Because It Is Quirky And I Like It

Post EU Parliament Election, perhaps we need a bit of Something Completely Different?

Then, perhaps this is the mood in Europe?

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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10 Responses to Because It Is Quirky And I Like It

  1. tom0mason says:

    And for the MSM as they laughably ‘report’ about post EU Parliament Election, perhaps this is more quirkily(?) apt ….

    It’s an annoying little ditty by ‘Whistling Jack Smith’ (the uncredited whistler was John O’Neill, or maybe Noel Walker) called ‘I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman’. 😀 :-)

  2. John S Howard says:

    not just a little quirky….

  3. Power Grab says:

    I’m not sure this is correct for this thread, but it’s funny:

    I got it off Jo Nova’s site.

  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    Since the last couple years in Politics makes you wonder who is smoking what, and the general feeling is that you must be on a drug trip because sane people would not do this stuff.

  5. Sera says:

    All of that whistling made me think about spaghetti westerns…

  6. H.R. says:

    Phil Collins was the loudest concert I never attended.

    We our second home was in the ‘burbs on the edge of nowhere. Some developers built an amphitheater in the ‘nowhere’ area figuring on minimal resistance to noise, traffic, and other zoning issues. The stage was almost exactly 1 mile as the crow flies from our house.

    The way our house and street was oriented, the louder groups could be heard any time we cared to sit out on the front porch and listen. However, the Phil Collins concert was the only one we could listen to sitting inside the house in the family room with the doors and windows closed and the air conditioning on!

    Good thing Phil Collins was a favorite of my wife.

    P.S. The venue failed after a few years because of traffic – people got tired of three hours to get in and park and 2-3 hours to leave – and the owners got greedy. You could not bring your own lawn chairs or blankets and beer was $10 for a 16oz cup.

  7. Larry Geiger says:

    OK. We can all agree that the Dead South is quirky.

  8. Shar says:

    Love The Dead South, I recently discovered them. I told my adult children how much I liked them and they did too, knew all the words.

  9. YMMV says:

    “We can all agree that the Dead South is quirky.”
    Not so fast there, pardner. The video is quirky, but then there’s nothing quirky about quirky music videos.
    What’s really quirky is that Dead South is from Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is the new South! Who knew?
    This one is good too.

  10. jim2 says:

    This one is quirky too, but I really like it for some reason.

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