NYT & MSNBC Even Driving Modestly Left Away

There’s a certain joy that comes when you find a kindred spirit. I was a news junkie (now being forcibly “cured” by the resent turn to the Hard Left Fake News in the Yellow Stream Media). I used to read 4 news papers (delivered to my home) and watched at least as many different news programs, daily.

One by one the “newspapers” left. Then the network news. Eventually I was down to mostly Foreign News, Reuters, and occasionally Fox. Then Fox left the mix (party from my “cord cutting” and them being only paid cable then). Now even Reuters has become partisan hacks, and sites like France24 (who have a show which features a Buzzfeed commentator on the panel) and even Sky (UK) have reached the point of being provably nothing but spigots for the Promoted Framing Du Jour.

Why is pretty simple. I started doing a bit of fact checking. I started watching “you are there” video from the events being covered. The more I looked at things myself, the more the “news” was clearly illuminated as spin, lies, propaganda, and garbage. The bought and paid for media whores of the Rich and Powerful. (Bezos buying one for his personal use was something of a tipping point… but it was A/B comparisons of folks like CNN & MSNBC vs anyone else and / or “facts on the ground” that was the machine gun of nails in the coffin…)

So now I START my news day with completely independent sources. Tim Pool is one of them, as are several others. Some are nearly random, like ‘just folks’ in Venezuela filming their experiences on the street or at the border.

I still, maybe one every 3rd day, will visit a traditional source. I try to tell myself it is “opposition research”, but it isn’t. It is the vain hope that this time will be different. It never is. So I mostly scroll down a list of stories, see the headline, know what the spin will be (Orange Man Bad! or Orange Man REALLY Bad!! or Orange Man Really REALLY BAD!!!!) and just skip the story. What’s the point of reading Yet Another Emotional GUSH about wanting to ban guns? I know their position, I know they are wrong, I know they will not change. So I move on…

The good news is I can get through a quick “news scan” in just a couple of minutes now instead of the couple of hours from before…

So Tim Pool, somewhat like me, is a “slightly left” soul. I have a few more conservative positions than he does, but we share some fairly left ones as well. His (self chosen) job is to scan the news, get the facts, and present the story honestly. To do this he must real a lot of traditional media. He’s a news junkie like I was…

He’s also hit the wall on wading through the sewer of crap that is the present state of the art of what was called “Main Stream Media” and now has accumulated names like “Lame Stream Media” and “Yellow Stream Media”…

Well, Tim, welcome to the club.

It’s a very big club, judging by the 10’s of Thousands of journalists being laid off each year, and the incredibly shrinking circulations. CNN recently ranking below a cooking show and a “how to fix a house” show. NYT and CNN both fighting to get into the “under a Million” Club, and succeeding in their income diet.

There’s about 300 Million in North America alone who ought to be their audience, but they also have international presence. So we’re talking about 1/300 of the people who are willing to take their crap. AND shrinking. Fast.


571,500 Daily
1,087,500 Sunday
2,900,000 Digital-only

So even the “Digital-Only not much money involved” is about 1/2 the size of the San Francisco Bay Area. Actual paper subscribers about 570k. There are music videos with 1 to 5 BILLION viewers…

Here’s the bitchute link for the video:


WordPress will only let me post video links as live video embeds from YouTube (unless I pay extra), so I will, but you are encouraged to use the Bitchute link if possible.

After drowning in the “sea of lies about Trump”, he just couldn’t take it anymore and does a very nice rant at the horrible state of Left Wing Journalism (that is about 99% of all “journalism”).

It does a very nice job of illustrating how folks see the “media” pack of lies for what it is, how critical reading skills make it obvious, and illustrates just how frustrating it is for a News Hound to see that constant stream of yellow journalism.

It isn’t a Right Wing thing to see them as liars and propagandists. It isn’t a Left Wing thing. It is a “my brain works” thing.

And that, my friends, is why “journalism” is running down the urinal, why they are laying off staff in the 10s of Thousands. Because if I want people to lie to me I can get that for free… and a better quality of lies too.

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16 Responses to NYT & MSNBC Even Driving Modestly Left Away

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

  2. philjourdan says:

    You snuck up to my point, then veered off. So I guess I am free to make it.

    I was like you at one time as well (only 2 papers, but 2 magazines and numerous news shows). And of course now I am down to zero news shows, and zero publications. For the same reason as you. And I am mad. I am angry for them robbing me of the time I spent immersed in news that I no longer care to use. I am not angry for their ignorance and stupidity. I am angry because they are so stupid (How stupid are they?) to think that people are going to put up with their sycophantic lunatic ravings that they pass off as “news”. Only mindless morons believe that (which is the morons in the media and 25% of the population with IQs barely above freezing).

    The sad reality is, the rest of the entertainment industry is almost all as bad as the news to. So I only watch old movies now.

  3. llanfar says:

    Per my read-only cousin: Part of the blame lies squarely at the feet of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, where it became legal for the U.S. government to propagandize within CONUS – see https://www.google.com/search?&q=Smith-Mundt+Modernization+Act

  4. Taz says:

    We once spent a LOT of money on annual subscriptions to magazines, newspapers and extra cost cable. All gone now.

    And I really hate to imagine how I would feel if a meteor hit NYC. Pretty sure I’d be ashamed.

    It seems the media now consists only of airheads and whores. Submitting this to Snopes tonight. Doubt he’ll have time for it: https://politicalbullpen.com/t/raunchy-sex-scandal-rocks-fbi-dirtbag-special-agents-under-fire-for-reported-sexual-affairs-with-slutty-cnn-reporters/4383/2

  5. Bye says:

    About Vice News Breaking into my Home

  6. Power Grab says:

    I still take my two newspapers, but they’re usually REALLY thin these days. Once in a while I get a Sunday edition that rivals what they used to publish, but it has to be related to some event they’re hyping and can sell lots of ads for.

    Oddly enough, the local paper has been running a want ad of their own for several weeks. They want to hire a full time reporter. The editorial page tends to be mostly annoying leftist poo, but the local culture tends towards the conservative side pretty strongly. Can it be that hard to find a local, literate person who can be persuaded into toeing the leftist line?

  7. H.R. says:

    Power Grab: “Can it be that hard to find a local, literate person who can be persuaded into toeing the leftist line?”

    Can it be that they don’t pay jack squat? Did the ad mention starting pay? In some locales, McDonald’s is paying $12 and $13 per hour. Perhaps the paper is competing with McDonald’s for talent ;o)

    I’m laughing at what I’m just imagining is their dilemma. They can’t pay enough to attract someone literate, left or right, so the only candidates attracted by the pay are illiterate. It’s a move-up job from dishwasher, but there are not that many highly literate dishwashers. That would be funny.

    Hey! Write in and suggest that they hire a Spanish language reporter, illegal alien of course, whose articles would all be in Spanish. If the job has gone unfilled this long, it’s obviously a job that Americans are unwilling to do (H/T Obummer).

  8. H.R. says:

    “Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.” ~origin unknown to me

    I think the reveal to thinking people, left or right, that the LSM/YSM was just pushing party line propaganda was when the repetition of the narrative talking point phrases of the day became comically obvious. Change the channel, turn the page, pick up another magazine and there it is again; the exact same phrase and wording.

    They’ve gone with the “repeat a lie often enough” theory and it worked on a lot of people because of the trust in media that had been banked over the years. But the sheer repetition of the exact same phrases set off thinking people’s BS meters. Repeating a lie – fake news – still works on a fair percent of the population, because they don’t think anymore.

    Thinking has nothing to do with intelligence, by the way. We all personally know people occupying various points on the intelligence curve, some who think about things and others who don’t bother for a variety of reasons. Some people are the pondering sort, regardless of their candle power.

    I believe the YSM/LSM could have pulled off their propaganda narrative pushing if they had only bothered to change up the language of the fake news talking points. However, they listened to the ‘experts’ and went with exact repetition, and that has started to work against them more than it is helping.
    The other thing that has opened up people’s eyes is what the YSM/LSM doesn’t say. The internet and social networking via smartphones allows a lot of information to float around freely. The absence of reporting on things that “everybody knows,” but it doesn’t support the propaganda narrative, becomes glaringly obvious.

    Larry L. predicted that the Dayton shooting would drop out of sight because the shooter’s ties to Antifa came to light. As I am typing this comment, I just discussed this with Mrs. H.R. and she said, “It already has.”

    That non-reporting of the negative space is a tougher nut to crack because “out of sight, out of mind” is still fairly effective. People really do have to turn their attention to jobs or daily living, but I also think the absence of reporting does drive quite a few people to search alternate sources to find out what’s really going on. Those people that can remember what they had for breakfast, at some point in the day ask themselves, “I wonder what’s going on with… I haven’t heard much about it.” Again, a lessening of the effectiveness of the power of the LSM/YSM.
    CNN is the worst of the lot and they have become a punchline to all but a few hundred thousand of the remaining faithful. Actually, I’m starting to think that the majority of their audience is now comprised of viewers who want to see what BS CNN is pushing and how they are pushing it. The actual number of people who are buying the BS CNN is selling is vanishingly small.

    I’m pretty sure that CNN is only being kept around because, as I understand it, they still shape opinion outside of the U.S.; inside the U.S.? Not so much.

  9. E.M.Smith says:


    CNN is being kept around because the $Billionaires who own it like what it says.

    From the wiki:

    an independent subsidiary of AT&T’s WarnerMedia. CNN was founded in 1980 by American media proprietor Ted Turner

    So presently owned by AT&T (aka “Sure Deep State, whatever you want to know about our customers is fine! Here, have a portal into our phone system and full metadata on all phone calls.” and was originally crafted and staffed by Ted Turner and his Loony Lefty top picks.

    Just that after he retired, “someone” removed the requirement to actually report on what IS happening. You know, actual news. Then all the pent up desire to “shape opinion” came gushing out…

    BTW, most things AT&T buys end up being crapped up and often dying. DirecTV is in that process with shrinking viewers. Pacific Bell became crappy after they were bought (back before the SOBs in, was it Southern Bell? bought the rump AT&T and adopted their name).

    At this point, given the very low viewer count, you are approaching the point where the only people “watching” are the folks in bars and airports where they can’t change the channel along with AT&T / CNN staff and their family watching “Dad” and “Mom” on TV.

    I’m reminded of some ’60s or so era Spy Spoof movie where they discover at the end of it the Evil Ones are all robots run by The Telephone Company… Maybe Our Man Flint?

    In any case I see no reason to get “news” from as untrustworthy a source as The Telephone Company… “In Bed With Government Since Before You Were Born!”…

  10. H.R. says:

    I’m thinking the acronym of choice for the media should be LYSM, Lame Yellow Stream Media. A bonus is the way it would be pronounced; lie-some.

  11. Power Grab says:

    @ HR re:
    “Can it be that they don’t pay jack squat? Did the ad mention starting pay? In some locales, McDonald’s is paying $12 and $13 per hour. Perhaps the paper is competing with McDonald’s for talent ;o)”

    Low pay could certainly be a big issue for them. No, it didn’t mention starting pay.

    I don’t even see many humans at our McDonald’s locations. One of the locations must be using automation to recognize when someone is there and try to take their order. When I drive to that one, a friendly female voice (the same one every time) says something like, “Welcome back. Would you like to try …” If I talk too much or too fast, I get no response. I’m guessing they have a camera that uses facial recognition, as well as a mic. The human I usually interact with told me it was good to see me again as I was finishing up my order. If they don’t have a camera, then it creeps me out for him to say that.

    Oh well, there will be lots of new blood in a couple of weeks. Maybe someone’s spouse will want to take the reporter job.

  12. H.R. says:

    @Power Grab: Maybe they’ll wind up having to automate the reporter’s position. I mean, how hard can it be to set up a program that generates, Orange Man Bad in some quasi-rational sounding random story? Of course the byline, ‘by I. Robot’, might tip some people off ;o)

  13. E.M.Smith says:

    Ah, found it. Right Actor (James Coburn) wrong movie. It was The Presidents Analyst.


    The President’s Analyst is an American satirical comedy film written and directed by Ted Flicker, starring James Coburn, with cinematography by William A. Fraker, and a musical score by Lalo Schifrin. The film has elements of political satire and science fiction, including themes concerning modern ethics and privacy, specifically regarding the intrusion of the telecommunications monopoly, working with the US Government, into the private lives of the country’s citizens. The film was released theatrically on December 21, 1967. Although initially not a commercial success, the film was reviewed favorably, eventually achieving cult film recognition.

    And here I thought it was a comedy, not a documentary…

  14. Graeme No.3 says:

    Youtube has censored The Ten Commandments (according to Prager Uni President). Apparently they didn’t like the word ‘murder’. He offered them a revised “The Nine Commandments” but hasn’t had a response yet.

  15. larrygeiger says:

    This reporter makes me smile:

  16. cdquarles says:

    Heh, it’s been ‘legal’ in the USA for government to ‘propagandize’ since, at least, 1934. See FDR and his radio broadcasts. (If you think the Fairness Doctrine or other regulations/laws did much to curb that, well, I have a bridge to sell you). We won’t talk much about William Hearst, either ;p. I noticed a long time ago, ca 55 years, that the ‘media’, whether print or TV, “lies”; since I often noticed that real people and what they did or happened to them was strikingly different than what the “news” depicted. It was so obvious, even in the 50s/60s that one could “LARP” and/or stage events for public consumption. Quotes attributed to George Orwell, or Mark Twain were often repeated back then. *cough* What you think you know about George Wallace isn’t necessarily what was actual. *cough* And there are tons of other examples.

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