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Stop Plastic “Pollution”! – DIY Diesel Refinery

The world is drowning in plastic waste. We are told it will choke the planet to death (get stuck in the wind pipe or some such). Well, here’s a solution! We can all make DIY Plastic to Diesel “refineries” from old water heaters and car radiators! We CAN save the world! Act Now! Continue reading

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Basil by the Bucket at 58 North

Multiply a few scrawny basil plants via cuttings, then grow with decent soil and grow lights (even in winter in north Scotland), repeat 30 days later, and have a huge batch of basil. Continue reading

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GHCN v3.3 vs. v4 Anomaly Graphs – Africa

The GHCN v3.3 vs v4 Anomaly Graphs for Africa. Continue reading

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