A Tiny Open Letter To POTUS Trump

Dear POTUS Donald,

I know it’s OK to call you Don, or Donald, because in the Greenville rally you talked about how your friends were being timid and just addressing you as “Mr. President” due to being too up tight. I listened.

Something else I listened to was at the end. Well, really, I listened to the entire rally from pre-show speakers to exit music on Right Side Broadcasting (who could use some help with Google Censorship / demonetizing, BTW). But at the end, you were struggling with the new campaign slogan of “Keep America Great!” and pining a bit for MAGA – Make America Great Again… but you’ve done that… So “What to do?”

I have a modest suggestion:

Change from a future aspiration to a present ongoing action.

Keep MAGA, but make it:

Making America Greater. Again!

For the new hats, just add the punctuation: MAG.A!

Then shift the emphasis to the final letter when saying the acronym. Old one: MAga. New on: MagA!

That lets you keep MAGA around, while still pointing out all the accomplishments to day and that “We’re Back!” as a nation.

Besides, I just like the sound of “Making America GREATER. Again!” and I think your election team will too.


E.M. “Chiefio” Smith

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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7 Responses to A Tiny Open Letter To POTUS Trump

  1. andysaurus says:

    I wish I was smart like you E.M. This is much less clunky than KAG. It is so good it makes me think ” why didn’t I think of that?” like all the best ones. In truth, it’s because I don’t have the flair for innovation. Oh well. I’m good at copying others with very little coaching.

  2. beththeserf says:

    Well, E.M. I hope yer SENT the POTUS yr letter, and after the next Presidential Election when he comes in Trumps, at the Big Celebration he says,’Will E.M. please stand up, fellow Americans, E.M is the one who…’ ‘n we’all here at Musings from Chiefio blog will say, ‘Heh, I know this guy!’ )

  3. cdquarles says:

    Yay. As for sending POTUS letters, I have, though not recently! Don’t know if they were read and/or acted upon in some way; but still, the White House site did/does have a link for suggestions.

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    I linked to The White House and Trump’s sites. They ought to have folks checking out who links. If the idea is good enough, they will move it along, or other folks will pick it up and use it, or someone will email copies.

    If it isn’t good enough, it will just lay there.


    Let me introduce you to the programmers “Law Of Mutual Superiority” which says anything you code I can improve AND anything I code you can improve.

    We are all superior to each other on some things. None of us is an inferior person.

    So you are very much my superior at something, even if I don’t know what at the moment. My moment may be now, but a minute later… I’m the dolt.

    At a take out lunch my boss and I ordered the same meal, but he ordered Diet soda. I went to pick up the tray. “Which one is diet?” I asked. Soda jerk looks at both cups:”THAT one.” I had to ask how he knew. He answered that the ones with sugar held the bubbles longer.

    In that moment, for that task, he was my superior.

    So don’t sell yourself short. Afterall, you are superior to me…

  5. p.g.sharrow says:

    MagA! …………………… I like it 8-)…pg

  6. llanfar says:

    Brenden Dilley
    This will be a war of attrition. It’s critical that ALL of us do the things necessary to make our OWN lives successful and healthy, so that we may expend more energy into the ongoing culture war.

    Making America Great Again starts with Making Ourselves Great Again.

    God bless!

  7. gallopingcamel says:

    Awesome…….I love MAG.A! I was there on Wednesday with two buddies from the VRWC. Here is my take on the rally:
    “Trump rallies recharge my batteries and if there are any more in North Carolina I will be there even if it means sitting outside watching the proceedings on a TV screen. I will be surrounded by thousands of people who glory in America. These are the people who will raise this country even higher to the benefit of my children and grandchildren. These are the people who will defeat mean spirited people like AOC and Ilhan Omar. They are defining the Democrats as the anti-semitic and hate America party.

    On a lighter note our little group was positioned right behind the press enclosure. An ABC correspondent asked me to pose for a photo showing off my red hat with the inscription “RELAX IDIOT, IT IS JUST A HAT”. Why did he want that?

    Then there was a very happy “Media” guy wearing a MAGA hat……who is this guy? Let me know if you want to see the photo so as to share it with your faithful adherents.

    There was a protestor but I would not have noticed but for the four security folks who moved with amazing speed to secure him and then frog march him out of the building.

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