Catch The Left In A Lie, Get Harassed And Deported

Well this is a bit distressing…

The basic story is that Sydney Watson (lady in the Australian videos I linked in a prior posting) was detained and “questioned” by the FBI at LAX airport and her traveling companion (Avi) was detained, questioned and deported. His “crime”?

He had at one time been a member of the Israeli Defense Force and there was a (GASP!) photo of him in uniform with a gun… Realize that darned near 100% of Israeli citizens go through the Israeli Defense Force (women too) at about 18.

The “sub text” is that he was interviewed by Comedy Central, who did an “Edit Job” on the interview to make him look like an idiot (well duh… it’s Left Wing Comedy Show so you ought to know they are going to “edit for effect” to make a conservative look horrible…) Well, he had recorded the whole interview, and published that in reply.

So the two of them were “coming to America” to do some journalism thing (and it seems likely to embarrass Comedy Central). BUT, Comedy Central had expressed fear and worry to the FBI about Avi.

So let me get this straight: Catch a Left Wing Fraud and Lie, embarrass them with their lie, get SWATed (in a way) by Border Control and the FBI, then deported? That’s all it takes?


Timcast has a video that is from before the deportation thing and describes some of the “back story” behind the Comedy Central “interview”, the edit-for-effect, and then the “catch them in the lie” expose afterwords.

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4 Responses to Catch The Left In A Lie, Get Harassed And Deported

  1. Bill in Oz says:

    I have no idea about the context of all this. And really have no wish to learn…Other stuff to worry about :-)

    But they are Australians ( though she is dual national American ) so I wondered why this was happening and looked around. She puts a pretty good description of what happened to her on here Facebook page..With less detail about Arvi her Australian travelling companion – who is also a dual national with Israeli citizenship.

    My own thoughts :
    1: This action by the USA Immigration authorities and the FBI, seems to related to something purely American.
    2 : I have no idea what “Comedy Central” is. But they seemed to know it and the folks behind it, and got involved with it anyway.
    3: It seems like a person from ‘Comedy Central’ arranged ( via contacts in FBI ? ) for them to be detained at the LAX airport.
    4: Which means that they told Comedy Cenral that they were coming to the USA. That indicates a level of naievity of Arvi &Sydney’s part.
    5 I have travelled to the USA twice over the decades. Neither time was a hassle at the border.
    6 But then I don’t make contact with fu*kwits like Comedy Central appear to be – of which I know zip..
    7 : Nowhere is it clearly stated & explained why they travelled to the USA.
    8 : I wonder of he( or they ) could have asked for Australian consular assistance.
    9 : I wonder if he could have requested Israeli consular assistance. Given the close ties between Israel & the USA, this could have been very useful.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    @Bill in Oz:

    Comedy Central is a USA Cable Channel that is supposedly all Comedy and Comedians. Lately they’ve gone political… so a lot of conservative bashing “skits”.

    Per your items:
    1) Yes, USA Immigration is a USA “purely American” thing… But usually they don’t harass folks from Israel and Australia.
    2) see above explanation. Yes, got involved AND recorded the whole interview so likely knew what was the risk. I’ve found a partly explanatory YouTube from before the deportation that I’ve added above as an “update”.
    3) Yes. That’s what I find creepy. A TV Show can drop a dime on you to the FBI and you become persona non grata? That’s all it takes? Really?
    4) No, it doesn’t. It means that after AVi published HIS recording fo the whole interview on his site, Comedy Central caught flack and so dropped the dime on him. “SWATed” in a way.
    5) As it should be. Then again, you likely hadn’t publicly embarrassed a left wing media outlet…
    7) Yes, it is. “To do journalism”. No, the particular story isn’t stated in that one video. Journalists usually don’t tip the story before they publish as they don’t want to be “scooped” by others.
    8) Apparently they got 1 (one) phone call – per the video. Doubt I’d waste that on a consular desk clerk saying to call back after lunch…
    9) See #8

    The “Creepy Bit” here is the SWATing aspect. If, say, I decided your comments on some blog were supportive of Isreal and it’s self defense, and you had a photo of you in uniform “up”: Can I now just call the FBI and get you blocked from coming to the USA? Is that really all it takes? Or does Comedy Central have an “in” with some of the Deep State Friends Of The Left at the FBI?

    It just looks like it is way too easy to get someone set up for grief and deportation even with no criminal history, no threats, no bad history at all really. Other that pointing out that “you lied”… It just stinks of “Dirty Tricks”.

  3. Bill in Oz says:

    Yes EM, looks like some leftish friends of the “Deep State” have been at work here. Which means that officials in the Trump administration might well want to know about this happening.

    by the way, ring the local consular reps would be a better first choice for Arvi. Lots of embaressment unleashed. And they could have turned up at the airport before he was deported…And contacted the lady as well & put her in the picture.There was no rush on her behalf as ..she could not be deported as she is a US citizen…

  4. DonM says:

    Next time they need to fly into Mexico & walk across form there … much easier.

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