting aircraft and other assets, whilst still bitterly opposing controlled burn-offs of fuel load in forests and despite an increasing population also opposing the building of any new dams for water conservation and flood control .

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    Well, I’ve come to appreciate the Awesome Power Of Stupid lately.

    The basic issue is the asymmetry between the effort needed to get some dolt to actually understand reality vs the ease with which said dolt can be caused to immediately believe something that is:
    “Simple. Obvious. And wrong”.

    While public embarrassment can go a good way to fixing that (as it, too, is asymmetrical in force) it doesn’t work so well when about 50% of the folks all think the same BS is true.

    But I’m not going to stop tilting at those particular windmills…

    We have similar Loony Lefty issues in California as folks rail against logging and controlled burns and reduction of fuel load; then express astonishment at fires caused by dry lightning into fuel (as it has been for many many thousands of years… We have species of pine that only have seed sprout after fires. It takes a long time to evolve dependency on omnipresent fire…)

    At least for now our 2nd amendment is still in place so we have not been disarmed as you in Oz have been. “When that day comes” is when I have a load of non-gun tech to share with the world…

    I am NEVER disarmed. All that changes is the particular information I use… I have a brain and I know how to use it…

    One example? Mix a nitrate based fertilizer with battery acid from any car (with some boiling if needed) then dunk a T-shirt in it… (Yes, I’m obscuring some details…) Wait 20 minutes then chuck it in a bath tub of water. Dry. You now have a “Gun Cotton” T shirt… Use wisely….

    FWIW, my favorite is to bubble “welding gas” through a silver or copper salt in solution. You get a “contact explosive” that leaves behind metal and carbon…. Not exactly forensics friendly.
    has more exacting detail than I’m willing to share…

    In California there is presently a big push to make us an unarmed State. As the above notes, not possible… so that’s why I’m hot on that one ;-)

    The California city of Paradise (that was completely destroyed by fire) was told about a decade ago what to do. Folks started doing it and got shut down by other folks who didn’t want a wider road in (so better escape) or to remove the fuel (so not as “cozy”…).

    Oh Well, Reality doesn’t care what you believe. “Reality just is. -E.M.Smith”

  6. tom0mason says:

    I’ve just dropped this comment over at T.H site —
    I note that Hawaii has reported having snow!

    Titled Not your typical Maui weather: First time snow falls in a Hawaii State Park on Feb. 9, 2019

    The Hawai‘i DLNR Division of State Parks reports that for perhaps the first time ever, snow has fallen in a Hawai‘i State Park on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019. Polipoli State Park on Maui is blanketed with snow. It could also be the lowest elevation snow ever recorded in the state. Polipoli is at 6200 feet elevation.

  7. gallopingcamel says:

    Steve Goddard is a national treasure as is E.M. Smith.

    People who lie about “Climate get rich. Most of them were already rich but lying about climate makes them richer……..Al Gore, James Hansen, Prince Charles, Michael Mann and a thousand others.

    In contrast people who speak honestly about climate science struggle to survive. I met Chiefio in Orlando while he still had a real job. He may be doing very well from his investments….I really hope so. However he deserves financial support from all of us. I don’t have much money but I will happily donate $10 per month to Steve Heller and E.M. Smith. How many of Chiefio’s faithful will cough up to motivate him? Is $10 per month enough?

  8. gallopingcamel says:

    Steve Heller’s blog has some very witty followers. My personal favorite is “Gator66”.

  9. Steven Fraser says:

    @EM: I follow Tony’s blog for the last couple years, and post there from time to time about Arctic Sea Ice. He also has his own downloadable code base, too.

  10. E.M.Smith says:


    I didn’t get rich, but it bridged me to retirement OK. FWIW, I get my first Govt Check this month :-) Though it is hard to think you are still young when putting a Medicare card in the wallet….

    I’ve sometimes thought about a funding process. I’d like to do full time R&D on this. The conundrum is how to do it without giving Google a cut….

  11. Bill in Oz says:

    Cheifio, I’d never heard of Tony Heller and found myself looking at a Youtube made in Australia with Senator Malcom Roberts speaking good sense. By the way that is not from the floor of the Australian senate. ( No off camera questions are allowed there ) It’s from a press conference in the Australian Parliament House.

    It’s pity that the audio of the questions was so poor.

    But my main point : The MSM did not mention Tony Heller or this press conference at all here in Oz. I guess they all thought it was not ‘news’

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    @Bill in Oz:

    Tony Heller is a “stage name” for Steven Goddard. He had his cover ‘blown” at some point, but kept the blog name as by then it was sort of a brand. So you might have heard of Steven instead…

    The MSM never covers a coming event by folks exposing the Global Warming myth. Only after the fact and in a negative way.

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