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Australia Pacific Change of Anomaly GHCN v4 vs v3.3

Interesting graph for the Australia & Pacific Islands Region 5 comparing GHCN v3.3 to GHCN v4; and finding that history has gotten colder in the far past, but warmed slightly a few years ago… Don’t you hate it when history moved under you? Continue reading

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GHCN v4 1000 M Station Changes

Change in high altitude stations over time in GHCN v4 in graphs. Continue reading

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The Shooting Gallery In Which We Live

We live in a shooting gallery of kt explosive impacts. Map, link to a site, and video. Continue reading

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737 Max & MCAS Videos

Some videos that explain “Stall” in an aircraft, why the 737 Max is having “issues”, and how to recover an aircraft that’s in distress with a computer driven stabilizer that might be fighting the pilot for control (especially if it is getting bogus input from the sensors). Continue reading

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