I like Tulsi Gabbard

As I’ve said MANY times: I am NOT a Republican. I’m a staunchly “Middle Of The Bird” moderate. I voted for Obama in the California Primary as an ABC voter (Anybody But Clinton!). So it ought not come as a surprise to anyone that I’m watching the Democratic debates and picking who I like.

I think I can vote for either a Democrat or a Republican in the upcoming California Primary (as an undeclared independent non-partisan registered voter) but I’m not sure. For a while I could vote in the Democratic primary but not in the Republican. While I think that has changed, I’ve not cared enough to find out.

OTOH, California wants to make sure I can’t vote for Trump even as a registered Republican via passing silly laws to mandate showing tax returns (certain to be turned over at the Supremes as it prevents voter choice…) so who knows who I’ll be “allowed” to vote for in the primary…

What do I like? Spunk. Courage. Caring about CITIZENS of all stripes. Who on the Democratic ticket has that? Tulsi

Does this mean I’m done with Trump?? Hell no!! Trump is a good man who has done good things for American Citizens despite a load of Crap being shoved at him since before he was elected. I’m thrilled with him and hoping he gets another term. BUT….

In the primary, I’ll be voting for Tulsi if she is on the ballot. IF she were elected POTUS, I’d be going to bed without much of a worry at all.

Anyone wondering where my politics lay? I’m roughly the same as Tim Poole of Timcast. I’m a Hard Core Alt-Right California CONSERVATIVE!!! which means basically a slightly left of: “Obama was OK and I liked JFK” “Liberal” – everywhere else in the nation…

I don’t care if you have an “inny” or an “outy” or what you do with it (though trying to create 20 artificial “genders” is kinda stupid, really. Look in your pants. Inny. Outy. Or a few “hermaphrodites”. That’s sort of all the choices nature gives, and no, having an “outy” with envy for women is NOT a gender. Get over yourself. And yes, I’ve been in a “menage a trois”… and I’ve slow danced with a Gay Guy so unless you have too, STFU!)

I think anyone anywhere ought to be able to grow and consume any plant they like. M.J., Majic Mushrooms. Whatever. I have. (Though not recently).

I think tossing Black Men in jail for any minor infraction while letting the sons of Rich White Men do the same thing and get a pass is WRONG. (I know of more than one Rich White Kid caught on drugs and NOT prosecuted while a Black would be lucky to not be shot… so yeah, it is sucky. Fix it. EQUAL Justice for ALL, damn it.)

I do NOT CARE at ALL who you love, or why or what gender you both are. I do recognize that not being man with woman making kids is a dead end and not to be encouraged. I DO recognize that for many folks “marriage” is a “3 way” with God, and for them it is horridly offensive to say “Gay Marriage”, so look, cut them some slack, OK? Have a “Domestic Partnership” that is 100% identical legally to “marriage” but for the name. Everybody wins, and everyone gets along just fine.

So what room is there for me in the present Democratic Party? Zero.


FWIW, here’s Timcast on the same stuff and then some. 28 minutes.:

Yeah, I like his stuff largely because he is “just like me”. Slightly left of center and finding himself attacked as a Republican!!! Horrors!!!!

IF the Dims can’t figure out that they are alienating the big chunk of folks who are “hardly political at all” and just about dead center between left and right, well, OK, Hello Trump!

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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25 Responses to I like Tulsi Gabbard

  1. Taz says:

    Wish I could vote in both primaries, but can see how that could be manipulated.

    Would like to see lots more antitrust. Hollywood, cellular, medical, drug companies and extended prison time for physicians who take kickbacks/bribes from drug companies. Catch you and you WILL go to prison.

  2. andysaurus says:

    Watching from a safe space in Australia, She seems like the best of a bad bunch (and I watch about 8 hours a day of the Daily Wire and Fox News),
    Any tips on breaking my habit?

  3. Bill in Oz says:

    Andy, spend some time at JoNova ! Best blog going here in Oz

  4. jim2 says:

    I’ve had some positive thoughts concerning Tulsi Gabbard. She is the best of the Dimowit crowd running for Pres. The healthcare for all thing is concerning, but the devil is in the details. If it were implemented with government hospitals for those who can’t afford healthcare, such as in Singapore, it would work. These hospitals are basically open spaces with beds, kind of like you see in period pieces on Masturbate Theater. So you don’t get a private room and first class treatment, but you do get medical care. Of course, the lack of private rooms would become a whining point for Dimowits.


    RE alphabet people, I have no problem with what they do as long as they leave me alone. I don’t feel I have to sleep with or dance with one in order to have an opinion on it, any more than I feel I have to die in an electric chair in order to opine on it.

  5. H.R. says:

    E.M.: “I DO recognize that for many folks “marriage” is a “3 way” with God, and for them it is horridly offensive to say “Gay Marriage”, so look, cut them some slack, OK? Have a “Domestic Partnership” that is 100% identical legally to “marriage” but for the name. Everybody wins, and everyone gets along just fine.”

    Nicely put. I can’t recall when ‘gay marriage’ started to surface – ’80s maybe – but it pissed me off that the definition of marriage was being changed largely, but not strictly, by the left; gay isn’t strictly left or right. Some words have meaning for a reason. Stop trying to change them.

    And I know how the push for ‘gay marriage’ came about. Our social engineering government wrote laws that favored and encouraged marriage and the traditional family, and that left out gay people. They had every reason to be ticked off about not getting the same tax, healthcare, and some other bennies that only were available to traditional married couples. On the other side of the coin, gay couples didn’t even have the same rights and protections when they split up or ‘divorced.’

    So years ago, I pretty much came to the conclusion that I didn’t want the definition of marriage (man/woman) subverted, but committed gay couples should have equal treatment under the law. And I favored having ‘civil union’ as the solution because about the same time, a lot of people were leaving or just drifting away from religion and might just prefer a civil union, even though they were a traditional couple. It was also a bit of a pisser that government was interfering with religion by attempting to force the various religious organizations to change what they had every right to believe.

    So put me down for the Domestic Partnership or Civil Union solution and if it had been done early on, we wouldn’t have had the 30+ years and counting of fuss over the topic. And marriage would mean what it had always meant for the past few thousand years, although Henry VIII played fast and loose with everything but the ’til death do us part bit of marriage ;o)

  6. jim2 says:

    The only issue I have with gay marriage is children. I have mixed feelings about having a child raised by some combination other than a heterosexual mother and father. The two sexes play different roles in child rearing and I feel it is in the best interest of the child’s development to go to a heterosexual couple. I know in the real world there are myriad complications. So MAYBE being reared by a gay couple is better than an orphanage, but I just don’t know the reality of this proposition.

  7. H.R. says:

    @jim2 re alphabet people: Yeah, I don’t care one way or the other, and to your point of keeping it out of your face; I can’t recall ever seeing heterosexuals running around chanting “Say it often, say it loud. I’m straight and I’m proud.”

  8. jim2 says:

    I did not use the term “keeping it out of my face.” I said “leave me alone.” Not the same thing.

  9. H.R. says:

    I see the difference when you put them together, jim. Sorry. My fault for being lazy and not doing my usual copy and paste of what I’m responding to.

  10. jim2 says:

    Just to be clear, in our extended family we have mixed races and mixed sexual orientations. I treat them all with respect, other than a few obnoxious white heterosexuals. Also, work with some alphabet people. Not a smear, but just can’t keep up with all the letters :)

  11. H.R. says:

    Actually, jim2, I didn’t take it as a smear but as an “I give up” term. ‘Alphabet’ is great ’cause I gave up after LBGT. Hadn’t heard it before but recognized its value. I’ll be stealing that. It covers all of the letters without using any of the letters. Can’t be accused of leaving anyone out.

  12. Larry Ledwick says:

    Of the Democratic candidates Tulsi is literally the only one I would even bother to listen to her talking points. I like her scrappiness and refusal (so far) to be co-opted by the party machine, and say things that are not on the approved topic memos. There are some of her positions that trouble me, but as mentioned above not until she has a debate with a rational opponent will some of those positions get fleshed out with enough detail to actually judge where she is coming from.

    The early inter party debates I mostly ignore because they are selling refrigerators to Eskimos on an ice flow (ie preaching to the party faithful and checking boxes to get in the final heat).

    She seems to be the only one with a brain and IQ greater than her waist measurement.

  13. p.g.sharrow says:

    I would have to agree, Gabbard is the least objectionable of that Democrat class. It was priceless to watch Harris’s face while she was being prosecuted by Gabbard. I don’t think anyone had ever subject that poor little rich girl to such a drubbing…pg

  14. Ossqss says:

    Tulsi is kinda hot. That’s all I gotta say about that.

    On the alphabet thing, I could care less what anybody wants or does. Just don’t expect me to like, respect, or support it by default.

  15. E.M.Smith says:

    Watched a very long Joe Rogan Experience interview of her. She has a few of The Usual idiot Left Ideology ideas, like a national “living wage” law (aka guaranteed unemployment for modest skill people law) and embracing the Global Warming fraud; but generally has an honest and moral character.

    I’d rather have Trump, but if she were elected it would not be horrible.

    She does want to get us out of the endless wars cycle, so that would be good.

  16. Fred Streeter says:

    “Domestic Partnership”

    Chatting to a homosexual colleague about the legal basis of his (9 year) partnership, he described the legal maze that had to be negotiated in order to attain the same status, under UK law, as merely signing a Marriage Certificate in Religious Premises or Registration Office before witnesses.

    All he and his partner wanted was an equivalent Civil Partnership Certificate.
    And, in 2004 (40 years after our conversation), such legislation was duly enacted.
    Perhaps they took advantage of it, in their 70s.

  17. Larry Ledwick says:

    Hmmm interesting observations

    What if Tusli’s true agenda is to get selected as VP with a Sanders Gabbard ticket to make him appear more moderate and to lock up the Democratic lefts votes for women candidtates? Taking down Kamila H. would fit into that niche very nicely.

  18. H.R. says:

    Larry L: “What if Tusli’s true agenda is to get selected as VP with a Sanders Gabbard ticket to make him appear more moderate […]”

    It won’t help. How can Bernie appear moderate when all his speeches are about Socialism? You can almost see the flecks of spittle flying when he gives a campaign rant speech. Bernie would have to shift gears and start lying about how he’d reduce taxes to create jobs, insist that every American be armed to prevent mass shootings, and start pushing school choice. That certainly won’t happen.

    Tulsi would just be lipstick on a pig and everyone will see that it’s plainly still a pig.

  19. cdquarles says:

    Tulsi Gabbard on a Bernie Sanders ticket would be like Sarah Palin was on John McCain’s; a way to get some folk to vote anticipating the demise of one of the ticket’s parts. That didn’t work well for McCain (though it did garner some votes).

    I know too much about the history of the D party, especially since 1963; to ever vote D. I will vote R or some other 3rd party (even so far to write in Mickey Mouse), if it comes to that.

  20. YMMV says:

    A candidate who does not toe the party line when most kowtow it!
    Douma and White Helmets, she must read more than the MSM.
    Who besides climateaudit.org has the facts on that?

    See also:

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    Full of rough language including a lot of F-Bombs, but oh is it worth it to watch Tulsi smack down an MSNBC bimbette asking stupid questions. jimmy Dore Show 9 minutes:

  22. E.M.Smith says:

    Another one, not quite as good but still pretty good. 10 minutes and the first 5 are dissing some guy who was a nothing in the debate. Tulsi gets a line about 5 minutes in, but then the “set up” with the other guy becomes clear with the “bring it home” of CNN bogus coverage. Also with the rough language:

    I think I need to watch more of this Jimmy Dore stuff ;-)

  23. E.M.Smith says:


    That Sestak piece is interesting. Sounds like a good candidate to me. The Navy makes a special kind of person in Captains of ships and boats, more so the Admirals…

    I once worked on contract at a coffee company. We were entirely redoing their front end to the internet. From one ISP and one so-so router to 2 ISPs with different POPs, load balancer and more. Their IT manager was an ex-sub Captain. Used to the idea of balanced risks… not risk averse.

    So we came to the point where we needed to do a complete re-number of the shop. We gave the usual “pitch” about how much downtime it would take, best plan on a day or two, and give a week or more notice yada-yada… He gave the kind of “push back” you would expect a sub-driver to do: “Is that necessary? Can you do faster / better?”. I knew our team. Most of the top layer had come out of Apple and were also used to pushing envelopes. We said “Well, it is possible to do it live, but there’s a risk of unexpected failures if you screw it up.”

    His reply surprised us: “Can YOU do it right?”

    We looked at each other: “Well, yes. We can. But it is a risk.”

    We were given the go ahead to do a complete renumber of all the IP addresses inside their shop. Routers, desktops, servers, etc. We also did a live “cut-over” to new switches. ALL without downtime or service interruption…

    We did have one desktop in an outlying building that had issues. Nobody had told us it existed… and we needed to flush an arp cache on one switch. That was it. All while coffee outlets around the Nation were booking their orders for the goods they needed to stay in business…

    He was really happy with the result. Done a week or two ahead of schedule and under budget, with no disruption, and able to proceed with the rest of his plans earlier than planned.

    Not a moment of fear, doubt, or concern during the whole thing. Just “Can YOU do it?” “Good, do it.” and asking for regular status updates.

    I really really like ex-Navy officers. They have clue.

    (For anyone wondering how to do this: Most equipment can have two IP numbers assigned to an interface. You construct all the new network by bringing it up on a parallel set of IP numbers on the same interfaces. Oh, and the day before, you set the timeout on DHCP to 1 hour or less. Test all the new connectivity using some laptop with a hardcoded IP on that network. Put in a couple of fixed routes to get the servers using that new network between them, and assure it is all fine. Watch for straggler packets on the old interface addresses. Then when satisfied, shift DHCP to hand out the new range. Monitor over the hour as computers time out on DHCP and get automatically shifted to the new address ranges. Then when no more traffic is seen on the old address range, tear it down. Drop back to one IP address on each interface on servers, routers, etc. and take out any static routes. For the switch swaps, we would bring up the new much bigger and better switches with an uplink to the same upstream, then “blink cut” individual wires to the new switch by a very fast unplug old plug in new. TCP/IP is robust enough to retry on packet failures and find where things are now. You get a dip in traffic rate, but no “outage”. Similarly for the boundary routers / ISPs. Bring up 2nd ISP on the new router new load balancer. Tell it and the old router to prefer that ISP / route. Once old ISP traffic dies down, move it to the load balancer – and make any hardware changes desired – then tell the balancer to use both… That’s the rough version. In reality there’s a lot of specifics you map out ahead of time to assure order is correct…)

  24. E.M.Smith says:

    6 months ago, but another Jimmy Dore video per Tusli. Yeah, more F-bombs and rough language, but worth it IMHO. about 1/2 hour. It’s just amazing to see a left wing guy having the same reaction as right wing guys about Corporate Media Lies. Seeing the Deep State connections and calling them out. Same Same… So NBC trotted out the Same Old “Russian Agent” crap a good 6 months ago to try and smear Tulsi? Really? Yup. Just Amazing.

    There’s a “Tie That Binds” between the middle left and the middle right. We both are fed up with being manipulated and lied to by Lame Stream Media acting as propaganda mouthpieces for the Filthy Rich and Politician Class.

    IMHO, that’s why BOTH sides are abandoning “newspapers” and “TV News”. Because we’ve ALL started seeing that it is no longer “news” and certainly does not “inform”.

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