Some Evidence People Are Leaving “News” And Losing Trust

Subverse does a very nice job of collecting some research work done on “loss of trust in media” and presents it (with lots of graphs and charts) in this 10 minute video.

There is a segment near the start that focuses on the UK / BBC / Sky etc. group that still showed what, for me, was a surprising degree of trust in the BBC. Especially given how spectacularly biased they have been recently. I can only presume it takes a long time to erode a formerly stellar reputation.

The alternative being that the folks in the UK are not very worldly, don’t have any alternate news feeds to get actual information, or are just a bit daft… none of which appeals to me. So yes, I’m choosing to believe something based on what I want not what has evidence. I’ll let evidence overrun me later ;-)

Of interest to me is just how many people really do have a “veracity check” filter. They still “consume” the news, but the level of trust in it is dropping fast. There’s always hope when people do their own deciding.

Also of interest was how “Republicans & Conservatives” are now less trusting of veracity than “Democrats & Liberals” (One presumes they are using the US definition of “Liberal” as “Progressive Socialists” and not the UK definition as ~”Accepting of diverse views” or about the same as the American Libertarian.) I would expect that as The Media have gone to the Far Far Left. Basically, when you see a LOT of spin that calls you names, you trust it less. When you hear a lot of spin that calls your opposition names, you trust it more. IMHO, that particular statistic on differential trust changes is just an indicator of how fast and how far The Media have moved left. People change more slowly, so have a differential experience of the New Approved Left Talking Points Media…

In the video they mention having a “Minds” page. I’ve not gotten used to using Minds yet, so here’s the link to it (mostly so I can find it easily to explore it some, later ;-)

I do find it kind of cute how she (Emily Molli) has a kind of bemused / surprised micro-expression (at about 57 seconds) when she mentions how much money Subverse raised and how quickly in their funding campaign. While I’ve not yet watched it, the next video in my news panel from Subverse looks like she has a new outfit… I’m wondering if some of the money is already going into “presentation” and “set dressing” improvements ;-) Or maybe Molly just realized this is a real gig and it IS going to succeed, so she put on a “little knit something” ;-) I’ll have to watch more of her news announcements and find out…

So far, when watching Subverse presentations, I find my “BS Detector” is blissfully silent and my “Veracity filter” is at 100% pass rate. It is something of a minor joy to have news that just flows past the alarms without raising a clatter.

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