Go Ahead And Use Salt – Especially Keto Dieters

Two interesting videos that explore the WHO guidelines for salt and finds that they recommend a risky and potentially damaging low level… He also cites articles finding that low salt increases the risk of heart disease and high levels can eliminate the need for certain medicines. Sigh.

They also find that the body is quite able to dump excess salt via urine or via the skin. I can attest to that, as when working in the cannery we were provided salt tablets as desired. I found that eating a lot of them made my sweat so salty it would burn when it got into my eyes. So, OK, I cut back some and the sweat salt level dropped. Basically, I’ll sweat out any excess and at relatively high concentrations.

This one is 13 minutes and covers historical salt use, variations around the planet, and how it correlates with heart problems:

Another 13 minutes takes a look at the effects of high temperatures on salt related mortality, that older folks die more in heat due to compromised ability to retain enough salt, and how low salt levels cause hormone changes (and other changes) that are damaging.

Now I’m no Medical Doctor, but I do know a fair amount of biology, and the work this guy cites looks fairly valid. I also know that my desire for salt modulates directly with my needs. More working out and sweating, I want more salt. Hit the salt lick too much and I end up not wanting salt for a day or two. The body knows how much it wants.

Especially of interest to me was his observation that those on a Ketogenic Diet need more salt. I’ve noticed that as I’ve entered a keto mode, I’m salting things more. I’d been wondering about that (and worried just a tiny bit…) but now not so much.

As a disclaimer: I also know that every person has a unique set of genes, and thus a unique metabolism. There ARE some folks who are very salt sensitive. First, know yourself. Don’t take advice from anyone on the internet (and certainly not me on any topic “medical”.) Consult your Doctor. Etc. etc…

At the same time, though, it does look (per the research /charts the videos present) like the W.H.O. is trying to kill us and the U.S. dietary guidelines are about right for enriching drug companies… /sarc;

Now I’ve never bothered with the low sodium diet anyway, so I’m not exactly “at risk” from that; but it will be nice to salt my food without that small kernel of guilt ;-)


Here’s a 3rd one by the same guy. It looks at how salt modulates your insulin levels and can lead to weight gain and insulin resistance problems. So, gee, you can just eat more salt and help your “pre-diabetes”? Hmmm…. And the AMA is pushing a low salt diet on everyone and we have a “diabetes epidemic”? Hmmm… So low salt / high sugar is bad and what folks in the USA mostly eat is low salt / high sugar? 15 minutes:

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11 Responses to Go Ahead And Use Salt – Especially Keto Dieters

  1. A C Osborn says:

    Isn’t it funny how the benifits of Salt were known decades ago and now it has been almost lost.
    I have never listened to the latest medical fad and just continued to eat a balanced diet.

  2. A C Osborn says:

    Off Topic, E M some confirmation of your findings re GCHN V3 versus V4 changes at Clive Best’s forum.
    In a previous post by Clive Nick Stokes was saying it is all “Correction of Previous Errors”, now he is saying it is Station Changes.

  3. Canadian Friend says:

    For what this is worth,

    I have been plagued with fibromyalgia / Chronic fatigue syndrome for almost 24 years and one of the top experts on this condition, a Canadian doctor had observed ( about 15 years ago ) that when we ( CFS / Fibro patients ) increase our salt intake, there is a reduction in the severity of our symptoms…

    .which is also what I had observed because in the first few years of this terrible horrible condition I was noting on paper everything I ingested to try and find what helps and what makes it worse

    basically what became obvious within months was that eating lots of sugar made me more sick, avoiding sugar made me feel somewhat better ( but is not a cure ) while consuming more salt made me a bit less sick ( but not a cure either…there is no cure…so far )

    I could find the doctor’s name…I have it in a document he published, somewhere in a box covered in dust, somehwhre in my house

    As long as one does not have blood pressure problem, more salt is either harmless or beneficial.

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    @Canadian Friend:

    You’ve probably already tried it, but in case you haven’t: Have you tried avoiding grains, and in particular wheat? Somewhere in the musty corners of memory I’d read an article asserting that it is “leaky gut” letting things into the blood that you do not want there, causing an immune response systemically. Gluten hits the zonulin receptors and opens the spacing in the gut wall…

    (Spouse of a friend as FM and eats almost entirely bowls of cereal. Won’t listen to the idea that it might be part of the problem, not even long enough to try it…)

  5. Canadian Friend says:

    Thanks for the advice, but I have tried dozens of things along the years…some things help a little some do nothing…avoiding gluten makes little to no difference for me…but as you said above, we are all a little bit different…it probably works for many people

    I have been trying both CBD oil and THC oil for 3 weeks now, because so many people with cfs/ fibro say it does wonders for them….unfortunately it does nothing for me

    the THC gives me a buzz but my body pains and general malaise remain , and I don t particularly like the buzz of cannabis/THC…the CBD does absolutely nothing

    one of my friend says smoking pot makes his back pain almost go away…pot never does anything like that for me, so I don t smoke it

    but I digress

    I have not found anything that makes any big difference…and I tried so many things from probiotics, prebiotics, vitamin B to all kinds of supplements

    I even tried eating more gluten ( yeah I can be weird like that ! haha! ) to see if i would be more sick… for a couple weeks I ate only high gluten food…I saw no difference

    and I also tried avoiding it…I think I was very lightly less ill but…

    but then again this disease is a rollercoaster ride, not only does the intensity of our symptoms change everyday but it can change within the day…I can be sick when I wake up almost well in the afternoon then feel ill again in the evening…then late at night feel well again

    we also have a couple dozen different symptoms that play musical chair…there are days where it is mostly body pains and little fatigue, days it is mostly intense fatigue and litle or no body pain…the fibro fog brain also may or may not be present…the diarrhea also is not always present

    so it is always hard to tell how much one thing helps or hurts

    but after over 23 years of this, sugar definitely makes things worse, and salt makes them slightly better

    maybe I should give another try to avoiding gluten…who knows maybe my digestive flora has changed over the years and would now react differently/ better?

  6. cdquarles says:

    Yeah, CF, gluten may be an issue for you, even if you don’t have full blown Celiac sprue.

  7. cdquarles says:

    A catch with salt is people with congestive heart failure. They retain water and salt. The poor response to it sets up a bad feedback loop. These people should, indeed, watch the salt. Most of the rest of us can, and do, handle it; as long as their kidneys function well. (The Starling Curve *is* a thing! Stretching a muscle below its optimum point enhances its output. Stretch it too far … it won’t.)
    The point about the current fads is that, yes, the AMA (which has been badly corrupted, just like the British version was), supports the government’s agenda, not necessarily the agenda that’s good for either the regular Joe MD nor the patients of same. Seek second opinions, and if you don’t trust those, get a third.

  8. Christian says:

    Really like the essays on this site about salt, fat etc – https://junkfoodscience.blogspot.com/ She keeps the site alive and says the dates are irrelevant to their topicality.

  9. Power Grab says:

    @ Canadian Friend re fibro:

    My dad was in the charter class of physical therapy at his university and served as head of PT in several hospitals in my state. In his later years of practice, he was a pain specialist. I wish he were still alive. One time he remarked about fibromyalgia that it was a diagnosis of exclusion.

    It sounds like you’ve made the rounds to many different medical sources, looking for a solution. I wondered if you ever had run into this line of thinking:

    Here is another:

    Here is another:

    You mentioned taking probiotics, etc., without seeing improvement. Recent research into the microbiome is ongoing. Some of the recent articles about that indicate that having a microbiome that has lots of variety is better than otherwise. So I not only take a couple of probiotic supplements, I also try to include a variety of foods that contain natural probiotics. Besides that, I also limit the amount of tap water I consume because of the chloramine (a combination of chlorine and ammonia) they have started using since the EPA changed the rules in 2010. It won’t gas out like chlorine will.

    I think of my strategy as trying to protect my “good bugs”. Something else to consider is avoiding Glyphosate/Roundup. Here is an interesting video where Dr. Stephanie Seneff is interviewed about how Glyphosate/Roundup’s effects on our “bugs” leads to lots of disease:

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    Note that to make scheduling harvest easy, wheat and similar grains are “dried off” (killed) with a RoundUp drench. Being systemic (absorbed) it is impossible to remove from the product.

  11. Canadian Friend says:

    Power Grab,

    Thank you very much for the links!

    I had seen a video of Dr Senneff before but I had forgotten about her.

    I watched half the video then for some mysterious reason everything froze…i had to restart my laptop… will watch the rest this afternoon

    I have not yet looked at everything you sent but I will, thank you very much, I appreciate it !

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