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A Word Or Three About Women

So what about “Toxic Femininity”? Think a woman might have an insight? Continue reading

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A.I. – Well This Kinda Sucks…

What will robots and A.I. do in the future? What are they doing now? Are we ready for this, and who controls them? Continue reading

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For Serioso – Per The Media

An interesting video about the failure of The Media to get things right, and having two catastrophic fails back to back in the shortest month of the year. Continue reading

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Trump Speech On African History Month – Not What Dems Want To See.

I think trump will get a whole lot more Black Votes in the next election. This speech shows why. Blacks answered “What have you got to lose?” with “Nothing”, and now they are “Winning!”. This will not be forgotten at the poles. Continue reading

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