I Just Love That Karma Beech! CNN Not So Much…

This is a Timcast video where he goes over the recent staff reduction (RIF Reduction In Force) at CNN. He then branches out into other outlets also sinking like stones. (Oddly, Fox is not suffering this loss of market share from “new media” shaping the landscape… Might it be the content and the editorial policy?…)

I especially like the part where he points out CNN no longer even breaks the 1 Million Viewer mark. Then points out he does ;-) And The Truth Shall Set You Free!…

What is this level of Stooopid that can have a golden franchise disembowel itself on the alter of Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness? How hard is it, really, to look at ratings and say “Well, that isn’t working”. Or look at who was elected POTUS and think “We screwed the pooch on that one, maybe we need to talk to people in Flyover Country and report some of what they want to know about.”

It really is very very simple:

News is what happened: not what you wanted to have happen, not what you feel about what happened, not who is having a hissy fit because of what happened, and certainly not what you want to do to change what happened.

News is NEW. Endlessly moaning and bitching about what happened and how horrible it is and how it just makes you want to scream IS NOT NEWS. It’s therapy session where YOU have to pay people $Hundreds or $Thousands of $$$/hour to listen to your bellyaching. No, I’ll not listen without YOU paying ME. Endless crying and complaining and moaning is not NEW. It is old about the second minute.

Want to be a NEWS network? Report the NEWS. ( I have to explain this?… Apparently…) What is happening in Venezuela? IS the USA prepping to have another war or “Regime Change”? How is Russia responding? China? The Dragon Crew Capsule just blew up in testing. What does this do to the USA getting back into space without Russian Help? (BTW, since you are on an anti-Russia Jihad, maybe you can tell me why NASA Executives are not on trial for “Russian Collusion”!? You do know they ship $Millions to Russia every year, right?) How did Hillary & Bill collect $Millions on a “Government Salary”? Hmmm? Seems fishy to me. Turkey is a NATO member but they are pissing at The West – is that going under? What happens if it does? The EU has a rising tide of Nationalists – and YOU say that like it’s a BAD thing. Stop it! Love of nation is NOT a Bad Thing. The EU is on a collision course with reality and is about to implode – from you? Crickets… Maybe a retrospective on GOOD Nationalism (UK 1940s, USA 1940s) vs SOCIALIST Nationalism (as practiced by the National State SOCIALIST Workers Party in Germany in about 1940…)

We will take a brief break now while any Media Types who are essentially all hard core left wing socialists finish up retching in their hats… See, they don’t have a clue that Der Führer (“The Leader”) was a labor union socialist advocate. As, by the way, was Mussolini…. They were only “right” of full on International Communists. Hey, it’s history and it is truth. I can’t change either of them. I’m not a left wing person… they are the only ones who can make lies into accepted “truth” or replace fact with their chosen fiction.

So, moving on…

I really wonder just how much money the moneybags of The Left are willing to pour down the drain trying to “shape” public opinion. I can say with certainty that, for me, no amount of propaganda can do it. I just laugh at the stooopid in it and change the channel. I think CNN is seeing the result of that. I used to watch them as part of my Daily Rounds. Now I don’t even bother. Nor will I until they report NEWS unbiased and without spin and without PC Handcuffs. “Just the facts, mam.” Ditto MSNBC. Ditto New York Times. Once a great newspaper, now a Left Wing Whore. I really don’t see how they can think the rest of us don’t notice “who is doing whom and for how much $$”. We’re not that dumb… But it seems they are.

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8 Responses to I Just Love That Karma Beech! CNN Not So Much…

  1. Power Grab says:

    I received a tear-jerker of an appeal letter from a bigwig at NYT today. If I didn’t know which side of the fence they served, I might have had some sympathy.


    No, not sorry.

  2. pouncer says:

    News is what happened. Why do so many broadcasters think they have insight into what is GOING to happen, and tell me about their predictions at such length?

    When the events that happen differ from what was expected to happen — the election outcome, the jobs report, the path of the hurricane or the direction of the stock market — what sources or contacts are purged from the rolodex? Obviously, the forecasters are not reliable, why go back to an unreliable source for another round of analysis?

  3. billinoz says:

    Please spare some sympathy for us here in Oz EM. Here we have two publicly funded TV networks ( the ABC- Australian Broadcasting Corporation- & SBS ) who believe they are saving the us & the planet from doom with their leftwing biased non news.
    we have a tradition of publicly funded TV & radio networks going back to the 1930’s.. And their charters state that the news they broadcast must not be biased…But factual and impartial..
    But the charters are shunned..


    Often enough I find news here in the comments links on Venezuela, China Russia or Korea…Ummmm

  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    This is why the major media is collapsing! There are other high quality journalist features available on the web. For example Gina Shakespeare at “Declassified”.

    Interesting disclosure in the Barr hearings most people missed

    So why don’t our “news organizations” give in depth coverage like this instead of just click bait pot stirring?

  5. p.g.sharrow says:

    billinoz says:
    8 May 2019 at 5:06 am “Often enough I find news here in the comments links on Venezuela, China Russia or Korea…Ummmm”

    First place I check for the important NEWS is this Blog. World wide coverage of the latest important events of interest to me, along with commentary from a band of wise elders. Then I go to Fox News to find out about what is of interest to New York City Elites. ;-) …pg

  6. waterside4 says:

    Hey Billinoz, how dare you purloin my point. I claim that here in Blighty we have the original extreme anti news anti truth broadcaster in the Aunty BBC.
    Mind you we also have the Marxist ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5. The guardian, Telegraph, Times etcetra etcetra.
    I can only find truth here and on Brietbart, The Conservative Treehouse, Zerohedge, Daily Caller, The Gateway Pundit, and Whatfinger.
    The news is out there Jim – its just not on the MSM

  7. John F. Hultquist says:

    Nice rant, E.M.

    A number of years ago we gave up on the TV.
    A news hour on TV takes way too much time,
    and you have to put up with things of no interest.
    Likely the on-screen person is just reading, with little background
    or understanding of the material. And, as you say, the folks
    putting the piece together have an agenda that I often don’t have.

    I prefer reading – pick what looks useful, and as soon
    as you realize it is not – move on. Those contributing to monthly
    magazines have time to investigate, think, and wordsmith.
    Magazines, too, have agendas, but that’s okay; such are known.

    For the last couple of years I’ve been reading National Review.
    The May 6th one has an informative article about Mike Pompeo;
    another by Allen C. Guelzo titled “Slavery and the Constitution:
    a Defense” – – subtitled ~~ The document was written so as to hasten slavery’s demise.
    It is a “defense” because the left is currently saying just the opposite.

    National Review is sort of costly, but cheaper than a month for a TV connection.

  8. philjourdan says:

    Bill and Waterside,

    All countries have public (i.e. government funded) TV. But yes, it is especially bad in the old Commonwealth nations.

    The answer is still the same. Ignore it. It will still get funded, but with online streaming, you do have choices.

    So what the hell is Acorn TV?

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