The Cultural Dead End, Then The Tic-Tok Reaction

I found these two videos (by the same guy) together capture something I’d vaguely felt, but didn’t have a great handle of words about.

The spouse and I have many times complained about the best movies on the TV being B&W or from the ’50s and ’60s Golden Age / Technicolor classics. That they took the time to have good plot and dialog, innuendo and frankly knew how to just have fun some times.

Well, it turns out there’s modern analysis that confirms this.

Then the Gen Z kids, growing up in this cultural wasteland, have had a revolt against it. Seems that the latest burr under the Woke Saddle is something called a Tic-Tok Meme. There’s an ap that lets you do a several second video to music, and kids are using it to express themselves… often with a message of rejection of the Left Wing Woke PC Intersectional Crap. Kind of a in Twitter sized bites for teens… I had no idea… but I’m glad it exists.

I did a YouTube sample of collections from Tic-Tok and a lot of it is just silly junk, but some is definitely not PC Cautious and a far amount was Trigger Humor Curious… Several about the “N-Word Pass” and many “Girls being girlish” – stuff sure to make PC Splody Heads have a fit of incomprehensible acronym verbal diarrhea… Don’t think it was enough to capture my time looking for more (as there’s a lot of “dumb slapstick” that’s just not fun after you’ve seen it 100 times already – like a kid egging his sister) but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Gen-Z is giving me some hope.

Are we at enough of a Jump The Shark moment on things for The Left PC Police to have imploded their influence? Are we enough into Clown Culture Upside Down World for the collapse yet?

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7 Responses to The Cultural Dead End, Then The Tic-Tok Reaction

  1. cdquarles says:

    We’ve had this before. Think Boomer As versus Boomer Bs, with there being more Bs. Still the ‘rebels’ got all the ‘press’ while the ‘normals’ did their best to live life properly and transmit the proper culture.

  2. H.R. says:

    The “nothing new in TV or movies” has become so bad that even surprise plot twists are close to 100% predictable.

    I rarely watch TV with my full attention. Mrs. H.R. is a child of the ’50s – ’60s, is pretty much a TV addict, and has her regular mix of shows which are on while I’m online here and there. It drives her nuts when I tell her what’s going to happen next or even give an exact line or punchline since I have been giving whatever is on less then even half my attention. Worse, I often give away plot twists before the twist occurs.

    News shows are no relief because most of the ones that are not 100% gaslighting propaganda are often inaccurate or busy ignoring what is important in favor of irrelevant fluff. (I had a comment on the Russian Chorus thread that feeds into the sad state of ‘News’ shows.)

    Television has devolved to the point that just about everyone makes that old joke “500 channels and there is nothing to watch” from time to time. People like the Mrs. watch out of habit, but the TV habit is being dropped by more and more people, including the Mrs. Ratings on all things TV are down and continuing a slow decline. Good.

  3. Power Grab says:

    In my town they have started playing an old classic film once a month at a community auditorium. I used to see mostly people in attendance who are decades older than I, but now I am noticing college- and high-school-aged folks. I’m uplifted when I see them enjoying those old films.

    @ HR: My dad used to frequently toss out comments while we were watching a first-run show on TV in the ’60s-’70s. He was predicting what was going to happen before it happened. I never knew how he did it.

    Of course, now I have a habit of doing what my dad did while my offspring is present and we’re watching something together.

  4. Power Grab says:

    Speaking of worthless so-called entertainment…I wonder how many of the people at the top of the media companies’ food chains are not home-grown Americans? Or, in another way of framing it, how many of them have had next to no exposure to traditional American, uplifting, edifying programming? Or at least programming where debates are conducted in decency and order?

    When I think about how intolerable the new legislative “stars” are…how stupid their proposals are…. If they themselves aren’t from outside the US, how many of them are puppets of non-Americans? AOC’s strings are being pulled by non-Americans, right? Tlaib came from a third world s*** hole country, right? Who’s that third stupid female they keep promoting?

    If our founders were wise enough to include in the Constitution the requirement that a President could only be a “natural-born” American who was at least 35 years of age, then why are we putting up with stupid destroyers from other cultures controlling our national media and only putting out the message that America and our founders are worthless and deserve only to be wiped from our collective memory? Who are they to say that capitalism (which is the basis for this country, which MILLIONS of people are willing to risk life and limb to enter illegally!) should be replaced by a philosophy that has repeatedly been tried and repeatedly failed to keep its promises (communism)?

    If it’s so bad here, then why are they trying so hard to get here?

    It almost seems like media in America keep feeding Americans poo about our worth. Yet someone keeps feeding people in third world s*** hole countries dream-stories to make them try to break in here?

  5. cdquarles says:

    A thing about ‘entertainment’ is that they’ve done pretty much the same thing the same way for at least a century. Think ‘style book’ for printed news/novels. Think ‘scripts’ for movies/radio/television. One thing that made Rush Limbaugh such a big thing is that he went ‘off script’. His show is about what he says about current news. What he says is what he thinks; and he rarely is wrong in his takes. “I know liberals like I know the back of my tobacco stained fingered hands” ;p.

  6. E.M.Smith says:


    That’s why all of “Talk Radio” took off, IMHO. It’s also why I find myself watching YouTube when I’ve got thousands of other channels on the ROKU… or watching some Crazy Guy channel on the ROKU and not watching the main Corporate Outlets. Just because it is NEW stuff, not rehash rewarmed old spit.

    Netflix “Originals” are so formulaic I found it hard to remember which one I was watching. Names and roles shift, but the plot line is the same. There’s a romance somewhere in it (usually slightly illicit in some way). There’s a danger element. Often (maybe always) somebody gets killed. Then there’s lots of emoting about what’s going on. Overlay with thin story line and ACTION!

    I watched the “first one” and sometimes a couple more on a few of them and then just decided not to bother anymore.

    We watch more “old movies on Amazon Prime” than Netflix stuff. ( I wanted to drop Netflix but the spouse said no, there’s some one thing she wants it for…) There’s some other report I’d heard that Millennials are also watching mostly Youtube and not traditional TV sources. I think that matters rather a lot.

    I’m now mostly “An ever smaller number of News Programs – usually international” and YouTube with the odd bit stuck on around the edges. Even there I find myself asking “Why bother?”…

  7. Bill in Oz says:

    Sometimes you really need a button, or thumbs up, on comments to indicate agreement. Saves making a comment like this.

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