For Serioso – Per The Media

This popped up on Youtube and the title seemed appropriate for explaining the broken nature of The Media in the USA today.

In comments about a Trump Speech, Serioso launched into a non-sequitur advocating that one resort to filtered biased media (one presumes instead of just watching the recorded video of the actual event and making up your own mind…) So it looks to me like Serioso just doesn’t “get it” about media bias.

Of course, seeing the title on this, I checked it out. It is from The Blaze (and no, Serioso, I do not watch The Blaze. They want you to pay for it.) So I have no idea what their general content is like, or really much about it at all (other than Glenn Beck made it when he stopped being on free TV).

This particular video is by a Black Man named Jon Miller. One wonders how often he is called “racist” for being on a conservative channel… but the insanity of Trump Derangement Syndrome knows no bounds. I’ve only watched it up to the point where he starts interviewing a guest; but the introductory speech is golden. In total, 13 minutes:

So why would I want to put the distorting filter of “Media”, who can’t even get the basics of The Story right, who layer on mountains of their own “emoting” about it, and try to tell me what to think; when instead I can just watch the video of what really happened and say “Gee, that professional activist and his mob marched up TO THOSE KIDS and GOT IN THEIR FACES trying to create a media event that AFTER EDITING could be spun for effect.” Which was exactly what the “Media” did.

One time by one media outlet might be a mistake. By a few might be plagiarism of one mistake. By ALL of them, twice in one month that made the headlines and dozens of more over the last few years is PROPAGANDA by design.

See, news is things that are “new”. BY DEFINITION news does not repeat. While Propaganda depends on repetition for effectiveness. The Left Wing Media Complex does massive repetition of the same stories and the same spin and the same “emoting” and the same desired effect. That’s not new, so that’s not news.

And that, boys and girls, is why I’m on a USA “Media News” Diet. There’s just no point in watching Reuters (channel on the Roku), ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc. etc. when they ALL have the same set of biases and the same “hot story” that is wrong in the same ways. I know this because when I first got the Roku, I watched each of them (minus CNN that left when the Satellite left but I had watched then). After about a year it was pretty clear that there wasn’t much “new” in their pitches and that they shared both Editorial Guidelines and News Reporting Service(s).

Just today, to check, I did Reuters and ABC. Same stuff. Not much news. ABC had more stories, but I really don’t care about close up shots of a basketball player’s broken shoe, nor what some fashion designer did that was stupid (made a ‘hoodie tie’ that looks like a noose).

I got the best coverage of Venezuela from a mix of RT (presenting the non-USA pro Maduro POV) and some Hispanic sources. The Reuters coverage was “ok I guess” and France24 / Sky did pretty good too. Reuters takes the weekend off, so the fact that TODAY is THE HOT DAY for the “humanitarian aide” face off doesn’t really show up until Monday for them. Sometimes they will put in a minor minute or two on something big over the weekend, but usually it is at least 80% constant Fri to Mon morning and often 100%.

OTOH, on the Roku, I’ve got a few “live feeds” direct from Venezuela (some of them via YouTube). So, If I want, I can just see exactly what is going on directly on the ground.

Then maybe Monday or Tuesday Reuters and the New York Times can catch up; and then I can see what their spin is.

That, IMHO, is THE major issue causing the massive exodus from The Media. In a world where we can get live coverage now, having it come a day late and with “voice-overs” what’s being said to tell us what to think is not a value add. It’s a poor product with negative value. When they try to cover a story in real time, their BIAS becomes the story as they try to edit and spin and skip any fact checking (or even watching the whole video of the event).

Well, I gotta go. I want to check that live stream from the Venezuelan border. And it ought to be night now in France, so checking in on the Yellow Vest protests happening there too.

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36 Responses to For Serioso – Per The Media

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    You gotta love Diamond & Silk… There take on it is pretty clear:

    They do bring up a couple of points about how fast some folks “reacted” and one that had some kind of image with the noose… like maybe it has broader backing that just one guy…

  2. seriouso says:

    Well, I suppose you are half right. The real problem, no doubt, the way you get news, via TV and images, rather than newspapers and text. No, Mr. Smith, a picture is not worth a thousand words, and images can be just as misleading as outright lies.Try, just try, subscribing to the New York Times for a week. It might just open your eyes to reality!

    [Reply: As I’ve told you many times, I get many news feeds from many sources and like the video based because it is “parallel processed” with other stuff I’m doing. I can have it running for 5 hours while getting another 5 hours of work done. You might have noticed over the years, though, that I frequently quote blocks of text from various print sources. The fact that I run a video source does not preclude my using text sources. Thanks to the internet, I can and do use dozens of different “papers” from around the world. BUT, it does NOT require sending a bucket of money to a Radical Left Industry Darling to do so. Just a text search, sample 1/2 dozen choices, then read a couple of them.

    so NO, it is NOT about “the way” I “get news”. It is about having assessed and found very wanting things like the NYT and WaPo. I’ve read EVERY NYT link you have put up, plus a few I’ve quoted in articles, plus a whole lot more. I’ve also stated that up until about a dozen years back I took no less than 4 newspapers. San Jose Mercury News, Barron’s, Investor’s Business Daily, Wall Street Journal. So it isn’t like I’m a video only TV news hour person. (I did drop the papers when they became of low utility, though). So it’s text (now via web from all sorts of global “papers”), radio (both sides of the political isle), and video (mostly National news sources now, but also youtube blogs and more). There is no one mode for me.

    Then again with the “insult to the person”. This time implied “eyes shut” and “out of touch with reality” in your: “It might just open your eyes to reality!”. I’ve come to the conclusion that you are just pathologically unable to be civil. But do please try. -E.M.Smith]

  3. H.R. says:

    Diamond and Silk are the ones directly responsible for me getting on the Trump Train.

    My wife and neighbor were on board within a week or two after he announced (neighbor happens to be black). So there’s two from the demographics that candidate Trump supposedly detests; women and blacks.

    Anyhow, I was sorting through the candidates like any engineer would, comparing policy positions, promises, and past actions against their positions. Walker? Rubio? Cruz? (Never Bush. No dynasties for me.) The Mailman’s Son? Trump? I only knew him from the years of news and him promoting himself and the Trump brand. I was aware he was interested in politics, but I figured it was much like any other celebrity.

    One night, Mrs. H.R. was watching a Trump rally and she said “Come here. You gotta see these two. They are a hoot!” It was Diamond and Silk. They were a hoot, and they were all on board that train and were rattling off candidate Trump’s positions that got them there. He was reaching people who wouldn’t give the time of day to the other candidates and typically wouldn’t have given Trump a thought.

    He didn’t pander to any of the Democrat-created groups; no hot sauce in his purse and “t’warnt no ways taarhhd.” He addressed everyone as Americans and Americans listened to his message and promises.

    That’s when I realized that he was no ordinary politician cut from the same cloth as the others. He was not a ‘me too, but with a twist’ candidate. After a few of his rallies and paying attention to his campaign, I was on board. Diamond and Silk sold me the ticket.

  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    How the major media cooks the news to sell an agenda.

    Same news organization, same day, different circulation areas.

  5. David A says:

    Watching 45 work around the incredibly biased media is one more reason I have come to deeply respect the man. Obama and HIS media controlled most every question, every interview. P. Trump gives very regular impromptu media interviews, and answers every question, often hostile questions, with clearly honest answer, short and to the point!

    When one reporter asked yet another “Have you stopped beating your wife?” questions, the President looked at her and said ” You ask a lot of really stupid questions! The media went ballistic of course, yet I saw it as another example of how direct and honest he is. Obama would literally take minutes to address a question, talk in circles around the subject, and that was to questions from a friendly media. ( The elites would say how wonderfully informed and nuanced he was.) Rubbish!; nine times out of ten it was avoiding addressing the issue and limiting the number of questions.

    I would love to see the average time given on a question by each to compare. Obama could never handle a hostile media like President Trump. He would lose it. Look at how DiFi lost it with some 12 year old children.

    President Donald Trump is a political centrifuge, throw in a politician, and their true colors come out.
    His warrior will and Presidential bully pulpit, in spite of the biased media, is influencing the world. The would-be global Blackbeards are terrified, and they should be.

  6. gallopingcamel says:

    When all else fails the perp says “The Devil Made Me Do It’.

    Much of the TV media is holding Donald Trump responsible for the (alleged) crimes that Jussie Smollett committed.

    Thus in people who should be reporting the news objectively want Smollett to walk because Donald Trump is the Devil. Let’s hope they keep trying to sell that brilliant idea going until November 3, 2020.

  7. David A says:

    “Much of the TV media is holding Donald Trump responsible for the (alleged) crimes that Jussie Smollett committed.”

    Yet another example of accusing others of what you do. Smollett simply did a crude version of what Obama did regularly; when he instantly assumed racial bias with the Zimmerman case, and with the Black Professor, and when he told a reporter people disagree with him because of racial bias. Indeed with every possible instance he projected white guilt and assumption of white bigotry. (Also he did not speaking against numerous instances of black violence etc…) Look what happened in Ferguson as a result of the “Hands up, don’t shoot lie” Smollett’s actions could have easily triggered something similar but far worse in Chicago.

    Now they are saying he did this to help his career. While yes, it would have, the clear motive was TDS, and hate for all who support President Trump. And the media will join in lock step to avoid this primary reason, and the logical implication that it was also to support the anti-lynching propaganda law being presented by two of his personal friends in Congress, and quite possibly they were involved. Indeed Harris brought in a false accuser in the recent Supreme Court nominee hearings.

    My hope is that like Smollett’s self goal back fire, the TDS of the media will drive sane democrats away. In many ways his actions were just a crude microcosm of their derangement.

  8. ossqss says:

    Humm, it ultimately boils down to a repetative news source? LA and NYT’s, and on and on.

    Ah, the wonders of the interwebs impact on perceptions in the end.

  9. E.M.Smith says:

    I found a Serioso comment in moderation (don’t know why, maybe an IP change?) and put a response in it here:

    Oh, and just for a bit of “catching up”: Checking Reuters, they did have an update on Venezuela. It was maybe a minute and didn’t do too badly showing the food convoy stopped at the border bridge and that one truck was on fire.

    Compare that to the Spanish Language “La Nacion Costa Rica” channel on Youtube I watched. On the ground, in the crowd, not a voice over, where you can see the people, hear what they are saying, know what they are feeling, watch the panic as the lead truck is put on fire, then see them determined to save the goods, start a human chain unloading the burning truck and sending the boxes back to the following 2 trucks. A much “grittier” but also more informative “report” as you are in, and part of, the event.

    I can think of no printed page that would convey as much information as clearly.

    At the same time, should I want stock quotes, video sucks and the printed page is better.

    I do sometimes wonder if Serioso is a paid salesman for the New York Times. Seems to be the only thing he ever reads and endorses (or pushes…).

  10. Another Ian says:


    “I do sometimes wonder if Serioso is a paid salesman for the New York Times. Seems to be the only thing he ever reads and endorses (or pushes…).”

    Brings to mind a Texas put-down from the 1970’s

    “How does a mid-westener get misinformed?

    By reading The Reader’s Digest.

    How does a mid-westener stay misinformed?

    Keeps reading The Reader’s Digest.”

  11. M Simon says:

    The best book I have ever read on our current situation. It was written in 1987. The collapse of Rome mirrors our present situation. (except we are on speed).

    The Collapse of Complex Societies by Joseph Tainter – pdf. The good stuff starts in Chapter 4.

    Click to access tainter.pdf – about 3 minutes

  12. A C Osborn says:

    It does make you wonder about Serioso, is he just completely dumb and mislead or is he actually an activist as he comes across.
    How can someone watch an original video and then accept the lies written about what the video portayed?

  13. H.R. says:

    A C Osborn: “How can someone watch an original video and then accept the lies written about what the video portayed?”

    Easy peasy, A C. I seriously doubt Serioso watched the video.

  14. jim2 says:

    Serioso – did you watch the Lara Logan interview? If so, do you believe her? If not, why not?


  15. ossqss says:

    @EM, how often are you seeing comments from anonymous servers?

  16. E.M.Smith says:


    Can’t remember any. Lots of forged IDs and sites though.

    Or did you mean VPN masked home IP? Can’t say as if the same VPN is regularly used you stay approved. It is on any change of IP that the return to moderation happens (then both are on the approved ID IP combo list). So it can look the same as someone going to work or visiting a Starbucks.

    Basically, any ID IP combo not seen before goes to moderation, but once I click approve, that combo stays approved.

  17. ossqss says:

    All of the above including Tor type proxy servers. I was just curious.

  18. Power Grab says:

    I saw the 1956 movie “Carousel” again last night. One thing that stuck out to me was that Billy Bigelow’s old boss (who had fired him and was trying to lure him back to work for her again as the barker at her carousel) told him that he didn’t belong with the regular people as a family man…he was an “artist” and belonged with her crowd.

    “Artist”, huh?

    Used that way, it seems to be little more than a euphemism for “swindler”, “crook”, or “liar”.

    How far back was it that actors were despised by decent people, instead of idolized by them?

  19. p.g.sharrow says:

    Actors were always “Those People” you know? gypsies, tramps and thieves. They went from town to town entertaining and gathering wealth, as best as they could until they exhausted the area and got run out of town. Only in the modern era have they become people of importance and wealth…pg

  20. seriouso says:

    I had a closer look at President Trump’s remarks in re African-American History Month. It turns out the video was filmed at the White House before an invited (i.e., carefully selected) audience. This isn’t news, it’s propaganda. Succahs!

  21. Another Ian says:

    Power Grab

    Down here you take note of the qualifying word that comes before “artist”. In that case might be “con” or “bull”.

    “Piss artist” involves alcoholic consumption, not yellow snow artistry though

  22. H.R. says:


  23. M Simon says:

    The current tactic of “kill the rich” has been tried before. It works.

    The Curley Effect: The Economics of Shaping theElectorate – pdf

    Click to access curley_effect_1.pdf

    James Michael Curley, a four-time mayor of Boston, used wasteful redistribution to his poor Irish constituents and incendiary rhetoric to encourage richer citizens to emigrate from Boston, thereby shaping the electorate in his favor.As a consequence, Boston stagnated, but Curley kept winning elections.

  24. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, man, Serioso, you can be such a hoot sometimes.

    So you “discovered” that a White House Event was filmed at the White House and that visitors to events at the White House need to have an invite? Why I’m just amazed…

    So, by your logic, ALL the things Obama filmed at the White House are also Propaganda? Right?….

    Just look at the folks who where there, and were clearly HAPPY with POTUS Trump. That’s the news in it. Look at the things Trump has done, documented, that improved the lives of American Blacks. VERY low (as in “lowest ever”) black unemployment, for example. Pushing back on the Black Genocide practices via the present Abortion Mills ( you DO know that black babies are far more likely to be aborted don’t you?). Efforts to get laws changed to reduce disproportional Black incarceration (and the first lady so released in the video – and thankful). The list goes on.

    But for you, of course, none of that is “news” since it was filmed in a Republican White House… While everything filmed at the Obama or Clinton White House was Holy Gospel…

    I can only pity a mind so bent it runs in those winding gutters.

  25. H.R. says:

    @E.M. re seriouso – I thought I covered it with *sigh* but perhaps I should have prefaced it with WTF?!?

    I was underwhelmed by seriouso’s latest comment. I expected better, but it seems of late, seriouso has just been mailing it in.

    I know you don’t like ad homs, E.M., but I may have to go back to seriousoso.

    To end on a positive note, maybe seriouso can regale us with tales of the Venezuelan successes or perhaps point out how they are “doing it wrong.”

  26. gallopingcamel says:

    By taking “seriouso” seriously you give him undeserved credibility.

    The same goes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is dumb as a rock and barking mad at the same time. If their were any adults in Washington or in the Media she would be ignored or laughed into oblivion.

    The world has gone mad.

  27. H.R. says:

    +42, gallopingcamel, but E.M. indulges seriouso, so I do too.

    Before the internet, pet rocks were popular. Nothing has changed.

  28. ossqss says:

    But, Butt , what about Chia Pets?

    Check the IP. Just sayin…

  29. H.R. says:

    OK, ossqss. What are you getting at here? Are you trying to say that seriouso is implying that the Russians are trying to make President Trump look bad, so they can help him in 2020?

    Wait up! In the words of that great American philosopher, Vinny Barbarino, “I’m so confused!”

  30. E.M.Smith says:


    LOL!!! Really! Seriously! My own personal Pet Rock (of a sort)!


    Was it ever sane? Facts not in evidence and all…

  31. Simon Derricutt says:

    Just a note that “seriouso” is mis-spelt and also the tone is different from a normal serioso comment, so I suspect it’s someone else just tossing a bomb into the room. May be the person who tried a lot of spamming a few days back. It seems a standard sock-puppet technique is to mis-spell the name by one character in order to get onto a forum with a troll comment and the excuse that they aren’t actually impersonating the person they appear to be. Maybe a look at the IP address of that comment could be useful if you want to be sure it’s not the original serioso.

    As a side point, I’ve just experienced the WP bug where the name/email are no longer already filled in and need to be entered. Putting in the first letter shows that the system remembers me and I just need to click on the choices, but likely if I forget to fill them in the comment will need re-entering from scratch as I’ve found on other sites where this “feature” has been implemented.

  32. E.M.Smith says:

    @ossqss & Simon Derricutt:

    Both the recent comments and old comments originate from the same Verizon IP in Virginia. Nothing particularly suspicious about it other than being about 25 miles from Washington D.C. (that’s for the POP at the telco not necessarily where the wire ends) or 22 from Langley.

    My guess would be someone who lives off the largess of the Taxpayer funding that whole area (directly or indirectly).

    It’s possible it is some kind of VPN, but that’s an odd place to put one. Still, a VPN could have a line from Verizon (or a cell phone hot spot).

    Though it does look like Serioso mis-typed his name in some new browser and that’s why that comment went to moderation and had to be approved again. (I’d not noticed the spelling) Now it is being saved by the browser until Serioso notices.

    It is theoretically possible, but unlikely, that there was a “change of assignment” and the “new guy” didn’t study the script / character well enough and got the name wrong… I’ve not seen reason to think that with Serioso.

    I have seen it in other contexts. Once you get a hot topic going or are really big, like WUWT, it looks like there are “assigned Trolls” who show up. They change roughly in sync with the school season, so I suspect some of them are students being assigned to “engage”. Either “climate science” drones being programmed and this is to get them to practice their catechism or SJWs to develop that “never leave your pat lines no matter how badly you lose the argument”. It also shows up in the “Lose 19 out of 20 points, so ignore them and only respond on the one where you have some traction” style of “argument”. No search for truth, never admit your points were shot down, only push where you found an unarmored spot. (We saw this recently on the comment per “Thermometers By Altitude” where I responded, then it was just an “ignore those points and attack from a 10 year old statement”).

    So there ARE various creatures of the swamp that crawl out to infest boards as trolls. While I sometimes wonder if Serioso started out that way, IMHO he’s just a True Believer with failings in the logical reasoning area (i.e. indoctrination too deep to get past it as the cognitive dissonance threatens too much of the personality structure / self worth ideation).

    And yes, I indulge Serioso. Why? Well, my general requirement is NOT that I have an echo chamber of folks who love me (as I ran into at the Global Warming sites when I first started out asking about it… I, innocently, asked things like “but we’re not having more record highs…” and got rocks thrown at me for wanting to understand why…) I just require politeness. I’ll argue my side, and if someone can argue the other side politely, fine. Serioso is just on the wrong side of the rude line by a little bit, and I hope that I can get him to move just a little bit more toward “nice”. It’s like taking in a stray off the street, and helping them get more house trained. You can see they can make it and it is cold outside…

    So “terribly rude” gets the Carping Comments treatment until they are house broken. Slightly insulting gets “reminders” of social etiquette. Polite disagreement gets polite engagement. Serioso has moved from the Carping Comments block to the Slightly Insulting block. I still have hope for the next step.

    The fixation on “me” is a bit of a bother. It smacks of trying to build a psych profile to strategize how best to destabilize or aggravate the person. TLA kind of stuff (or advanced SJW). Though it is most likely just someone who can’t accept that intelligence could think them wrong (that violation of self worth / ideology issue above) so is looking for “what’s wrong with Chiefio” to explain it. But there is nothing particularly wrong with Chiefio (per NASA psych profile, Kuder aptitude tests, IQ tests, etc. etc. Yes, “I was tested” and had hours of Psych interview time when doing the 105 day NASA “live in a capsule” that chose what psych profile worked best for shuttle / space station crews). Having that in my “hip pocket” makes me immune to the “what’s wrong with you” line of attacks. It isn’t me saying “not much”, it’s a whole lot of professionals.

    So if Serioso wants to hang out and struggle with that, OK, fine with me. The occasional rock toss can give an interesting point of response (until he gets all angrified that I just don’t accept the New York Times as God’s Own Truth)

    I guess, in a way, I’m just too willing to give folks the benefit of the doubt as long s they are not too much of a pill or PITA. Then again, NASA was selecting for people with just that “can get along with anyone and not get angry / violent” psych profile so not a surprise I’m the poster boy for it. (The military had put folks in a capsule together and it tended to end badly with folks going through the break out panels after a few weeks / months. Thus the study… Yes, we had break out panels, no you don’t get them in space… so it is kind of important to know who will not want or need them…) By definition of the study I’m extremely tolerant of minor “Oh Bother” situations. Serioso is just a minor “Oh Bother”.

  33. Serioso says:

    I think I owe Mr. E. Michael Smith, our ChiefIo, a thank you. He has indeed been exceptionally patient with me even though he thinks, along with all of his outspoken fellow correspondents, that I am a fool. He tolerates fools, which is an astonishing talent; I can’t say I do so myself.
    I regard Mr. Smith as an exceptionally quick and intelligent fellow, although I also regard him as an absolute idiot when it comes to certain topics, such as climate science and politics. I am pretty sure he regards me in a similar light, although I am in no way as quick or intelligent as he is. That said, I do enjoy pulling his chain when, in my view, he posts something so obviously foolish and, more to the point, so obviously easy to refute in a few words. My goodness, he is loquacious! Never mind, it’s his sandbox, and he can do what he wants, and I’m not obligated to respond.
    Yes, Mr. Smith, I think this is about you. It’s your blog, and it obviously reflects your ideas and passions. Your continued refrain that “It’s not about me” strikes me as bizarre: It’s entirely about you! I cannot understand why you say otherwise. Nevermind. I enjoy dueling with you in the harmless air of The Cloud, and I hope [foolishly] to convince you [someday!] that you are [mostly] wrong about global warming and [entirely] wrong about politics.
    I once wrote, in your space, that Donald J. Trump was a con man. You disagreed. After the testimony today by Michael Cohen you may eventually come around to my point of view. Hope springs eternal! But I’m not holding my breath. Still, you’re a bright fellow. I don’t believe you’ll keep your eyes hard shut forever.

  34. philjourdan says:

    @EM, et. al.

    SO serioso is the reason for the racist governor, the rapist lt governor, and the bigoted AG. What a surprise – not! But that is what you get when you have a closed mind and minimal desire to educate yourself. Welcome to the Post Partum abortion haven that Hitler only dreamed of.

  35. gallopingcamel says:

    Thanks for that long explanation. That serioso vs. seriouso thing was bothering me but you dealt with that.

    Then you dealt with the rudeness/insult issue. Again I accept your approach.

    I formally withdraw my objection that “you are giving serioso credibility”. In moderation trolls can stimulate a blog by forcing the honest denizens to hone their arguments and fight back.

  36. E.M.Smith says:


    I’m prolix when necessary to assure no ambiguity can exist and detail matters. I’m terse when that’s what matters.

    FWIW, I don’t consider you a “fool”, while tolerating. Indoctrinated, yes.

    I’m quite happy to accept that two guys shouting at each other from opposing balconies will never agree “For they argue from different premises!” ;-)

    I watched much of the Cohen testimony today. My opinion of Trump is only slightly tarnished. My opinion of Cohen much reduced. IMHO, Trump just uses the same behaviors most “Executive Level” folks I’ve ever met have also used. Some “deception” is essential at that level or you don’t make it to that level nor stay in it if you do get there. It is all “The Art Of War”. Strong egos and tough personalities abound.

    I judge Trump by what he has accomplished, not what dirt folks talk about him.

    Especially not dirt from a Felon, disgraced perjurer, and lawyer who can’t hold to his professional oaths.

    As per being “about me”: We’ve ploughed this more than well enough. I present things as logical syllogisms devoid of me. “This was observed, these rules apply, this ought to be the meaning and result”. None of that is “me”. Folks who respond with “this rule was left out” or “this data matters” or “that conclusions does not follow due to FOO” are adding to the exercise. Those who want to say “YOU are an IDIOT for believing BAR” are not contributing, but distracting. On RARE occasions I do postings that do include me: Usually music or “opinion pieces”, so those are in some small way “about me”. But I try to have the focus in them be on the content anyway (so encourage folks to post music vids they like, or give their opinions).

    Per “Climate Science”: Just look at the global reports of record snow in 50 to 100 years and record cold temperatures being clocked by 10s C lower than prior. That is NOT warming… I’d also wager I’ve done more “hands on” work in the climate codes than anyone not employed to do so… So I’m pretty sure I have a good foundation from which to criticize. As that’s a long (decades…) debate, I’ll stop at that.

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