Spending Not One Dime In Portland

It looks like Portland is condoning Mob Violence by the Left Wing Terrorist Group ANTIFA.

I can’t see any other explanation.

There’s plenty of “organizing” information out there on the ANTIFA web sites. It would be trivial for the Police to insert an undercover or use an informant to get the details. They KNEW where ANTIFA and the folks ANTIFA wanted to attack were going to be (set up “roadblocks” between them, so that’s very clear). They had plenty of personnel on site. Clearly the Police were told to stay out of it and “stand down”.

Antifa showed up with crowbars (saw them in the video), helmets, goggles, mace / bear spray / pepper spray, and a variety of other things. This included what has variously been described as “Milkshakes” and “cement”. The Portland Police Department, after the fact, has stated some of the “Milkshakes” had Quick Drying Cement in them. As the attacked reporter got a brain bleed, and one of the thrown “milkshakes” in the video sure looks quite solid in flight, impact, and rebound; I’m pretty sure it was a cement rock.

Use of crowbars, boot stomping kicks, and 2 pound cement bricks is lethal force. This was attack with intent to kill or do grievous bodily harm. The worst possible felony. Some of the cement was not set up at the time of throwing. Liquid cement is a caustic alkaline material. It can cause blindness and remove skin if left long enough in contact. One reputed ANTIFA posting said they wanted to blind as many people as possible.

How can a clearly violent and evil group, bent on severe bodily harm and injury, armed with crowbars and cement / chemical weapons, be allowed to to form mobs on the streets of a major US City and the Police do NOTHING to stop them.

I have never been so glad that I refused that job in Portland a few decades back. I’ll not be vacationing there again either. (We did visit the city about 25 years ago when it was a pleasant place to visit). Portland can rest comfortable in the knowledge that I’ll not be spending one dime in their city. (Nor, for that matter, will I knowingly buy any products made there). Portland, you are dead to me.


Andy Ngo is an Asian Gay Journalist. He was beaten to the point of a “brain bleed” by White Thugs. Now just why is that OK? Because Andy Ngo was filming them (as were dozens of others…) but Andy has “Wrong Think” and has a minor conservative point of view on some things.

Where are the Main Stream Media Journalists up in arms about a Journalist, practicing their craft being beaten to a bloody pulp by a Violent Political Mob?

So where are the Hate Crime Mavens now, eh? Gay Guy beat up, how about it Rainbow Warriors, are you coming to his defense?

How about all the Hate Crime Race Baiters: Asian Guy beat up. Where’s the Democrats in the street moaning about RACIST RACIST RACIST ANTIFA!!!


Journalist Andy Ngo Attacked by Antifa at Portland Protest
Where’s law enforcement? Where’s the Mayor’s response?

Andy Ngo, a journalist covering a clash between far-right and far-left demonstrators in Portland, was sent to the ER after being surrounded and beaten by members of Antifa on Saturday. Ngo was punched in the head, covered with silly string and eggs, and struck with milkshakes that Portland PD later claimed were filled with quick-drying cement. Ngo’s camera equipment was stolen by a member of the group, which can be observed in this video. Ngo was recognized and attacked because of his history of documenting Antifa’s actions in Portland.
Antifa members wear black and cover their faces, arguing that such measures are necessary to be effective in their mission. Their stated aim is to prevent the spread of fascism. This is not the first time, however, that Antifa members have targeted observers. They rose to prominence for protesting speaker Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley, starting fires and causing approximately $100,000 in collateral damage in the process.

In a video from October 2018, which later went viral, members of the group can be seen accosting a driver during the protest of a police shooting that left 27-year-old Patrick Kimmons dead. Antifa representatives from the branch “SmashRacismDC” also gathered outside Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home in November 2018; a video taken by one observer shows them chanting “We know where you sleep at night.”

There is an ideological explanation for why Antifa members attack bystanders. Per the Rose City Antifa website FAQ, “Failing to stop fascists from speaking — that is, giving them the opportunity to organize to impose their agenda on the rest of us — makes you as bad as them.” Antifa’s philosophy equates bystanders with fascists, marking anyone that does not overtly support them a threat and thus a target.

Worse than a bystander, though, is a critic of Antifa.

None of that justifies a violent attack by a mob on a single individual who is hurting nobody.

Ngo has become a national figure since the video of his assault went viral. Michelle Malkin, a friend of Ngo’s, set up a GoFundMe crowdfunding page to raise money for Ngo’s medical expenses and to replace his stolen equipment. At the time of writing, the page has raised $122,000 on Ngo’s behalf. According to a statement from a legal representative, Ngo is currently recovering in the hospital after suffering from a brain hemorrhage.

The lack of action by Oregon’s elected officials and police are a disappointingly — and dangerously — tepid response to Antifa’s actions against Ngo. It remains to be seen if this violence will create a violent backlash by opposing forces or prompt the government, state-level or national, to address it.

It is well past time that ANTIFA was brought up on RICO charges, Civil Rights Abuse charges, and general felony violence charges. Bring in the Feds. Now.

So Ted Cruz thinks that’s a good idea too. But will it ever happen?


Portland mayor should be investigated by feds over Antifa attack on conservative writer, Sen. Cruz says
By Greg Norman | Fox News

Includes a video of part of the attack.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler should be investigated by federal law enforcement officials following his handling of the protests in his city this weekend that saw a conservative writer purportedly attacked by members of Antifa, Sen. Ted Cruz said.

The comments from the Texas Republican come as a video is circulating on the internet purportedly showing editor Andy Ngo being pelted with eggs, milkshakes and other objects on Saturday in Oregon’s largest city. At least three people were arrested and several others were reported injured there throughout the day during a series of demonstrations, as members of Antifa and other leftist groups clashed with members of the far-right Proud Boys and conservatives, police said.

“To federal law enforcement: investigate & bring legal action against a Mayor who has, for political reasons, ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists,” Cruz tweeted alongside a story recapping the incident surrounding Ngo.

Milkshakes do not cause “brain bleeds”… Cement and crowbars do.

IMHO, anyone who runs a farm, has a business, or just generally wants to go out for a night on the town, needs to avoid Portland. It is NOT a safe city. Certainly not unless you are a Black Block member and have your party credentials on display. The rest of us will be issued our Yellow Star as we enter…

Additional videos, and links, in comments starting about here (h/t Larry Ledwick):

Some interesting variations on the Antifa Flag:

https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2019/04/16/oh-gawd-ive-been-honkpilled/#comment-114033 including a look at their roots:

ANTIFA Then and Now

ANTIFA Then and Now

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7 Responses to Spending Not One Dime In Portland

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  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    Some references:




    A Blackbloc shield line

    If you want to dig through the anarchists writings to get a sense of what they believe and how they define the words they use they have a web page that collects various writings in one spot.


    For example they do not adhere to the strict historical definition of fascism – this makes communication difficult and causes people to just think they are historically stupid when in fact they are immersed in a dogma of anarchist communist doctrine.

    As you look at the words they choose you can see they are fully married to those extreme political view points and all things are evaluated through that distorted lens.

    Here is their attempt to define “their definition” of fascism which is basically anybody who does not agree with the totalitarian form we are trying to establish.

    Fascism is a term that stiffly resists concise definitions, but for the purpose of clarity, one will be attempted anyway. Fascism is a violent, reactionary mass political movement that seeks to replace the current ruling elite with its own idealized class and impose its brand of totalitarian order on the rest of the populace. This is not the single ‘golden’ definition, as fascism wears many different faces depending on where and how it arises. Hopefully this definition will provide a nominal understanding for the purposes of this essay.

  3. spetzer86 says:

    I was just thinking. If you wanted to put something like this together, especially with a highly de-centralized group, could you do it without littering cyberspace with tracks leading to either the sources or the recipients? Could something like this come together organically because of “like minds”? Some people just getting a few bags of QuickCrete because you never know if you might need it, others mixing it into milkshake cups because you just happened to have a milkshake? It just seems like there would be tracks left somewhere. Even with a degree of careful, hidden organization, a few careless people texting, tweeting, or whatever to show the way in would almost have to exist. If the government doesn’t seem to be able to prosecute or outlaw these people, can we assume they just don’t want to?

  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    These are the same people that spawned the eco-fascists who spiked trees and tried to sabotage equipment used to harvest trees putting employees at great risk of injury and death, same for the groups that burned down ski lodges or animal rights groups that break and enter to release animals.

    All the same direct action totalitarian mind set that they are holy warriors in a good cause and it matters not who gets hurt or what gets destroyed because “it is necessary” and for a “good and righteous cause”

    You know sort of like the conquistadors who murdered half the population of Mexico to convert them to the “proper religion”. That “divine right” to use violence in a good cause is the central identifying feature of all totalitarian groups. Convert or die sort of mentality, allows no room for dissent and tolerates no free thinkers. They in turn always trigger a counter action from the folks they are screwing with and then blame them for having the audacity to defend themselves by trying to stop their attackers.

    To answer your question – yes in an absolute sense there will be tracks, especially in a credit card world, the only question is are the authorities willing to invest the resources to track back movements with traffic cameras, store security cameras, credit card purchases, and scan millions of emails and chat sessions or text messages to put the puzzle together.

    Usually that only happens for the most extreme cases like the Oklahoma Federal building where they pulled up security camera images of the suspects buying hamburgers and making purchases of gasoline and key materials along with rental records of the truck.

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    That “definition” is enlightening. There is, in fact, a very accurate definition of Fascism. It started in Italy under Mussolini who invented it. It is an ECONOMIC system also known as “3rd Way Socialism” (he also coined the term “3rd Way” – and when anyone, like when Bill Clinton used it, says they are a “3rd Way” person, well, now you know…)

    The key defining feature is that nominal owners of an enterprise get to retain nominal ownership, but only as long as they do what the Government and Labor Unions tell them to do. There’s a management council of sorts where the Labor representative, the Government representative, and the Owner / Management representative meet to decide the direction and policies of the “company”. So 3 votes… only one of which makes the laws and has the guns.

    It was the innovation on Communism / Socialism that allowed for a Nation State to adopt a Socialist model without embracing the entire Marx International Communism model with Central Ownership of the means of production.

    This, BTW, is presently on display in Red China…

    It does work very well as an economic organizing principle. Right up until it gets too full of itself and the people get tired of the Government Boot on their neck. Then it doesn’t. Usually after some military enterprise to take over neighbors gets less than stellar results.

    So yeah, they have invented a convenient “Rubber Ruler” that has no real meaning (by their own words “many faces…” but this phrase is particularly telling: “Fascism is a violent, reactionary mass political movement “. The only people who use “reactionary” for their opponents are the communists… It is, roughly, ~’Anyone who resits the imposition of Central Planning and Central Ownership of the means of production under Communism”. Stalin saw the “3rd Way Socialisms”, the National Socialisms of Italy and Germany as a threat to his Inter-national Communism so created ANTIFA to attack it. Thus anything “to the right” of Full On INTERnational Communism is “fascist”…

    Those who forget their history… etc. etc.


    It is somewhat possible, but it does not apply in this case. ANTIFA has a web site and puts up “their stuff” for all to see. They also have meetings and do communicate specifics.

    There are also examples of “flash mobs” where the communication is there, but not enough to show illegal action. For example for a long time (maybe still) there was a bicycle flash mob ride on Friday in San Francisco. An address would be posted to a BBS or sent out by other means. Place and time. Then folks would show up and mob down some road.

    Now it isn’t illegal to look at a BBS. It isn’t illegal to show up at a given intersection on your bicycle. So nobody could be arrested until “the event” was in full swing. But then who do you arrest and for what? Riding a bike on the street? Then via things like burner phones and encryption apps the person posting time and place can hide their identity too…

    But in the case of a mob this big, this organized and this prone to meeting up ahead of the event? Sorry, but that is not possible to hide all the tracks. If nothing else, the police can easily insert an undercover agent into the organization.

    In this case, ttoo, not a single thing prevented the police from surrounding the ANTIFA mob and searching them for weapons. Other jurisdictions have done it with success. Similarly, nothing prevents them from requiring their masks be removed. Again other jurisdictions have done it with success. There is a very clear A/B comparison here.

  6. Power Grab says:

    A fellow in the office said this morning that he isn’t going to Portland for some meeting. Same reason as yours, EM.

  7. philjourdan says:

    That Antifa is racist is merely a truism. They are the KKK of the 21st century. The old KKK got too toxic for democrats, so Obama created their successor.

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