Chuckling At Globalists Going “Splody Heads” Over Trump Visit

I find it funny to watch the “news” coverage of the visit of Milania and Donald Trump to the UK.

Mostly I’m talking about Sky News and France24 coverage.

Sky had interviews with a bunch of Globalists (by their statements) and it was hilarious. In such resonant tones they decried the assault on “the established global order” and the horrible “nationalist” tendencies and how it was being imitated by other “extreme right wing” politicians across Europe (as though Europe is unable to make their own decisions without modeling on the USA…) and how he was ~”undermining the UN global institutions”. All presented as though it were the end of Civilization Itself!

So here I was just chuckling at them.

So sure that others simply MUST be aghast at a national leader putting their nation first. We simply ALL MUST believe “diversity is our strength” (even in the face of the decay and weakening of various EU nations under the assault of incompatible immigrants destroying their institutions and blowing up / running over people). AND we must find “straight talking” to be a major sin and social disgrace.

Um, no.

We love him because he DOES speak the plain truths, unvarnished, without wax. “Sincere” comes from root words that mean “without wax” from the ancient practice of waxing ceramic ware so that cracks in it would be hidden from the buyer. We prefer our President to speak sincerely. ( Which, one supposes, means “they” prefer their leaders with wax over the cracks in their pottery. ;-)

Then, today, Melania and Ivanka are under attack for their dress. They actually bothered to wear clothes that are basically British in style. The headline? “Channeling the 1980s”. I doubt it. Melania was a professional model and will know what is, and is not, an acceptable “style”. IMHO, it’s just flat out Fake News Lies For Effect. I looked at the pictures, they look fine to me. I don’t care about the “news” opinions.

One guy being interviewed was assuring everyone that Trump would bring the end of life as we know it due to his denial of “Climate Change”. As though sending more money to the UN and destroying western cultures and economies was somehow a good thing. Completely bought in to the Hype and Lies of “Global Warming”. It’s been at least 30 years now of “Death AND Destruction in 10 years!!!!” and we’re not dead and destruction is nowhere in sight. He couldn’t catch a 12 ton clue if it were dropped on him.

Then there are the Milquetoasts bemoaning that Trump didn’t make kissing-ass noises about The Mayor Of London but actually said the truth. Um, did they not notice that Sadiq started the ‘food fight’ and that Jeremy was the one who was insulting Trump first. Let me supply some whacks from the Clue Stick:

My Mum was British. Dad, an American from an Iowa Farm. I was raised in both cultures. I’ve learned over the years how to move between them. I’ve come, slowly, to realize that it can be far better to NOT do the English Suck Up Polite and instead do the “Shit Kicker” from the farm blunt. In particular, I’ve learned (the hard way) that being polite to attackers is a losers game. Turning the other cheek just gets you two hurt cheeks and an ass whuping. IF someone attacks, counter attack immediately and with overwhelming force. This is what Trump knows too. It is what the clueless press calls being a “counter puncher”. It is very American. I didn’t do it for the first 18 years of my life and that was a mistake.

So when I see the British Press bemoaning that Trump is NOT being a British Style Suck Up Mealy Mouth Polite but instead is being a New York City Ass Kicker, well, it makes my heart go “pitty pat” with pleasure. I know I’ve got a leader who will speak the truth, not care if it hurts, and take names for a good ‘ol ass kicking when the time is right for it. Just Like Dad.

Then I see him being kind and polite to those who need it. Having quiet professional conversations at the dinner table. Helping folks who are friendly and need the help. Explaining that he’d much rather have a mutually helpful working relationship than any “food fight” when negotiating with folks. Asking folks how they are doing, and actually meaning it. Just like Mum.

And then I realize he’s like me. He’s got Scots ancestry not too far removed and raised with The Old Ways. Grew up in America with our rules and ways; the new ways. Able to shift between them as needed.

And it is that shifting that drives the Press Corps around the bend and that causes the Globalists and the British Upper Crust to be clueless about him. He is simply NOT as simple as they would like to believe. He has range. That he uses his range in ways of which they do not approve (and most likely just do not understand) is what makes them go all ‘Splody Head.

How, just HOW can someone like The Queen sit down with such an uncultured boor? Because he is only an uncultured boor to those who need it. He is a polite, caring, and intelligent person to those who reciprocate.

Something I learned “the hard way” is my philosophy of “Be The Mirror”. I think Trump does something very similar. “You can only speak with someone on their level. -E.M.Smith”. If someone has 8th grade language skills, you must speak on an 8th grade level to communicate. Note that is NOT a pejorative. It is identifying a common language. A person may have only an 8th grade language skill yet have a high IQ. I suspect my Dad was brighter than me, but he never graduated high school. (Enlisted in the Army in W.W.II instead). So what is a language? Sometimes it is words. Sometimes facial expressions. Some times fists and kicks. Sometimes it is posture and tone of voice. So, confronted by a hostile person spoiling for a fight, you “become the mirror” and “speak with them in their language” and posture and spoil right back.

I call that process “leveling”. When I first meet someone, I start out at about a “middle high school” level unless there is strong reason otherwise. Then, as conversation progresses, I’ll “level” against them. Raising or lowering vocabulary and speech rate until we match. Similarly, I’ll “level” against their posturing and aggression. With added level if needed to stop an attack. (Yes, I’ve used this in practice). So someone gives you the “sizing you up to maybe attack” look, I give them back the “You want it? I got it. Wanna ‘dance’ today?” look with just a tiny corner of the mouth smile / smirk… NOT something a Brit learns in Boarding School or at Cambridge… But something Trump knows.

Leveling goes the other way too. I once met my, then, new boss. We started talking, both about 10th grade and slightly slow. We started ‘leveling’ against each other. Each adding a bit higher vocabulary and rate. After about 5 minutes we were at “post college” and about double our initial rate of speech. Similarly, someone is nice and polite, my British Polite skills come out as another escalation happens. You see this same thing when Trump is in one-on-one talks with other professionals.

What baffles his detractors is when he gives a speech to the public and press at the 8th grade level (that is the norm for USA newspapers too BTW) and with “shit kicker” sharp elbows (as is an American norm outside the elites). They think that’s all he is. A dumb shit kicker. They are wrong. Very wrong. I know because I do exactly the same things. It is in my “range” of skills to be a shit kicker sharp elbows 8th grade language level crude A-Hole when it works best, or to be at post-doc technical level suck-up polite as needed. In fact, it is kind of fun to explore the whole range. I see Trump enjoying it at times too ;-)

Part of how he won the Presidency was that he would “level” against the 1/2 of the population who were being pissed on by the Washington Elite. Folks could see him as “their guy”. Not a Romney too-soft too-up-tight. Not a Hillary “I think you are stupid and can be exploited”. Not a Jeb Bush “I went to the right schools and I’m nice so deserve the Dynasty”. We saw he could be a “Bull”. OUR Bull in THEIR china closet.

“Trump! Trump! He’s Our Man! If HE can’t piss them off, nobody can!”

So go ahead and be sheep bleating that the Sheep Dog is too mean. We’re OK with that, as he is our Sheep Dog herding the sheep where they need to go. Looking like a wolf when he needs the sheep to run a given way. Looking like a sheep when he needs to fade into camouflage to take out a real wolf at the perimeter.

When The Idiot Press writes their ‘bitch stories’ and interviews their Complainers and Stuffed Shirts and does “Damning with faint praise” at best and “Character Assassination” at worst; I just get a smile and a chuckle out of it. The clueless interviewing the fraudulent. The ‘liars for effect’ giving a platform to the Professional Exploiters & Deceivers. The “deep state” on both sides of the pond.

When the same “news” outlet has an article complaining about Trump being mean and crude, while having another article being mean and crude and insulting “for effect” the clothing of Melania and Ivanka while also claiming it is a PC Sin to criticize women for their clothing; well, let’s just say they look the fool and liar. And I despise them, while having sympathy for Melania and Ivanka. (Besides, they were both quite beautiful… and looked great. But then again, I’m just a style-less ‘shit kicker’… ;-)

It is also a bit funny that “the Left” seems to think news indoctrinates. Size 12 egos in a size 4 hat. They also completely miss the way ‘folks like me’ watch or read “news”. So they get a lot of the Streisand Effect and have things backfire on them. Similarly the present “censorship of the conservative” is backfiring on them. Nothing so raises the viewership of an article or video as banning it.

So I watch the “news” not to be spoon fed the “truth” as they see it, but to laugh at their stupidity and improve my skills at spotting “spin” and “gotcha” questions. To watch the ‘battle of wits’ play out with Trump (and how he so often wins via an Aikido like redirection of the attack…) and to watch the Clueless go all ‘Spolody Head with TDS. All great fun.

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About E.M.Smith

A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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39 Responses to Chuckling At Globalists Going “Splody Heads” Over Trump Visit

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    I saw a comment on twitter (lost it now) and observed in the pictures of President Trump with the Queen that I read the same way the twitter comment did. Her facial expression and body language says she likes this American and his charm and sense of humor. I think she is also of a generation that appreciates a Churchill type get in your face leader and true Alpha male who can be the charmer at the party. Perhaps she enjoys being around someone who is not falling all over themselves to suck up to her.

    But I was warm genuine smiles and relaxed comfortable body language.

  2. R. de Haan says:

    Thank you E.M, I totally agree with your views and sentiments. I just wonder why we only see demonstrations from the globalists. Where is Nigel Farage and his electorate welcoming Trump and proudly waving the British and the American Flags?
    Even the wannabe new Prime Minister Boris Johnson who was publicly endoursed by Trump is a no show. It looks as if he’s affraid for any confrontation and fears the opportunity to shake hands with Trump. Trump’s visit to the UK has been subject for the most outrages remarks by globalist mouth pieces for months and now he has arrived there is hardly any visible public support in the field… It looks as if London is no longer the Capital of Britain. Many people even claim that London is no longer a British city…
    I think they’re right.

  3. Ossqss says:

    I was fully expecting to see Rhoda Klapp do a photo bomb somewhere in the coverage of the Trump trip ;-)

  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    Twitter had a picture of a large crowd in the street waiting for President Trump to arrive, apparently the working class in Britain likes him as much as the deplorables in America.

    I think we are seeing a slow push back process developing world wide as people now have been red pilled that the globalists have no interest in their welfare.

  5. p.g.sharrow says:

    The home turf of the “Philosophy of More” or World Communism are the halls of British Universities. The Educated Elite of the world look toward Cambridge and Oxford for their direction.
    Trump is within the heart of the beast, being entertained by their Queen! An uncouth American and his family. The most important people in the world,
    Small wonder their splody heads…pg

  6. Bill in Oz says:

    Well written EM. I hope that enough Americans see Trump’s personal qualities and re-elect him as president in 2020.
    It’s curious here in Oz we have just re-elected a similar down to earth type prime minister named Scot Morrison. He has his faults. I do wish that he could see through the ‘Climate Change” B S. And maybe now with out the pressure of brawling in his own party, he will have time to do this.
    Morrison will meet Trump today in Portsmouth, UK and the Royals ( & May ? ) for the Remembrance celebrations of D day. Maybe Trump could ‘word’ Morrison up ? And maybe Morrison could extend an invite to President Trump to visit Australia. Now that would stir the pot and get the greenists here, into a complete meltdown.

  7. E.M.Smith says:

    @Larry L:

    Remember the minor “dust up” when a picture got out showing “her highness” wringing the neck of a chicken on one of her “estates” (aka ranch…)? Seems she has the “rotate and flip” well practiced and isn’t shy about it… nor squeamish.

    She’s been through a World War and a few others. She’s been “in the service”

    It was as she approached her eighteenth birthday that she enrolled in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service. The ATS, as it was known, was the women’s branch of the British army, and ATS women saw service in France and at home, working in many supporting roles, though never in front-line combat. Some worked as radio operators, and teams of ATS women crewed anti-aircraft guns and spotlights, among many other roles.

    Princess Elizabeth trained as a mechanic and a truck driver, learning to work on the engines of many different kinds of motor vehicles. She developed a love of driving which has remained an important part of her life.

    Yeah, Her Highness the Mechanic & Truck Driver. My kind of Queen.

    I’d get a British Citizenship to defend her… but then I’d have to renounce it when her Idiot Son took the throne. I suspect she’s not abdicated for the same reason…

    I think she very much loved her time as “one of the guys in the motor pool” and isn’t so sensitive about Yanks and Rough Talk.

    @R. De Haan:

    We don’t do “rent a mobs”. Soros does.

    Boris has to play the “don’t piss anyone off” game until after the votes are counted.

    And, as Larry pointed out, there are folks “in the field” just not in the news…


    So true! The Schooled Erudite were the most filled with bile and hate… How DARE he come here and be given a State Dinner! Yet Vladimir Putin was, as was the head of COMMUNIST China, and many more…

    So it seems The Donald is more repugnant to them than ol’ Vladimir…. Who knew? ;-)

    @Bill in Oz:

    From your lips to God’s ears…

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    Her Majesty with Her Trucks:

  9. Bill in Oz says:

    Meanwhile ur local Australian Broadcasting Corp is having a propaganda meltdown about Trump and ”climate change’.

    I suspect that some of your readers with US defense forces experience can set us straight here in Oz

  10. Larry Ledwick says:

    Speaking of folks in the field (the average bloke in the street and his/her feelings about President Trump).

  11. Graeme No.3 says:

    Many years ago I saw another picture of then Princess Elizabeth with one of her trucks. It was very obvious that she had been doing hard and dirty work on the vehicle’s engine. It stuck in my mind because that wasn’t the fairy tale image being presented by the press then.

  12. philjourdan says:

    A woman, Trump supporter, popped the Trump Balloon. And the allegation? They just knew that it would be some right winger that resorted to violence. So popping balloons is violence, but clocking innocent bystanders with a pad lock on a chain is just a first amendment demonstration.

    I think there is a requirement for stupidity to join the Climate Change religion. If they were not stupid before, they have to take stupid pills in order to conform.

  13. Larry Ledwick says:

    A bit more from the blokes (blokettes – is that the feminine of bloke?? :) ) in the streets.

  14. Larry Ledwick says:

    A bit of info about the Queen and her hints about Sir Winston Churchill and President Trump, apparently she also sees a common factor. (worth noting Sir Winston Churchill’s mother was American) so the connections by marriage between America and Britain are some what circular.

  15. rhoda klapp says:

    I wasn’t there. It’s one thing to drive 150 miles in Florida to meet a couple of denizens of this place, but not to see the back of Don’s head from 1000 yards. However, I do have something to say about what EM sees as the British soft-spoken suck up apologetic speech. First, it’s English. The Jocks, Taffs and Paddies don’t do that. Nor a lot of English either. Second, it is nuanced and you need to be able to read the nuances. It is heavily dependent on understatement. It may contain huge doses of sarcasm and dumb insolence. It deceives foreigners who don’t know how to interpret it. That’s why, historically, we’ve got into a few wars because other nations assumed ‘Please don’t do that’ was a polite request.

  16. p.g.sharrow says:

    Please don’t make me angry.
    You won’t like me when I GET ANGRY!!…………

  17. Larry Ledwick says:

    Some comments from a Brit:

  18. H.R. says:

    @Rhoda Klapp who wrote: “It’s one thing to drive 150 miles in Florida to meet a couple of denizens of this place, but not to see the back of Don’s head from 1000 yards.”

    I’m personally very glad you drove the 150 miles. You held back a bit at the start of the ‘Dodgy Proceedings,’ but towards the end you really got it going. I was a bit sad that I only got to wade into your contributions up to my ankles as I realized that the depths of your knowledge and experiences topped my waders in so many places. Too soon, it was time for all of us to be off.

  19. beththeserf says:

    The Royal Family earned the respect of the people in WW2 because they went out into the streets and talked to them. King George mastering his stutter and doing his duty, his daughter followed his example, seems to me. Next generation maybe lost touch, became inner city not-in-a-good-way.)

  20. beththeserf says:

    The Sokal Hoax, ‘Transgressing the Boundaries Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity to Social Text.’ Yrglobalist coteries won’t give up their language games to bamboozle, exclude, impress, their agenda has little to do with truth to data.

  21. rhoda klapp says:

    HR, you’re making me blush. Next time I’m in Fla I’ll post the fact here in the current W.O.O.D

  22. cdquarles says:

    Spot on, EM. The president is a Boomer, too (1946?) or tail end of the Greatest Generation. He is like the parent/grandparent we Boomers remember. Polite when needed, then a fighter when needed.
    As far a newspapers or television go, I don’t think they are 8th grade any more. That was said when I was a youngun’; but I think they are 6th grade, at best, now; and so blatantly lockstep “progressive” biased, that they “can’t see the forest for the trees”, or ‘past their noses’, to convey common truths anymore. I have a bit of Scots-Irish in me, via my mom and her mom (if not both sides); so “Don’t get their Irish up” was a thing, back in the day.

  23. YMMV says:

    “Her Majesty with Her Trucks” photos — reminds me of the Foyle’s War videos.

  24. gallopingcamel says:

    Nice photo.

  25. gallopingcamel says:

    p.g.sharrow, 4 June 2019 at 8:51 pm
    “The home turf of the “Philosophy of More” or World Communism are the halls of British Universities. The Educated Elite of the world look toward Cambridge and Oxford for their direction.”

    Sadly you are right. I have degrees in physics and electrical engineering from Pembroke College, Cambridge. I tolerated the leftward slide of this fine institution for 50 years but the straw that broke this camel’s back was the way my college politicized the murder of Jo Cox:

    My college sent me an account of the Cox murder impying that pro-BREXIT forces were involved. When I protested to college officials they said that nobody else had complained leaving me to conclude that either the college officials were lying or my fellow alumni were corrupt.

    I have cut off all contact with my alma mater including the piffling annual contribution I used to send them. The college won’t care about that but they no longer appear in my will which could have amounted to 5,000 times my annual contributions.

  26. gallopingcamel says:

    I was appalled that the vice-chancellor (de facto CEO) of Cambridge University made this disgraceful statement in 2017. I wrote to Leszek Borysiewicz but he did not even acknowledge my letter. People who run universities should stick to their knitting. If a vice-chancellor has a political opinion he should not speak for the university unless he has the support of the senate.

  27. p.g.sharrow says:

    They have to speak out. Trump is destroying the thing that they have created over hundreds of years. A One World Socialist Government presided over and directed by a self selected Educated Elite, THEM!
    It is not Trump, it is US, We don’t need them! Their time is past, now that a Net Covers The World.
    Trump is merely the focal point…pg

  28. E.M.Smith says:


    The Focal Point self selected to “be somebody and do something” and further supported and endorsed by “We The People”.

    There’s a HUGE effort going on to try to convince US that Trump is a Bad Person. All pure propaganda. Just look at the accomplishments.

    I really hope it explodes in their faces as We The People get fed up with the crap.

  29. beththeserf says:

    Cambridge was where the Trilaterals Technocrat New World Order had its beginnings. Now joined by those other globalist un-elected decision-makers acting as the Deep State, who seek to bi-pass parliamentary democracy, bring Trump down and destroy the nation state. Here are those operators behind the curtain, who wish to rule the world, the US, Eurasia, Oz … not just Emerald City.

  30. beththeserf says:

    Edit. What was I thinking? Not ‘Cambridge’ but ‘Columbia’ University re Trilaterals. Apologies to gallopingcamel and all. (Cambridge had it’s own campus anti-nationalists but not Tri-lateralists.)

  31. p.g.sharrow says:

    @beth; don’t worry there is plenty of these Elite groups to go around. And they all believe that they should be Rulers of the world!…pg

  32. beththeserf says:

    Yes, pg. )

    From UN forums and Academies,
    warnings to serfs of future calamities,
    but if we listen well to what they say,
    and if, our Masters, we implicitly obey
    in everythin’, in EVERY little thing, we may,
    miserably survive anuther guilt-rid day.

  33. gallopingcamel says:

    Oxbridge gave us a nest of vipers embedded in the “Intelligence Community” who protected each other as the “Deep State” does today.

    The Ivy League schools in the USA are just a larger version of the same kind of treachery. Brennan, Clapper, Comey et al. are like the Cambridge Five but with much more power. They are willing to see this republic fall in ruins rather than allow the truth to be exposed.

  34. beththeserf says:

    gc, I’m thinking I might do my next serf post on conspiracies.

  35. E.M.Smith says:


    Remember that one of THE most broadly prosecuted crimes is “Conspiracy to {}”. You will get all sorts of folks ranting that something is “Just a conspiracy theory” but there’s a reason we have so many crimes that are “Conspiracy to FOO” on the books. Very few complex crimes can be done by just one person working alone. Most of the crime is done by conspiracies.

    Drug Cartels.
    Smuggling Rings.
    Political Coups.
    ANYTHING under RICO.
    and many many more.

    If 2 guys hold up a 7-11 together, that is “Conspiracy to armed robbery”. If 2 women agree to claim a guy raped them, that is “Conspiracy to Slander” at minimum and “Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice” and “Conspiracy to lie to an Officer” and more…

    So, in fact, many (perhaps most) Police Investigations start off as a “Conspiracy Theory” that they then prove by busting the {drug ring, prostitution ring, auto theft ring, fraud operation, etc. etc.} so don’t let anyone use “conspiracy theory” against your stories…

  36. beththeserf says:

    EM Thx. That is one of my argument threads. Remember Lewandowski survey?

  37. E.M.Smith says:

    Actually, I don’t…. I sort of tuned out a lot of political stuff back then. I was more down the technical rabbit hole. I remember something hapoened with that name attached :-)

    But I clearly remember Russiagate and that is the Mother Of All Conspiracies… followed closely by the Hillary eMail & immunity deal conspiracy. ?.

  38. beththeserf says:

    Lewandowsky Survey here. Seems there was much fun by respondents on anti-sceptic blogs. Suss methodology as well.

  39. E.M.Smith says:


    Ah, yes, the “moon landing garbage”… ( I didn’t recognize the “Lewandowsky” name, but remember the event. I’m somewhat “challenged” with people names. They are just arbitrary markers and I tend to file things internally by functional markers…)

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