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Some Benchmarks For SBCs

I run some sysbench benchmarks on various computers and SBCs I have. Continue reading

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Garden First Vegetables Set

I have my first beans and squash set and forming up in the garden. Continue reading

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GHCN v3.3 vs. v4 Anomaly Australia / Pacific Islands

A comparison of the GHCN v3.3 vs v4 Anomalies. As these are, in theory, the same historical data from the same places, you would expect the past not to change. Yet it does… Continue reading

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BCP Has Clue – Is Comey Toast? When Will What Break?

Here’s two vidoes from a guy I like. BCP cuts together bits from various news sources and wraps them in interesting insights. These ask if Comey is up for arrest and who else might be on the chopping block soon. Continue reading

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