Kinda Has A Handle On Things…

Sydney Watson as an American, sort of, Down Under…

On what’s happening now:

On Self Defense:

On Gun Laws in Australia:

What happens when you can’t defend yourself and the police are 20 minutes away? Mobs and gangs.

This is in the evolutionary nature of human beings. We form clans, teams, squads, armies, and if not formally approved they are called “gangs”. It has been going on since, well, lets just say Chimps form up raiding and hunting parties. As soon as there is an “us” and a “them” and when they can’t demonstrate effective defense strategies, one gang beats up the other one and takes there stuff. Substantially all of human history, IMHO, is dominated by the development of ever larger, more effective, and better armed gangs with more official approval to fend off the other guys. If you don’t do that, your gang ceases to exist (one way or another). To expect that to suddenly end because you asked nicely is just stupid.

To think the “Officially Approved Gang” will be able to protect you is just suicidal. They can help, but for the first 1/2 hour, you are on your own. Doesn’t matter the country or the culture or the gun laws. It is the mechanics of policing and the nature of people. The goal of policing isn’t to protect you, it is to raise the risk of attacking others so high it becomes acceptably rare. It WILL still happen, and if it happens to you, you WILL still be on your own for the critical part of it. That is why a “Right Of Self Defense” and the effective means to do it matters so much. It raises the risk to the attacker and that helps everyone.

BTW, I’ll believe prohibition of weapons and lots of police is sufficient as soon as there are no more killings in prisons and prisoners no longer have a “shiv”, clubs, and other weapons. Oh, and as soon as they don’t have a drug problem “inside” too.

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14 Responses to Kinda Has A Handle On Things…

  1. Bill in Oz says:

    Sorry E M she’s an American with standard US attitudes on such issues as gun control.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    @Bill in Oz:

    She’s a resident of Australia who originated in America. Has a mixed accent so has been there a while. I get the impression she married an Australian, but can’t state that as fact.

    BTW, there is NO “standard US attitude” when it comes to guns. There are at least 3 major polarized positions and then a multitude of others splintering off of them. Even inside the NRA there are two very conflicting view points (appease with “reasonable” restrictions vs resist any and all laws) then many more attitudes outside of it. Some States have Open Carry, others require all sorts of licensing to get a gun.

    Clearly you have a chip on your shoulder about this. Can you step back from that long enough to state something factual (not an opinion – opinions can not be right or wrong) but a statement she made in the video about Australia and guns that was incorrect. What law did she mis-state, or what news event was a lie? If not, you are substituting opinion for analysis…

    I do wonder if you even watched it before commenting… Mostly she says you can not compare Australia to the USA due to different history and culture…

  3. Bill in Oz says:

    Em Yes I detected a couple of Australianisms in her speech. But not in her accent. Still, n3o argument about where she currently lives..

    I’ve been sowing & planting in the garden for the past hour ( getting Autumn veggies in the ground for Winter harvest ) & I was thinking about what it was that twigged me. The I realised. The give-away is the sense of humour. It is pure American. And to be trying to be humorous on the subject of guns as well. There is a range of views here about guns. ( From total control through to a free access approach. But no Aussie would ever treat the subject with humour, .Too much completely bad taste…

    Humour is formed in childhood through to teenage years..It does not change much in adulthood.
    So I guess we Aussies have a long ways to go before she’s Aussified.

  4. Bill in Oz says:

    E M FYI, The whole gun law issue has blown up here in the past 24 hours. Officials of one of our minor political parties, called “One Nation” has been exposed by ‘Al Jezira’, as going to the USA & trying to get $10 -20 million from the NRA & the Koch brothers, to fund it’s campaign to change the strict firearm laws we currently have.

    It’s not a good look from an Aussie perspective. I suspect it will significantly lower One Nation’s vote in the upcoming general elections. No one here approves using foreign funding of Australian political parties.

    It’s seen a foreign interference.. Last year a couple of wealthy PRC Chinese were exposed as donating to other political parties. And it has lead to law changes prohibiting such foreign donations.

  5. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Bill in Oz; I think somebody is putting up “False Facts” neither the NRA nor Koch Brothers put up that kind of money to anyone. Now get rid of one of those zeros and they might….pg

  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    The NRA is member funded, and the membership would be furious if they dumped that sort of money overseas when we have plenty of issues here at home to spend the money on. NRA is not an international organization. They might do a few speeches and prepare a paper or two using foreign laws as examples but to my knowledge have never spent any significant amount of money off shore.

    Koch brothers are a pet scapegoat for the left but they are really big industry globalists and only conservative in the sense that they do not like laws that cramp the style of business.

    They actually support massive immigration not exactly in tune with your average middle American gun owner.

  7. Bill in Oz says:

    @ PG & Larry, I have no knowledge of what the NRA & the Koch brothers do with their money. That is not my point.
    I just presenting the Australian perspective here. Aussie pollies went to the US plotting to try & get big bucks to fund their campaign against the current firearms legislation in Australia.

    And yes, it has emerged that both of them were pissed when the discussion of this was recorded in the USA.

    IMHO they are both bumbling idiots.

    But plotting/planning to get foreign money to run a campaign to change Australian laws is totally wrong.

    This is exactly the type of that that the Democrats accused Trump doing in 2015-6 in their war to discredit him

  8. Bill in Oz says:

    Here in this story is some of video of these dumb idiots taken in Washington during the piss up !

    Just dumber & dumber !

  9. E.M.Smith says:


    I think the key word was “try” in “try to get”… as in “tried and failed” as in “dumb”…

    So Bill in Oz has a nice story about stupid politicians who failed. OK…

  10. Bill in Oz says:

    Yeah it’s an interesting tale for folks here. Front page news in the MSN since yesterday….

    But sort of goofy as well…

    The ‘conservative’ coalition national government has been looking for a way to discredit One Nation for years. This little fiasco has done it for them without them even trying !

  11. Another Ian says:

    Maybe but


    I’ll not be suprised if a few too many ducks haven’t lined up very quickly here. Like

    “Australia Institute report says Australia’s gun lobby as big as USA’s NRA ”

  12. Another Ian says:

    One of those

    “Peter Van Onselen’s Ch 10 report Dickson & Ashby asked NRA for $$$ – where?”

  13. Steven Fraser says:

    On the topic of gun control: There is an initiative in Missouri to NULLIFY federal gun law. Interesting initiative. A similar endeavor was vetoed by the previous, Democrat-party Governor. This time, the Guv is Republican. We’ll see how it turns out.

    Stay tuned.

  14. Another Ian says:

    More odd

    “Al Jazeera’s Roger Muller falsely claimed he was a Senate candidate in the 2016 election”

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