The Heart Hurts… Duele El Corazon

This is a music video I particularly like:

And ANOTHER failure of the “embed” link copy… maybe I need to try another platform…

No, I don’t know exactly why it talks to me, but it does. At a bit under a Billion views, it clearly speaks to a lot of folks. No idea why a Spanish video has an Australian Aborigine in it…

Remember that “con migo” is “with me” and bailando is “dance”…

Interesting.. the Android Tablet gets an embed link:

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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3 Responses to The Heart Hurts… Duele El Corazon

  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    Enrique Iglesias was in Australia in 2018, and will be back next month for another big bucket of money**.
    ** local expression from ex-Finance Minister (and PM) “Never stand between a (State) Premier and a big bucket of money” referring to their constant demands for more from the Federal Govt. which holds the purse strings (and which situation the States want to continue as they have a scapegoat for their financial incompetence).

  2. beththeserf says:

    The human heart, lol. Here’s a song speaks to me, E.M…. descending chords, vibration of singer- song-writer’s voice, poetry of the lyrics, ‘if you could read my mind, love…’ video of the fragile craft ending up in the reeds, so nice.

  3. YMMV says:

    I like this music, although I would rather have it without the rap part. The video is confusing. I didn’t get it. Not with knowing the lyrics. Not even with knowing the translation of the lyrics. But IMDB gives a plot summary.
    So at least one person thinks he understands it.

    I still have no idea why an Australian Aboriginal is in a video filmed in Panama. My first impression was that it was someone (say Nicolas Cage) in blackface. Perhaps Wisin the rapper, but no. The cast credits only list three: Kelly Gale, Enrique Iglesias, and Wisin. I’m still thinking that it is not a real Australian Aboriginal. It’s a music video, so it’s probably best not to over-think it.

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