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Purging Nature? Google Chrome To Block Sites

It looks like Google is pushing censorship as the default in the Chrome browser in future updates. I guess it is past time to just not bother even thinking about buying a Chromebox or Chromebook or using the Chrome browser. I don’t need zealots nor SJWs deciding what I can read and how I can think. Continue reading

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Interesting DIY Concrete Garden Box Modular Panels

An interesting way to DIY build a set of molds to make cement panels from which a variety of raised bed garden boxes can be made. Nice. Durable. Modular. Cheap. Just a well done idea. Continue reading

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$432 Of Food Prepper Inventory

In a SHTF moment and a quick run to the grocery store, what would be the likely result. What would be in the back of the car when you got home? Continue reading

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