Creative Materials Recycle, DIY Weapons, Saw Gun?

This is a slightly eclectic mix of videos. What can I say? After a day in the garden and building DIY Hydroponics out of odd plastic containers, I was in a DIY / Prepper kind of mood. Then YouTube caught on and sent me off to Strange Land ;-)

First up, this sounds a bit like a kid, but who knows. In any case, it is a surprising bit of inventiveness for turning Trash into Treasure. Assuming it’s a male kid and not a woman, I’m going to use “He”. He takes plastic lids that darned near nobody wants (no deposit on the lids…) and turns it into a thick sheet of strong solid material. That is then used to make slingshots (in another video I’ve not yet watched). I just find it fascinating that folks have cottoned to the idea of making their own materials out of “trash”.

The basic idea is to melt it in the oven at about 350 F then press the tar like goo into a block in a wooden mold using clamps. 13 minutes.

I find myself now looking at my required recycle can with renewed interest…

Much more high tech, this guy makes an “extrusion machine” (basically a helical screw like in a grain mill or meat grinder) and uses steel pipe sections as dies to make extruded plastic beams and boards. I once priced plastic deck boards and they were frightfully expensive. Here he makes them for essentially free. Colors are a bit exotic, but I’ve got to think brown isn’t that hard a color to get. 10 minutes.

Want a very nice plastic mallet? Have some scrap bottles and a chunk of tree + shop tools? While it’s way more effort than I think the tool is worth, it does show what can be done with skill and desire. Plus, if living “100 miles from nowhere”, it can cost $100 of fuel and wear just to go into town to buy a tool. 12 minutes.

Then how about turning a plastic soda bottle into a “gun” of sorts? 7 minutes and likely illegal in California.

Want a decent and likely lethal weapon? Have $5, a stove, some rubber tubing and a bit of nylon cord? Think PVC Sling Bow. I didn’t even know a “sling bow” was a thing until yesterday… 6 minutes.

But maybe a “sling bow” isn’t enough and you need to kill Zombies in a Zombie Apocalypse. Maybe you need something that can split a head or maybe even remove it, at a distance. And all you have is some wood, some small scraps of metal, and a bunch of old saw blades… (along with a fascination with bizarre and unreal video game weapons). I know, how about a “saw blade launcher”? 12 minutes.

Go ahead, ban guns… I have pvc, wood, and a saw ;-)

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2 Responses to Creative Materials Recycle, DIY Weapons, Saw Gun?

  1. H.R. says:

    I have a heat gun laying around somewhere. I think I might have a go at making some Damascus plastic.
    From the first post of a video of Jeorg, his laughter at some odd points had me watching more of his videos. “Now this could cut my leg off. Hahahaha!” Good ol’ jolly Jeorg.

    I note that he is just combining a few different elements in various combinations; propulsion source, trigger mechanism, magazine, projectiles. Once you get your mind into that mode, you can come up with a shooting device with whatever is at hand.

  2. H.R. says:

    Oh, I forgot. Regarding the ‘Damascus’ plastic: if you have a good, heavy-duty crosscut paper shredder, it would make short work of dicing up that plastic sheet. That looked like the biggest time consuming part of the process.

    I’m not sure if the visual result of the resulting bits would be as pleasing, though.

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