Antifa Anti-First-Amendment Group, Attacking Free Speech Forum Against Violence

This has already been mentioned in W.O.O.D. But here’s a couple of videos that cover it in a bit more depth.

Basically a mildly Left honest journalist (Tim Pool) was setting up a discussion (along with who are pro-freedom of speech) where folks from both The Left and The Right could have a peaceful sharing of opinions with the goal of reducing the tendency toward angry rhetoric and violence. Kind of a “IF we talk about ways to prevent violence, perhaps we can come to understand each other better and prevent violence” meeting.

Of course, ANTIFA (the Anti-First-Amendment violent terrorist group) proceeded to immediately have a Hissy Fit as that would be people talking about avoiding the only thing they do. Violence and angry street theatre attacks.

First the Brietbart article that was in the W.O.O.D. link (h/t Larry Ledwick)

‘Minds’ Event Organizers: Antifa Threatens to Burn Down Theater Hosting Debate on Political Violence

Antifa has threatened to burn down a New Jersey theater hosting a debate on political violence, according a statement by the event organizers. The far-left extremists also hacked the theater’s official Twitter account, promising to occupy it until it cancels the event.

The discussion, titled “Ending Racism, Violence and Authoritarianism,” was organized by the free speech friendly social network, and features a range of liberal, libertarian, and conservative speakers including journalist Andy Ngo, who was brutally attacked and hospitalized by Antifa in Portland earlier this year.

Other speakers include British YouTuber and recent political candidate Carl Benjamin, independent journalist Tim Pool, BlazeTV host Lauren Chen, Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy, and many others.

A spokeswoman for said that Antifa have threatened to burn down the theater, and are also bombarding the owners with threatening messages and phonecalls.

Antifa have also resorted to cyber warfare, hacking the official Twitter account of the theater and promising to “occupy” it until the event is cancelled.

And here I thought threats of Arson, attacks on peaceful parties in the street, preventing LEGAL speech, and physical assault by a mob in hoods and matching color uniforms were at a mimimum illegal and a violation of Civil Rights to “peacefully assemble” and practice “Free speech”…

Yet so far the Law Enforcement response to this terrorist organization (BY DEFINITION since it is using physical violence and threats of physical violence to intimidate and hospitalize people…) has been nearly zero.

What happened to the America of just a couple of decades ago when people could agree to disagree? Is this what happens when you have a Community “Organizer” In Chief for 8 years? Is this the Obama Legacy? (“Community Organizer” is the P.C. Left term for Rabble Rouser and Trouble Arranger)

So it looks like the “venue” has pulled out since the police are not going to do their job. The “event” is supposedly now booked into another venue. We’ll see.

I dearly hope they manage to have this event. It is desperately needed. I also dearly hope that when (and it is a when…) ANTIFA (Anti-First Amendment) shows up, the Police show up and actually keep the peace. IF the Police continue in the Do Nothing mode, people will start taking protection into their own hands. That would not be good for anyone. We don’t need to find out who can rent the biggest baddest Rent_A_Cop Squad for security. But, frankly, were I planning any kind of event where Antifa (Anti-First Amendment) were likely to show up; my FIRST call would be to a Mercenary Security Force and I’d have both uniformed and under-covers all over the place. Armed (and licensed for it).

I don’t really want to live in a world of Private Security Armies, but it’s really pretty simple. Police can do the policing, or somebody else will. I’d rather it were the Police. (I was in a Police unit as an Eagle Scout – we did things like traffic at the Jamborees and such. I’m very pro-Police in general.)

Here’s Sargon Of Akkad’s take on things (10 minutes):

So here’s Tim Pool giving his (somewhat emotional) reaction to it shortly after it first had the “news” break (48 minutes and a bit emotional):

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6 Responses to Antifa Anti-First-Amendment Group, Attacking Free Speech Forum Against Violence

  1. p.g.sharrow says:

    When the Obama administration moved into power as the Bushes moved out They got a $680 Billion no strings Gift for “shovel ready jobs” A call went out in major papers help wanted sections “Employment for Hooligans.” after a couple of months this disappeared. “Occupy” and “Antifa” and other organizations of the socialists became well funded. When Congress demanded an accounting of where their $680 billion went, Obama gave an accounting of all but $40 billion. He said, I can not tell you where that money went!…pg

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Bongino has a great rant about antifa (Anti First Amendement) starting about about 3 minutes:

    I especially like his “Not a wolfpack. a pack of angry poodles!” remark about 5 minutes ;-)

  3. beththeserf says:

    Yes, E.M. Sharp ‘n energetic observation. ) Anti-first-amendment. Go Bongino!
    One disagreement, not angry poodles but angry jackals, ffft!

  4. beththeserf says:

    P.S Oo-ooh I luv this post, lol.

  5. philjourdan says:

    PG brought up a good point. That Obama slush fund was used to create the brown-shirts. Modeled after the left’s heroes of the Nazi party.

  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    A bit of video to show the clashes at Cider Riot a local cider bar that supports Antifa.

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