Yeah, but, He’s Really Hot…

So I’ve like tried a stroll on the “wild side” and it wasn’t for me. but…He’s Really Hot!

Rickey Martin:


Or She Bangs…

Yeah, I know he’s a “Gay Guy”… I’m still envious…

Tal Vez (perhaps):

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1 Response to Yeah, but, He’s Really Hot…

  1. philjourdan says:

    Sidebar: The brouhaha over Gaga (she is no lady) and Bradley cooper. I find Gaga kind of repulsive, and do not care if 2 singers look into their eyes when they sing a song.

    I LOVED Johnny Mathis and Deniece WIlliams duet! I never thought that either was boinging the other. But their music together was very sensual and moving! I guess the whole snit is akin to the SJW snowflake crap.I LIKE Shallow. And yes, I saw the performance because my in-laws insisted upon watching that crap show. I thought it was a good performance. After all, Actors are just professional liars!

    Now back to your praise of Ricky Martin (not bad, but I am not really a fan),

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