Because Children Always Know What’s Best For Adults…

A very good Tony Heller video about Gretta…

They are so wise and full of life experience and steeped in history…
/sarc; for the sarc impaired…

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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26 Responses to Because Children Always Know What’s Best For Adults…

  1. Bill in Oz says:

    How dare Heller criticise poor Blessed Greta !
    He will be burned at the stake
    And consigned to the Hell
    Prepared for all Global Warming skeptics.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Yeah, I must admit that I’m developing a “Cringe Reflex” when I see Greta show up on the news.

    Sort of a “Oh Gwad, there’s that brainwashed exploited child again” gag reflex…

    The Stupid is strong in her, but she parrots the talking points well…

  3. Simon Derricutt says:

    … and if that zero-fossil-fueled (though of course built using them) yacht happens to sink on the way across the Atlantic, then she’ll walk the rest of the way.

    It’s normal for teenagers to think they know better than their elders. At that age, I did too. It’s also normal for people with more-severe Aspberger’s to be certain that what they “know” is absolutely correct, and the rules are the rules. People tend to follow someone who is totally certain they are right, because most people aren’t that certain about anything. Possibly Joan of Arc had that certainty, and thus had a lot of people follow her. However, with age and experience comes the knowledge that you don’t know everything and even the things you do know aren’t as certain as you were taught they were. Could be interesting when Greta gets a look at the data itself rather than accepting what she’s told.

  4. Power Grab says:

    Just speculating here…are Asperger’s folks more or less likely to do independent investigating, compared to “normals”?

    My guess would be that they are surrounded by “handlers” who strictly control the information (stories) they’re exposed to. I’d guess they tend to suck up the information they’re fed without question or objection. And they’re good at regurgitating it upon demand. That being the case, she probably never would be exposed to real data and actual truth, let alone be allowed to develop any powers of discernment (a/k/a a “BS meter”).

    Maybe once they get robots sufficiently developed that they can fool most people, they will no longer need to rely upon faulty humans. I reckon there’s always a risk of failure, which could be concerning to the puppet masters of these puppets.

    Just imagine you were one of her handlers. Or a handler of Hillary. Or Biden. Or any of the other imperfect hand-puppets of the left. What would keep you up at night?

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    Aspes have a large memory, lower social abstraction skills and a higher need for consistency.

    You will often hear them complain about the lies from normies.

    So, confronted with a very complex and CONSISTENT story where all the details fit, it is an easier sell.
    Confronted with any INconsistencies they balk faster and more stubbornly.

    So you get the “not a team player” or “troublemaker” slur tossed for asking an “I’m looking for consistency” question (not knowing you are supposed to accept the lie to avoid embarrassing someone).

    A normie accepts a shallow story with loose ends and inconsistencies, swallowed whole or at least without caring. An Aspi says “Thats not right…” and gets disinvited from the club…

    FWIW, my assesment of Greta is that she is exactly the opposite of an Aspie. Like actors, she can accept any story, repeat it perfectly with full social and emotional display, and never ever ask about the loose ends… Aspies have trouble displaying their own real emotions, forget about creating a display for effect on demand.

    So she latched on to the Virtue Signal Reward system and the role to act to get pats on the head and charged into the role with masterful social communications skill. No real technical skill nor logicsl reasoning applued. Exactly the other end of the spectrum from Aspies.

  6. pinroot says:

    I’ve seen some places that suggest that Greta isn’t autistic, and instead suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. There’s an image that shows her along side a drawing pointing out the various physical ‘abnormalities’ that present with FAS, and it honestly looks like a picture of her. I’ll put the link below.

    There is also a somewhat long and interesting article that discusses this possibility here:

    Finally, I can’t find the image right now, but there is one floating around that is a collage of several photos of Greta and a female adult. The gist of the image is that the female is her ‘handler’ and that the handler has ties to George Soros’ Open Society. That would help to explain how she has come out of nowhere to become the current face of the climate change cult.

  7. pinroot says:

    Oops, bad link to the image, try again:

  8. Ossqss says:

    Had to share this rant from Cranky, which includes comments on the subject here. Quite a well rounded rant ;-)

  9. E.M.Smith says:


    Every Single Group & “Movement” that suddenly appears, when I’ve investigated it, traces back to Soros or one of his “Open Society” agents. You name it, when it hits the news suddenly, it’s his.

    When the utility drops off, it just disappears and the next one is launched.

    Did you notice out “Black Lives Matter” just exited the news as soon as “Blue Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” started to blunt the propaganda value?

    It is all stage managed, orchestrated news coverage from “fellow traveler” and entirely synthetic.

    What every happened to:

    Occupy {Wall Street, Congress, Main Street, whatever…}?
    Black Lives Matter?
    #Me To movement? (Hanging on sort of post Kavanaugh appointment, but fading fast…)
    and a dozen others that have come, splashed, and gone and now I can’t even remember their names….

    Oh, and all the various “Color Revolutions” he’s pushed… the come, they go…

    The current crop seems to be Antifa and Greta. Plus funding for The Squad. I’m sure as soon as the next Supreme Court Nominee is up for consent some new group will pop up custom cut to their particular history…

    It is a very well done, and expensive (hundreds of $Millions, but he stands to make money in the $Billions on trades) propaganda effort, nicely leveraging OPM Other People’s Money via “contributions” by “charities” to his causes (and sucking money out of governments).

    IF you want to know where’s the nexus of all of them, where the Big Spider sits, just follow the money strands of funding of the web of organizations and you end up at Soros. None of it is a real “organic” movement or activity.

    IF we had an honest and functioning FBI & DOJ, he’d be up on RICO charges and there would be all sorts of “Campaign Law Violations” laid on him. But we don’t. (Vis the “Get Trump” soft coup attempts).

  10. E.M.Smith says:


    Like that link… He writes like I feel ;-)

    It’s honestly not even worth engaging in anything given the framed context especially when you’re being lured into or directed to do so. That’s always your first clue to step away.

    These days the laundry list is always applied and we’ve all been desensitized by it. (If you don’t agree with me…) You’re a Racist, Misogynist, Communist, Transphobic, Xenophobic, Anti-Semetic Nazi Sympathizer who doesn’t believe in Climate Change. It’s old, kids, come up with something new.

    So True…

    I’m thinking the next time someone spouts The Litany in my presence I’ll just respond with:

    You left out Left-o-phobic and Idiot-o-phobic, which is why I’m leaving your presence…

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    Oooh! Also from that article, an image that makes it all clear:

    Read the T-shirt logo…

  12. H.R. says:

    Looks like Greta will hit New York some time tomorrow.

    It appears to me that they are standing off New York about 90 Nmi and will sail in at some convenient time tomorrow for the YSM to swarm the docks.

    I checked location about an hour or two ago and they were 93 Nmi from their destination. Then I checked just now and they were 90 Nmi from their destination, so I gather they have found a sweet spot to hold up until they can be sure the press coverage will be in place.

    You can check Malizia II’s location here.

    I’ll probably check one more time before bed to see if that 90-ish mile standoff is holding.

  13. H.R. says:

    Nope. I guessed wrong about Malizia II holding off. I’m heading for bed soon and last reported position is 72 Nmi line-of-sight from New York.

    I’ll quit guessing and just wait and see.

  14. Larry Ledwick says:

    Looks like they are making about 9.5 – 10 knots over ground so will at that rate be ready to enter the harbor in about 7 hours or just after sunrise, local time. Perfect timing for the morning TV shows, and their public interest features.

  15. H.R. says:

    @Larry – Yup. Looks like that’s the plan. I just looked (6:52 am EST) and the are 6 Nmi off New York. They can show up pretty much any time.

    There will be maximum hullaballoo over Greta in the YSM this morning.

  16. H.R. says:

    10:37 am (EST) and the Melizia II with Greta on board is still being shown as 6 Nmi off New York.

    I’m not sure exactly what’s going on. Waiting for a ticker-tape parade to form up? YSM sez they can’t make it to the docks ’til this afternoon? I dunno.

    You can safely bet the ranch that the delay is related to obtaining maximum publicity.

  17. E.M.Smith says:


    Backlit photos are hard and harsh. They want some frontal lighting for the approach, and time for everyone to finish their Starbucks and setup equipment…

  18. Power Grab says:

    @ EM re:
    “FWIW, my assessment of Greta is that she is exactly the opposite of an Aspie. Like actors, she can accept any story, repeat it perfectly with full social and emotional display, and never ever ask about the loose ends… Aspies have trouble displaying their own real emotions, forget about creating a display for effect on demand.”

    Thanks for the explanation. I appreciate your description of the differences.

    I also think the “actor” label fits well.

  19. p.g.sharrow says:

    That also holds true for Religious Fanatics. Something about Fans indicates a missing connection in their BS meter. Maybe they are just too intellectually lazy to think for themselves and so want to point to Authority to justify their position. That is scary to me as 90%. of the population are “Fan” type intellects, only 10% are independent thinkers. …pg

  20. Larry Ledwick says:
  21. H.R. says:

    @Larry – It seems that there was less hoopla and YSM interest in Greta than I expected.

    As best as I can determine, the Melizia II docked in mid-afternoon. Obviously, they weren’t going to come in during the night, as the tracker showed them laying just offshore for 12 hours or so.

    The video in your link showed maybe a dozen sailboats that went out to greet the Melizia II and the press gaggle on the docks wasn’t as large as I anticipated. Also, I think that a large contingent of the press gaggle was foreign press.

    Yesterday afternoon, I checked the Bing news crawler and found an item time-stamped 2:36 pm (EST) showing Greta on the bow of Melizia II headed into the dock. Later in the evening it was gone from the crawler. It seems they were waiting as long as possible for some media to show up and then finally decided to come in.

    I’m thinking that the YSM of the US is so affected by Trump Derangement Syndrome that (Oh! Oh! I get to use this phrase!) they could not care less about Greta. It seems that ‘Get Trump’ and ‘Orange Man Bad’ is far more important right now. I’m not finding much of anything about Greta in the US meeja right now.

    A few days ago, I had mentioned to my wife, the TV news junkie, that Greta Thunberg was on her way on the Melizia II. Mrs. H.R.: “Greta who?!?” I tried to explain to her a bit about Greta, but Greta was so unknown to her that my wife glazed over and wasn’t interested in anything more than the barest of background info. I think that is probably typical of a huge number of Americans. The only Americans even remotely aware of Greta are those who are tuned into ‘Climate Change’ as an existential threat, pro or con.

    It will be interesting to see if Greta generates any interest among our US YSM jurinalists.

  22. p.g.sharrow says:

    So it would seem that the Great Melizia Ecoloon stunt fell flat. Nobody cares. Greta has lost out on her greatly anticipated rocket ride to stardom as the darling of the “Save the Earth” Religion. This is too bad for her parents who must be disappointed with this outcome to their massive effort at Virtue Signaling. Maybe Americans are burned out about hearing this lie, “The World is being Destroyed by Modern Human Civilization!”. “We are All going to Die!”. “God will Destroy all of You because of your Wickedness.” you must sacrifice your wealth and children to US so we can save you from God’s wrath…
    The same old con-game that has been used for thousands of years. At some point people realize that they are being had by these charlatans and the con-artists get what they want, the end of their civilization…pg

  23. Larry Ledwick says:

    I think Americans may see Greta as an European AOC, and that inoculated us against her dog and pony show.

  24. Larry Ledwick says:

    Hmmmm this video is surprising – It looks to me like Greta has some issues.
    (body language tells that she knows she is selling a bad product or medical issues??)

  25. E.M.Smith says:

    After a long voyage of a sort she’s never had before (sea is a rough place) and then after intense isolation being confronted with a loud mob, she is likely overwhelmed. Frankly, I’d just want a shower and a couple of day in a soft bed and not be at my best in front of cameras. Probably didn’t have much prep-time for swapping to English either.

    Does it mean more than that? Um, I donno…

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