Brexit Betrayal – A Video

A rather well done bit of history and perspective on Brexit. 22 minutes.

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  1. E.M.Smith says:

    This is another interesting video. Has a ‘splainer translating the heavy Scots accent of a cluefull guy clearly saying what’s up. The basic point is that the rise of “Nationalism” vs “Globalism” is happening for the same reason Trump got elected (which he calls Trumpism) and the same reason the workers of Britain voted for OUT and the rich overlords are working to stay “IN”. It’s about trashing the lower economic tier of workers to benefit the ruling class.

    He does touch on a point I’ve made before, but perhaps he is clearer – per the Euro I’ve pointed out that you get what we have in the USA: When Detroit hits hard times and the jobs move to Alabama, Detroit can’t devalue their currency so they go out of business in deep economic decline. Similarly in Greece, when not allowed to depreciate their Drachma, the only alternative is economic contraction and decline.

    As long as you are willing to accept that a Grapes Of Wrath migration of people will happen instead of a currency realignment, then unified currency is fine. If you don’t want a flood of folks from poorer regions moving into the wealthier nations of Europe, then the unified currency is not that good an idea.

    The host is a bit anti-capitalist as he doesn’t realize that the current globalist regime is not capitalist, but a Central Authority Fascism in behaviour (complete with insider dealing…)

    But if you can get past that, the underlying statements from the Scots guy are in fact accurate. I likely ought to find the original videos and skip the “interpreter” but I’m busy on other stuff ;-) Has an F-bomb at about 10 minutes and goes on long left rants against capitalism about 12 minutes, but the video they talk about is good …

    So translate the “capitalism is failing” to “Crony Central Authority Managed Globalism” is failing and it’s about right. I just wish we actually had free market capitalism and a functioning democratic government.

  2. Sandy MCCLINTOCK says:

    Thanks for this link EM.
    I lived in Northern and Southern Ireland at the time UK joined EEC (now EU).
    I was mildly in favour of joining, because it seemed likely that Northern and Southern Ireland might get along a bit better if they were under one EEC-roof.
    I was very surprised when I discovered that EU Commissioners were not elected by the same public that elected EU Members of Parliament. Commissioners are not obliged to obey the EU Members of Parliament.
    When I heard that the Commissioners were mandating that the maximum power of toasters had to be reduced, I decided that they must have ‘lost the plot’! Half the power for twice as long makes little difference to the total Grid usage but might dry out my toast and waste time.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    Found the original of the first one:

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    This Mark Blyth guy is “heavy with clue”… here’s a 23 minute chunk of Big Clue Includes the above cut at about the 7 minute part, but now in context:

  5. A C Osborn says:

    The grass roots of both Conservative and Labour Parties are starting to rebel against the Party leaderships.
    This really could end badly for them, hopefully.

  6. beththeserf says:

    Thank you for the Post and Maldon vid, EM. Bewdiful review of to- down-EU-guvuhmint-from-afar- by- un-elected-decision-makers immune-from-electoral-defeat, Darwin’s trial and error consequences of trial and error action.. like cli- scientists by-passing empiric tests of their hypotheses.Bridge-builder engineers don’t have this cop-out. I’m hyper-hyphenating, lol.

  7. E.M.Smith says:

    This looks like the other interview video original:


    Yeah, like the max power of vacuums too… I guess they like a gentle suck…

  8. One of the problems with Britain is the electoral system. 5 years is far too long between elections. If there was only three as in Australia, those Tory remainers would not be voting in parliament as they do now. They would be worried about re-election if they go against the wishes of their voters. I suggest many think that by the next election the voters will have forgotten their treachery. The first past the post system of voting is also stupid. Spliting votes through multiple parties will allow the party best organised to get in. H*tler was voted in with a first past the post system. His goons stopped many voting (especially jewish people). He organised unions and workers to vote for him etc. He could get his supporters to vote for those that did not turn up or dead people etc. The US system is not much better with fraud, no ID, aliens voting etc but at least you have more frequent voting with the presidential elections every four years and mid-term voting for half the senate and the HR.. In Australia we have a) compulsory voting b) the term of federal parliament is 3 yrs for the house of reps with 6 years for the senate but half elected each 3 yrs. The Government can call for earlier elections than 3 years and also call for a double dissolution when all senate places are up for grabs. Changes to the constitution requires a referendum which mostly results in a no vote. Unfortunately in Oz up to now there is no ID required and there is a lot of cheating by unions particularly voting many times , voting for dead people etc. Also, ballot boxes have been lost and tampered with. The is why the ALP (socialists like your democrats) have been successful
    The Swiss system of Citizen Initiated referenda and recall would seem to be better. It seems that they vote some three times per year with about 4 questions each time. It seems they have introduced electronic voting (at least in some states) to eliminate cheating. The Swiss can even vote on budget items. The Swiss Federal President is a nominal person and has only a one year term which then goes to someone else.

  9. I should have added above that Australia has preferential voting for the House of reps. which is the law making house. If there are six candidates (from different parties) they have to be numbered in order of preference. After counting of all first preferences, the one with the lowest count is eliminated and their second preference is distributed and so on until there are only two left and the higher vote of these two is elected. I call it the the best of a bad lot by a majority vote.Unfortunately the senate voting is a mess because there are 6 senate position for each state at a normal election and 12 at a double dissolution. It becomes more of a proportional vote like in Europe rather than a preferential system. So minor parties and independents can fill the 5 & 6th positions. Australia needs more states like Switzerland or USA so that only one senator is elected each 3 or less years.

  10. gallopingcamel says:

    Mark Blyth was speaking about Global Trumpism shortly after the 2016 election so it is amazing that he gets so much right. One thing he got wrong (12:40 out of the 15:06 video) is manufacturing jobs. He said they are not coming back.

  11. gallopingcamel says:

    Here he is in September 2016…….before the election:

    If he is so smart how can he be so clueless about climate science? He advocates putting “Deniers” into a sack and then beating the crap out of them. This guy should stick to his knitting.

  12. YMMV says:

    “As long as you are willing to accept that a Grapes Of Wrath migration of people will happen instead of a currency realignment, then unified currency is fine. If you don’t want a flood of folks from poorer regions moving into the wealthier nations of Europe, then the unified currency is not that good an idea.“

    OK to CA we all know about. MI to AL, is that true or hypothetical? I thought it was still everywhere to CA. And always rural to metro. At least in the US, everybody speaks English. (add grain of salt).

    But in Europe, language would be a disincentive. You would think.

    On the other hand, if you are not alone, you can move to the little-whatever getto, and not have to learn the new language. Take Sweden for example. This video about the NEW Sweden says “that’s the way it’s going to be folks, if you don’t like it, tough”, sort of. See about 40 seconds in.
    In Swedish with English subtitles.

    Welcome to the New Sweden.
    5648 views, 7 up, 238 down.

    Instead of immigrants fitting in to the new country’s ways, the new country is supposed to change to fit in with the immigrants,

  13. E.M.Smith says:


    One of the Grand Fallacies is that “Competency in one area means competence in others”. The problem is that it has just enough truth people think it generalizes. A person with good mental ability is ABLE to be competent in many areas, but often doesn’t put in the needed time. Still, folks will ask them about things outside their domain… and they feel like they must answer…

    So I have some competence in Economics (both formal education and life experience). Enough to observe that he is very clueful on Economics. As that is his major study domain, not a surprise.

    That he might have been propagandized on “Climate Science” and just accepted the word of “authority” outside his domain of study is also not a surprise. Most people work off of “heuristics” they just accept from others for most things in their lives. I’ve not measured gravity – I just accept that others have done a good job of it. (Though we did do some crude experiments in college physics…). I’ve not tested that hemlock is lethal (and don’t intend to!). For almost all of what folks “believe” they do nothing to test what they are told. (Those that do are even given a special job category of “scientist” and then focus on ever more narrow domains… so are sill clueless and using heuristics for most of their life space).

    Basically: Physical intelligence does not confer knowledge, but people like to think it does.

  14. E.M.Smith says:


    For California, we are still adding net population, but it is significantly foreigners. LOTS of Hispanic and some Chinese + others. Leaving California is a large cohort of retired folks, and folks wanting a lower cost of living / escaping the taxes (me to be one of those in the next year or two).

    So in terms of “internal migration” it is “out of California”. (The State is somewhere near 1/2 Hispanic now and over 1/2 where I am. Spanish is the ONLY “2nd Language” taught in the local schools… partly as an “easy A” for the imported kids… partly to force the population to be bi-lingual in Spanish / English)

    There was a large migration from the Rust Belt to The South, but I don’t know the State-By-State of it. Florida got a load of Bos-Wash corridor folks (and turned Purple from Red…) while the car companies popped up new plant “down south” and some folks moved with that shift.

    A nice graph and statistics of USA inward migration:

    Map of USA showing migration by State:

    Then LOTS of State to State detail:

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