Because It Is Friday…

and I can only take so much negativity in a week…

At a bit after the 8 minute mark, the BLEEP BLEEPed bit is “bet your sweet ass” (lip reading skills are your friend ;-) One of the few advantages of long term hearing loss ;-)

Back in a more innocent time when that was “not suited for TV”, and now we have darned near anything goes…

The spouse and I find ourselves watching shows from before our time, old B&W movies, and some stuff up to about 1980. But pretty much everything after Star Trek TNG has been a slow down hill slide. I took refuge in the news, but now even that is a wasteland of sorts. Oh Well, one can still get re-runs of when the world was real:

I first started watching The Tonight Show with Jack Parr just a year or two before he retired. Followed it through all of Johnny! (even when it was on a 13 inch B&W TV in my bedroom and I had an earphone in so the folks would not know I was up that late) and on through Leno… now Late Nite TV is not worth much. But then, oh man! It is a lot of why I am who I am. Imagine the Reality Education of every night with Johnny Carson. Didn’t do so much good when 9 am in school rolled around, but I managed ;-)


A bit more Robin Williams / Carson:

I suspect that at about 1:45 is where I got the term “Mr. Happy” (though it may have been some other episode…)

Update 2:

For people of a certain age… Rich Little:

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3 Responses to Because It Is Friday…

  1. beththeserf says:

    On Freaky Friday a binge of goodies is kinda’ nice.

  2. Gary says:

    Rich Little was the best. Nobody does impressions any more, probably because the popular personalities these days are so minor compared to the giants of the mid-20th century.

  3. Steve C says:

    As an audio person rather than a video person, I listen more than I admit to BBC Radio 4 Extra, a mishmash of a station which repeats a lot of quite interesting stuff from their radio archives. You get plays more than 45 mins long (now deemed too long for most of their outlets), you get comedy shows which are actually funny, all sorts. They don’t actually bleep stuff which might melt the unwary snowflake, just warn us – e.g. yesterday’s episode of “Steptoe and Son” was introduced as a programme “made in 1972, when we were much less enlightened”. (Steptoe senior was warning his son about the well-dressed fellow who had wandered into the yard – “‘E’s a poof!”, a once common enough word which it seems is just too much for the 21st century to bear.)

    Happily, most programmes from before the sexual revolution of the 60s don’t need even that. R4X have several series of The Goon Show (late 1950s; love Spike Milligan’s stuff – “The voice came from a man with a military bearing, which he tossed in the air and caught.”) and Hancock’s Half Hour (late 50s again – e.g. from his famous sketch The Blood Donor, “A pint? That’s nearly an armful!”), plus even some from the late 40s, where you really have to work at it to “get” some of their topical barbs. I’m listening to lots of stuff in my late 60s which I was listening to in my late teens … and most importantly it still makes me laugh, which modern “comedy” just doesn’t.

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