Trump Speech On African History Month – Not What Dems Want To See.

About 18 minutes that must make the DNC really worried.

That’s a whole lot of leaving the plantation right there… Good on ’em!

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18 Responses to Trump Speech On African History Month – Not What Dems Want To See.

  1. H.R. says:

    And to celebrate…

    Peshwar Warrior Trump.

    (If the video doesn’t get at least a “chuckle out loud” out of you, say hello to your brothers next time you visit Easter Island, ‘cuz you are made of stone.)

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    The thing I find interesting in that video is the relaxed genuine affection everyone shows.
    President Trump is clearly friendly with, supportive of and now is getting a foot hold among conservative Black leadership.

    Any open minded black in America that views that video will see that sub current of friendship.

  3. Serioso says:

    Yes, that was a very impressive speech! And not a single teleprompter that I could see. (Earphones, perhaps? Who knows?) I was amazed. But his record as a real estate developer belies his words. Trump is surely the most skilled liar I have ever heard. The reincarnation of Hitler, perhaps, although my friends say Mussolini. Who knows? I wish for his downfall, but as long as Mr Smith and his friends spend more time reading Breitbart and Infowars than they spend on real newspapers like the NY Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, and related papers that put real money into real reportage, I despair that Mr Smith will ever learn anything of real truth or value. Poor Mr. Smith: He’s a basket case when it comes to honest reporting: what we used to call, truth.

  4. philjourdan says:

    Serioso – Get a brain. Then a life. Seriousoly, When you can provide a cogent comment, we will respond in kind. Until then, thanks for the puppet theater.

  5. gallopingcamel says:

    Wow! That was amazing. No need for cheerleaders…..those chants were from the heart. Trump is selling freedom, jobs and equality under the law. Seductive to say the least. The Democrats with their message of division, class envy, victimhood, reparations etc. should be quaking in their boots.

    Calling Trump a racist is beyond absurd but let us hope those desperate Dems keep doing it all the way to November 3, 2020.

    I love you Aunty Maxine…..please ramp up the volume and intensity. Keep urging your flock to confront members of the Trump administration and the Deplorables who support it. We need to hear more of your clarion call….”Impeach 45″.

  6. gallopingcamel says:

    “Trump is surely the most skilled liar I have ever heard. The reincarnation of Hitler, perhaps, although my friends say Mussolini. ”

    History will rank Trump above Abraham Lincoln in the pantheon of American presidents……maybe even above George Washington. Washington made this nation possible and if Trump saves this nation from people like you he will have earned our love and respect.

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    The walk away movement is slowly picking up tempo as more and more blacks, gays and other groups that the Dems traditionally pander too, are beginning to realize that all the other administrations were sitting on their thumb, and just using them as talking points but making no real efforts to help their communities.

    On twitter I see more and more folks posting about how they were taught Trump was X or Y or Z, and some of the actually went to Trump events to test the idea that they were racists etc. and were stunned to find that not a single person made a racist remark, and in fact they regardless of gender, race or life style we welcomed with open arms.

    Now that the web is breaking the back of the propaganda outlets like NY Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, and the three letter networks who repeatedly push out false narratives and then a few days get slapped in the face with reality and don’t even have the integrity or honesty to retract bogus stories, or out right lies. They instead try to spin some weird angle or simply black hole the story and hope it dies under the weight of their next click bait fake news story.

    Some of them are now being sued for this behavior and in the not too distant future some of them will take the same path as Gawker and fold.

  8. tom0mason says:

    So President Trump has the temerity to offer people opportunity, and a leg-up in their endeavors, instead of offering workfare and ‘free’ dole money.
    Why does Trump only offer people the opportunity of the dignity of proper work so facilitating personal improvements, when the Democrats elites understands that jobs should be a part-time affair. Is it not obvious that everyone wants the government’s ‘free money’ in exchange for more government and more government control. And that money must come from higher taxes on the blue and white collar ‘wealthy’ earners.

    Surely Trump’s wrong, the elites should be in control, how else could you make the rest society ‘more equal’ except by ensuring everyone (but not the elites of course) are made equally poor. For as we know, as the rich get richer the poor must be getting poorer!


  9. H.R. says:

    The only “ist” that I can think of that could be applied to President Trump is that he’s a “do-ist.” It appears that his view of people is that they are either doers or they are not, and he has little patience for those who are not doers.

    In running his businesses, he chose people who could get things done. It did not matter if they were black or white, male or female, gay or straight, or what their religion was. It didn’t matter if you were a (D) or (R), either. The thing Trump looked at was only if you could get the job done. And if not, then you were fired or moved to a lesser position where you could get the job done.

    Before President Trump ran for office, he was praised and recognized in the YSM for his ‘socially enlightened’ behavior. As soon as he announced his candidacy, all those past articles were forgotten and he was proclaimed the world’s most racist, misogynist, religious bigot that ever lived. He wasn’t PC or ‘socially enlightened’ though when he was a media darling. It was a natural consequence of moving beyond looking at how society viewed people – race, sex, religion – and looking at people as doers or not doers.

    Racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic he is not. Do-ist? He’s guilty.

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    I see that Serioso has once again done his “Poor Johnny One Note” thing of “insult to the person”. At least it is more subdued this time.

    Issues a slander claim about “record as a R.E. developer” but nothing specific nor any evidence. Snarks about teleprompters when Trump had to learn how to use one as he doesn’t depend on them like “empty head” Obama (Every Obama speech has the same intonation and ‘style’ and he could be reading a corn flake box and it would be the same). Much of what Trump does is far more -thought out, even ‘on the fly’.

    What The Left takes as stupid is really rather smart. Trump will leave out specific numbers where he could be harassed about them AND he knows that most of the folks listening glaze at numbers. (I’ve learned to do something similar in public speaking – gloss over anything that takes math / numbers if possible). Then he does some “laser pointer” bits when dealing with the media to get all that herd of cats running where he wants them to go.

    Like anyone in leadership, there are things you just can’t say. I’ve held “company secrets” and had to “lie” about it until it was approved tor release. Things like layoff lists and strategy decisions. It is essential to function for organizations. Other than that kind of thing, I’ve not seen Trump busy lying about stuff. Hillary, (and Billy Boy) along with Obama raised deception to a high art form in comparison. Then there’s miss “We have to pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it”… Talk about a lie: Just read the damn bill. “If you like your Doctor you can keep your doctor”… And the writer of it has stated the intention was to mislead folks.

    Now, as to specific claims made: I rarely read Breitbart. I know I ought to, but I just don’t have the time. Occasionally I’ll follow a link posted here (but I do that for all sorts of links to assure they are OK – including Serioso’s NYT links).

    For InfoWars it’s more complicated. I don’t “read it” (their web site) but I had put his show on running on the Roku when he was assaulted by the left and de-platformed (more as protest than for the content). Prior to that I’d only seen it once or twice a dozen? years back.

    In fact, I was so out of touch with the Infowars show I had bought into the hype-narrative that it was somehow anti-somebody and even insulted one of my guests here over advocating the show (my apologies…) doing so from ignorance of the actual show and conflating it with something else.

    In reality, InfoWars turned out to be fairly accurate content. I’m still not keen on the “shouting” style some of the presenters have, though). As Alex Jones has now been driven off of the Roku, I’ve started putting up the direct video feed from his web site. (Often on the TV in the other room… still don’t like the shouting thing…) So I DO have Infowars “present”. But I just don’t actually watch it much… It’s more of a protest thing to drive up his numbers.

    See, the bottom line is that I do not look to others for my opinions.

    That seems to be something the Propaganda Driven Left does not grasp. Not everyone is an empty head with a funnel in the top waiting for someone to pour in opinions. I manufacture my own internally from “first sources” where possible. Those ideas that are presented externally must get past a big BS Filter Wall at the mental border. NYT and Washington Post (and a long list of others) have failed that test. Caught in the “Propaganda For Effect” way too many times. (Covington Kids comes to mind as the latest).

    So face it, Serioso, your favored rags have been outed as useless propaganda spigots of The Left. When they ALL in UNISON on the same day and hour spout the same DNC Talking Points, it becomes absolutely clear that they are not reporting news and are not unbiased. Your use of them as exemplars of where to “learn” is laughable. It only works if you mean to say “soak up the party line propaganda” as learning.

    So when I see / read some “news”, I try to swim up stream and find the actual event if at all possible. Today just about everything is recorded on video. Then I watch that and make my own decision about what happened. Far far far too many times, what it shows is an organized Left Wing Operation to paint conservatives as evil. I’ve seen professional “protestors” getting in the grill of “ordinary folk” and verbally or physically assaulting them, trying to get a response to use in a “sound bite”. The NYT and W.Post will dutifully have the “MAGA RACIST!!!!” story above the fold, and never ever point out that after 1/2 hour of being shouted at and blocked from leaving (and in some cases being bloodied) the person tried to push past their attacker to escape and that was the interaction.

    I’ve seen the video of the poor lady (blood on her forehead from being struck by a “Trump Protestor”) who was just trying to leave a rally here in San Jose – while the Police did nothing under orders from the Democrat mayor and would not open the doors to rescue her – they are visible through the glass behind her. That could have been me, as I’d thought of attending that rally but figured it would be too crowded.

    I’ve seen the video of Antifa attacking peaceful Trump supporters – then, when AFTER the attacks happened, some of those folks did the rational thing of “Stepping up” to the front to defend the weaker folks, being accused of all sorts of vile things. That could have been me as I thought about putting on my bike leathers and helmet and “stepping up” to defend the women and weak (but at 60 something my Karate training is a few decades in the past and I’m likely not in good enough shape, so didn’t.) Then saw the film of Antifa provoking (attacking) the Proud Boys as they exited a peaceful private meeting – Yes the P.B. fought them off. That, then, was presented as a P.B. assault in your NTY / W.Po etc.

    This is all straight out of the Rules For Radicals and Standard Propaganda guides from the Socialist / Communist movement. You continue to ignore it but please realize: We’ve read your damn books. We know your playbook. We can SEE it being put into effect. THAT’s why the propaganda isn’t selling. That’s why the NYT and CNN are down in the single digit millions of audience. We know what crap they peddle. When I “fact check” and “spin check” their “stories” it is always the same bias in play.

    Then there’s the personal attack. Always trying to “personalize it” (Alynsky method):

    I despair that Mr Smith will ever learn anything of real truth or value. Poor Mr. Smith: He’s a basket case when it comes to honest reporting: what we used to call, truth.

    As the reality is exactly the opposite I must presume you are using the old Propaganda Technique of “accuse your opponent of that which you do”. Perhaps seasoned with “provoke a response then use that against them” (usually done in street violence – viz Antifa).

    So no, I reject the whole line of operation. “It isn’t about ME.” Memorize that. It will be thrown in your face Every Time you attempt those methods.

    IF you can find any “honest reporting” – good luck with that. Everyone has a bias. Best you can hope for is “compare and contrast” 3 or more sources that are in opposition to each other (i.e. not just echos of the DNC). For that reason I often listen to NPR – yes, Left Wing National Public Radio – when in the car. I’ll also sometimes turn on some Right Wing Talk show (though Rush is a bit too “shouty” for my tastes too so I try to find others if possible). Compare, contrast, TEST and Validate. Then keep what makes it past the process and chuck the rest.

    FWIW, some of the best reporting on the USA comes from overseas. Franc24 gives you the Globalist EU POV. Russia Today (RT) the opposition (with a pro-Russia spin of course). Sky gives a UK POV on the USA with a different (still globalist though) POV than the EU sources. Then Al Jazeera is great for “behind the other lines” Middle East war reporting (but is very pro-Muslim of course).

    While I used to watch Reuters, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC they have all gone so far left as to be useless. They are effectively clones of each other, with the same stories and the same spin and often even the same words and sentences. (You can even find fun videos where someone edits together a dozen different “local” news shows from the networks and they are all saying EXACTLY the same thing – it’s a hoot!) So now it’s about once / week when I want to do some “Opposition Research” that I’ll pick one of them to sample again. There’s only so much “Orange Man Bad!” and “We hate Trump” you can take in a week, and as it is ALWAYS the SAME there’s no need to watch it regularly. Just a sample now and then to see if it has changed.

    Oh, and have you noticed the corelation with all those “journalists” getting laid off?….

    See, “news” has the root word “new” in it. If it ain’t “new” it ain’t “news”. When folks want news and all they get is DNC Spin “Orange Man Bad!” it isn’t new or news and they go somewhere else… And while you can harvest a fair number of “Useful Idiots” (Communist / Socialist method) from the population; most of us are not that easily fooled, nor bought off. So we go where their really is news… and another Propaganda Rag lays off staff…

    But it is nice to know I’m not alone in this, as all those OTHER folks left those rags for the same reasons…

    What is fascinating to me is the rise of the Blogger and Vlogger as Real News. Actual digging into the details and putting up the original source material. Oddly, YouTube on the Roku has been good for that. I’d originally felt it inadequate as the search ability is crude at best; but when something breaks, their “just posted” group usually has decent coverage from folks who are there.

    Then it learns what you are interested in and you get more of that (so it gives me a lot of Linux / Technical stuff… how I stumbled onto that Australian Linux Conference series.) Eventually you end up with a set of “good sources” in your list of things watched.

    So I’ll have live video of What Happened… then the LaTime, NYT, W.Post, CNN, NBC, etc. etc. stuff would pop up (often slower too…) and it would be quite wrong. I’d SEEN the original. The Kavanaugh hearings were like that. I watched them live on camera and it was very different from the Spin being delivered in the YSM. What was clear was the attempt to smear and attack an honest good man with manufactured “Slime for effect”. Then this “story” was run as God’s Own Truth in the YSM. Only in other media did the real story come out. (Thank God he kept a diary his whole life and could document times and places and events…)

    After a few dozen of those you pretty much write off the “credibility” of The DNC Talking Points Yellow Stream Urinalists. You may want to believe they are Guardians Of The Truth, but reality and evidence and increasing masses of their own history of being caught out lying for effect show otherwise.

    FWIW, the same thing seems to be happening Globally as places like Hungary, Austria, Poland, and now France and Italy are seeing the manipulation to destroy them and herd them into the UN Socialist Labor Camp; so are electing “Trump Like” leaders to get them out of this mess. It is great fun to watch DW or France24 or even Sky reporters trying to come to grips with that…

    The Rich And Powerful bought the media and chose to use it to deliver their Globalist message. It worked for a while, until the reputation was spent. Then the readership drops as folks recognize the bull shit and just “move on”. That’s what is happening. And there is nothing you can do to stop it.

  11. jim2 says:

    RE global socialism, how could anyone with ancestors who went to the Nazi prison camps be for World government? In that case, there won’t exist a USA to come save them when Hitler 2.0 takes over that world government.

  12. Pouncer says:

    Personally I’m afraid the highlight of the Blogging era was a decade or so back

    Circa 2005-2010 I started paying attention to the local school district and did basic journalism on their problems for a then-new Dallas Texas web-only outlet, Pegasus News. About all I had to accomplish was find a horror story from any other school district in Texas, look to see if the same problems might happen locally, and write it up when it did. I got successful enough that other news outlets followed, (in some cases, plagiarized) me and my stories. All that to say that “news” is not really new. Dogs bite men. “LOCAL dog bites LOCAL man” may make news headlines but it’s hard to keep a straight face when claiming it’s new. Shortly afterward the mainstream Dallas media giant corporation, Belo, bought Peg New and all the archives. My portfolio of published journalism vanished …

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  14. gallopingcamel says:

    “What The Left takes as stupid is really rather smart. Trump will leave out specific numbers where he could be harassed about them AND he knows that most of the folks listening glaze at numbers.”

    That thought reminds me of a profound observation that Stephen Hawking made in the preface of “A Brief History of Time”. He suggested that the book sales would be halved for every equation included so he only mentioned one (E = mc^2).

    Ross Perot impressed many voters with his facts, figures and charts while the Trump approach is the exact opposite. He does not talk about the actual unemployment figures as Perot might have……he talks about the lowest unemployment figures in 20 years, 40 years or EVAH!

  15. Larry Ledwick says:

    What is really going on in social media. The left has triggered a revolt – the only problem is the revolt is among those that they want to bamboozle and control, and it is in the form or a tidal wave of opposition voices that smother every effort they put out to push bogus information and false narratives. They literally created the monster that will destroy them with their fake news propaganda, and people have had enough. Just the other day they put out a list of 200 twitter voices that they blamed for being the major players. They were trying to intimidate them and shut them down. The result, thousands like myself made a point of following every single one of them. This resulted in over night geometric growth in their reach. One of them said he had gained thousands of new followers in just 24 hours.

    They are like the little kid that kicked the ant pile and now they are finding thousands of ants crawling all over everything they publish, digging into every nook and cranny to shred the narrative.

  16. llanfar says:

    @Larry even worse, @tracybeanz can’t find what they describe…

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