Antifa Tactics, Video Of Knife Attack, & Defense Strategy

A fascinating video of an Antifa Mob picking a target, going after him, and then some folks in the non-Antifa crowd “running interference” so the guy can escape attack. Filmed on a 360 Degree camera.

The narrator is in the film as well. He’s the one who gets between Antifa-with-knife and Blue-Cavalry-Hat-Bike and prevents the attack. Toward the end, another Antifa goes at a full run trying to catch up with Blue-Hat and instead runs full tilt into narrators camera monopod and goes down.

The narration is interesting a bit, but not necessary. In a couple of places he gives Antifa folks interesting names, like “Tele-tubby” for the one who looks like a fat Tele-tubby character, or brown jacket or… He also calls out a couple of “bottle thrown” where even on slow mo replay it just looks like a fast white blur near the camera. Other than that, it is just things like pointing out the Antifa Spotter who first approaches Blue-Hat and calls him a “Fascist”. Things you can see in the video if observant.

Watching this, several “uninvolved” folks from the crowd step in toward the middle-end as Blue-Hat is leaving and run protection from the rear (including the narrator in black clothes and some guy in green). What is unclear to me is IF this was a set up. Has the “Patriot” side adopted the tactic of embedding “under covers” with cameras who look like everyone else, while one “uniform” shows up who will become the target. Or was this an organic evolution?

Antifa clearly has assigned roles. A “Caller” who fingers a target. Folks who shout and taunt. Blockers who trap and prevent movement / escape. The “Reds” who do a “dive in, assault, melt away”. Pack Mob violence at its morally most evil.

So, OK, now it is clear you need some kind of face guard AND an impact / puncture resistant body cover. Like those motocross tops with the plastic shell. My MotorCycle Jacket has nice padding and abrasion resistance, but it isn’t shiv proof.

Per the Narrator, Antifa blocked the intersection (at the start) when it was supposed to be an open street. He claims there’s a young woman in the car ( I think he talks to her through the window giving assurances and asked the crowd to open a path out for her) but then Antifa blocks Blue-Hat from following on out. That’s the kind of “turn a corner find yourself trapped in a mob” that is the “scenario” I’m trying to prep for. IF I know where the mob is going, and when, I can just be somewhere else. It is the accidental “where the hell am I?” that’s the problem. It is also clear that The Antifa (Anti-First-Amendment) Mob works off of a Caller just fingering some guy who “looks wrong” (i.e. conservative), so any “white male” dressed like an old conservative guy is a potential target.

It is 16 minutes of 360 degree blow by blow that is a great tool for looking at the total context, the tactics, and seeing how things develop. My first conclusion is pretty simple: Just sitting or standing there unresponsive or inert is NOT sufficient to avoid being “Fingered” and called out as a “Fascist” and attacked. IF you find yourself after a wrong turn with Antifa Mobsters in front of you, immediately reverse course and get out. Flip a “U-ey”, put it in reverse, turn up an ally, whatever. Traffic laws need not apply when escape is essential. First and foremost “be somewhere else”.

My second observation is that there is a HUGE audience of Bloodlust Observers who do NOTHING to interfere with the violence. This presents the opportunity to look them over and figure out what it would take to “blend in”. Not useful if you are in a car, but if on foot, perhaps having a hoodie and “selfie stick” in a backpack would let you “transform” fairly quickly into “just another paparazzi” and melt away…

The event develops slowly enough, that if you DO have ‘escape now’ already figured out, then it is possible to get out safely. However, once “first contact” with the Antifa Mob happens, it is too late. They begin the encircle, entrap, attack cycle. Also, the first shot ( with ‘silly string’ in this case) looks to regularly be “to the eyes”, so some form of eye protection is essential, and perhaps with a backup set (so if one protective lens set is covered in “goop” you can swap to the second without taking cleaning time delay). So “one on, one in pocket”.

Then it is also quite clear that once “Fingered”, you ARE the target. Passive non-engagement does not help nor remove you from target status. Retreat does not remove you from target status (though it can reduce number of attackers near you and break the encirclement tactic) and it also opens you to “sneak attack” from behind, so maintain situational awareness. (Unlike Blue Hat, don’t just look straight ahead and walk away. He had NO Idea a guy with a shiv was about to stab him from rear right… Head on a swivel, folks, Eye contact seems to cause them to pause as they want a blind attack. Blue Hat could have used his bike as a shield to one quadrant, having it slightly behind and to the right would defend many attacks from that quadrant and then observing left rear / right rear / scan forward becomes a reasonable awareness pattern. Turning a potential kidney shiv into a potential forearm slash. That’s still an improvement. Wearing plastic arm guard motorcross gear under a light jacket along with leather long cuff motorcycle gloves would be enough arm / hand protection then.

Shiv-Guy develops very quickly. It is seconds between “hoodie in crowd” and “shiv in hand approaching”. You must scan every moment even if quietly leaving, and be prepared to establish your defensive space. Anyone inside a “striking range” perimeter IS a potentially lethal threat, given how Shiv-Guy has escalated things.

Having a screen of “undercovers” is VERY helpful. Once the Antifa Mob is focused on a target, they don’t seem to have much strategic flexibility. They tunnel vision in on that one target, ignoring the folks “running interference”. Was that lack of situational awareness? (Not realizing they were other-than-paparazzi) Was it lack of skill? In any case, it is useful (though depending on it is risky as eventually they might learn a new trick and shift focus).

The overall impression I get is very similar to the film of Chimpanzee Hunting Parties. Antifa is a Hunting Party out looking for “game”. They have in-group cohesion, ignore the “irrelevant stage dressing” of paparazzi and looky-Lou’s, and wait until they fixate on a target, then attack in a mob swarm assault.

How this can happen on the streets of America and NOT have them all in prison is beyond me. We don’t accept it from people in white hoods, why are we accepting it from people in black hoodies?

One final point: The evident tactics make it clear that ANY Antifa mobster is a strong and potential threat, even if (or perhaps especially if) they are just lurking at the edge of the mob while others do the taunting and blocking. They are the Reds with the weapons and doing the physical assaults. This means it is reasonable to “fear for your life” when they are inside striking distance. That, then, means preemptive debilitating defense is allowed. As I said once before “safeties are off”. This video confirms their tactics and confirms that the “non-violent” Black Hoodie is, in fact, the Red Attacker and a valid self defense target. So IFF there is NO other option, putting your back to a nice brick wall and then “taking out the threats” ought to be legal self defense. When faced, they tend not to attack (other than blinding goop assaults), so “turn, face, debilitate the attacker, move to the next one”.

The nice thing is they wear that nice uniform of all-black, mask, hoodie. You can easily map the threats and know who to take down.

I’d rather end up in the police station with full video on YouTube than the hospital (or morgue)…

I note that it is typically about 4 to 12 that are in the engagement mob and it looks like most of the time it’s about 4 to 6 with only a couple of them actually doing the assault (the others distracting, blocking, etc.) This means 2 or 3 folks with some martial arts skill AND awareness of their tactics can, in fact, effectively stop the attack and escape. Like Blue-Hat, Green Shirt, and Camera Guy. That was enough to escape. So, if possible and if anywhere where this kind of crap is allowed to happen (cough, Portland, cough, Chicago, cough, Baltimore, cough, Berkeley / San Francisco, cough, NYC..) it’s a good idea to take a buddy or two along; even if you are working as separate entities in the event (i.e. one or two as “undercovers” and if any one of you gets fingered as the “target”, the others work to block the swarm as though uninvolved…)

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33 Responses to Antifa Tactics, Video Of Knife Attack, & Defense Strategy

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting video!

    As far as expedient shiv protection, Bruce Lee mentioned in one of his books that the Hong Kong gangs when they went out to confront another gang or thought they might into fights would stuff a Life or Saturday Evening Post type magazine inside their shirts for a quick and dirty body armor against knives etc.

    The Chinese military used folded paper armor for protection against arrows, spears and swords.

    On the street a newspaper would work, as would a floor pad out of the back seat foot well in a car if you had to abandon the car and hoof it.

    Many back packs have a pocket for a thin foam pad which you could put other materials in.

    Then of course if you want to spend some money for a relatively affordable ballistic protection product you can carry every day in a back pack or a brief case or portfolio case/messenger bag.

  2. H.R. says:

    Turning, keeping eye contact and reducing the threat to as much less of 360 degrees as possible is good advice, E,M. Also, I think Antifa’s uniform is a weakness as you can probably ignore anyone that isn’t in a black mask and hoodie.

    I do see why Antifa operates with relative impunity on the streets of Portland. The chaotic foot traffic that’s allowed, the lack of police who will intervene – heck! there’s a plain old lack of police in that video, let alone intervene – and seemingly a lot of the people in the crowds with nothing more pressing to do than mill about is a green light for Antifa attacks.

    We have several hugely attended festivals along a downtown waterfront district in ‘Our Fair City’ and it has never resembled anything like the scene in that video. Also, the festivals are well attended by LEOs who seem to be spaced at about 150′ or so apart with mobile backup officers on bikes. Oh, and I forgot about the mobile command tower set up with cameras and people with binoculars to scan the crowds. Okay, admittedly that’s for festivals.

    The rest of the time that riverfront district is pretty much empty and 6-8 black masked hoodie-wearing people would stick out like a sore thumb; no crowds, no cover. That, and I believe that I already mentioned the high number of citizens that carry concealed.

    What all this discussion has done for me is to point out that I should check out a destination for potential Antifa activity ahead of any visits. Just because Mrs. H.R. and I will probably never encounter such a situation on our home turf doesn’t mean that we couldn’t inadvertently go to visit a city where there could be a problem as we travel about. It won’t hurt to start checking.

  3. Gary says:

    How this can happen on the streets of America and NOT have them all in prison is beyond me.
    It happens because nobody in a position of authority or power really wants to solve the problem. They either want 1) to ignore it and hope it goes away, or 2) take advantage of it. Those who want to solve the problem don’t have the power to do so. The situation seems ready-made for a new Guardian Angels vigilante group to arise.

  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    Invariably those situations have higher level authorites, (mayor, city council, and senior police command authorities) who are sympathetic to the actions. They either are openly communist and intentionally create opportunities for it, and simultaneously neuter the law enforcement by calling them off – using the deniability excuse of avoiding conflict and not agitating the crowd.

    Add to that the hard core Antifa have backup in the form of essentially unlimited funds defense provided by specifically chose pro-bono lawyers with similar political leanings. As a result even if caught unless the manage to get a judge that actually wants to enforce the law they either bond or plead out and never come back to that jurisdiction after settling for a civil complaint rather than a criminal complaint, or getting charged and pleading it down to a nonsense final judgment of, slap wrist, pay token fne and do xx hours of community service (often doing social organization work loosely connected to the “cause” like register to vote activities etc.

    Just like the deep south and abuse of the blacks in the late 1950’s early 1960’s it takes a broad spectrum of supporters to enable the actions.

    In cities like Portland you also have a huge population segment which is sympathetic with “the cause” and either create the accepting crowd to surround the action or loudly supports defense of the poor abused Antifa folks who are getting abused by the Police and attacked by those awful white people.

    A functioning justice system requires a minimum level of support at all levels to function, if one or more layers get corrupted it becomes very difficult to provide effective enforcement, if all layers from the very top of government all the way to the person on the street supports “the cause” it become practically impossible. Especially when any legitimate effort at self defense likely to bring physical consequences to the rowdy thugs leads to charges against the victim rather than the attacker.

    Note that many of the Antifa go to significant lengths not to make contact in a way that might justify strong defense measures, but only crowd surround and interfere with efforts to disengage from the small cadre or “direct action reds” who when the act do so quickly and well screened from outside view by the cocoon of fellow travelers.

    Remember the gladiator, and the girl where a really big guy in black came up behind him and took no action at all to directly attack he simply road blocked the escape route and when the gladiator turned around he was face to face with the Antifa dough boy who either spit at him or shouted in his face.

  5. Justwannabeleftalone says:

    Derringers get no respect. Never have.

    But with today’s powders you can load a subsonic .45 which sounds no louder than a deep throated air gun = while offering less recoil. More than enough to mushroom soft lead projectiles.

    So how might an Antifa team react to things suddenly becoming more real? What if all your monkeys were similarly equipped?

  6. Ed Forbes says:

    Riveted chain undergarments

    Aluminium is lightweight and will stop edges other than axes and such. Very flexible and chain was designed to stop edge and broadpoint weapons. Go steel chain if extra protection is wanted, but riveted mail is a must if chain is to be used.

    A mixture of chain and plate armor was the highpoint of pre gunpower combat protection. Mix aluminium chain with plastic plate over the chain, where the chain protects the gaps in the plate. Lightweight, flexable, and gives body protection vs both the edge and impact weapons expected at such a modern dance.

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    Given the penchant for certain groups to stab people in the shoulders,upper back and neck or throat slash this would be a good option.

    Funny (not) that we are back to the techniques of the Crusades for personal protection.

    The neck collar could be hidden under a turtle neck shirt, the full chain mail Coif (hood and shoulder mail) would be a bit tougher to be low key with.

    But for back stabbing a chain mail shirt would certainly be hard to beat, given that even a ballistic vest is not stab proof against some knife designs.

    This half sleeve appears to be about the lightest available but it has a 10# shipping weight.

    It does give some interesting ideas for a back / kidney protector that could be worn under a shirt.

    This vendor says they will custom size as well.

  8. E.M.Smith says:


    I doubt that you can get anywhere near that quiet. I’m prone to ear ringing with any loud sounds, so I have to use earplugs AND muffs when shooting and even then limit the exposure.

    At one point I bought a Marlin .45 ACP rifle so that the long barrel and MANY case volumes of expansion would quiet the rounds. Then loaded some subsonic low power rounds to get even quieter. Well, it IS quiet… compared to a .357 Magnum… but nobody would mistake it for anything but a gun shot. Shorten that bbl to the 2 inches or so of a derringer and you are talking a major noise maker.

    Furthermore, the goal here is to AVOID violence and escalation and escape it if you can. Not escalate it into warfare. Having a bunch of folks suddenly start shooting in that dense a crowd would be a recipe for complete disaster, especially with things as hard to aim and wildly inaccurate as a derringer. They are called a “belly gun” for a good reason. Their accuracy is suited to “pushing it into the belly”…

    Finding clothing to blend in with the crowd and avoid becoming a target, while raising awareness of the situation so you can just “not be there” are far far more valuable than a “belly gun” and spending a few years as a “Justice Involved Person”…

    FWIW, the only gun I ever got to be as quiet as an air rifle was a .22 rifle shooting BB Caps or CB Caps. The reason is pretty simple. A LOT of “case volumes of expansion”, almost no powder to expand, and good contact of gas with lots of bbl so that the gas was cool by the time it reaches the end of the rifle. A friend used it to remove problem rodents at an urban apartment complex he managed and nobody noticed a thing. The caps are made in Germany and hard to find, but essentially DO turn your rifle into an air-gun power level of device.

  9. E.M.Smith says:


    So wonder if the Democrat “undercover” in the Prayer group learned to pray? Or only prey…

    It will be interesting to see what “charges” can be drummed up from private speech… ( I doubt much “other than speech” happened in their meetings).

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and one side note on “undercovers”:

    Various police and intelligence agencies REGULARLY insert undecovers into any organization of interest. Opposition groups will insert Agent Provocateurs. The world is full of “undercover agents”. It ought to be obvious to anyone with a brain that just about anyone in any gang, prayer group, antifa cell, chat room, or posting to blogs could easily be (in fact in some cases for some organizations at least one is certain to be…) an undercover Fed or LEO or similar. Anyone who doesn’t keep that in mind is a bit stupid.

    Just look at the TV Shows based on baiting traps with undercovers. The “reality ones” that end with arrests…

    In many cases, the person MOST promoting violence, or illegal acts, is in fact the law enforcement undercover agent trying to flush the game and / or get a bead on who’s the problem case.Yes, that borders on entrapment. Doesn’t seem to stop it though. They often try to rise to about “2nd In Command” or at least the next seat over; but not to Dear Leader. They want to see “who is the natural leader” so they know who to take out.

    I’ve generally just been mildly bothered by the a-morality of talking folks into doing crimes they might only have ever just muttered about if left alone. Given the recent FBI Soft Coup attempt, the entrapment of Presidential Transition Team members, and the clearly fraudulent FISA court abuse: You must now assume that anyone pushing for illegal or violent actions is, in fact, an Agent working to Entrap (or at a minimum get compromat to use in blackmail “turning” someone to be their puppet.

    If someone advocates for an illegal or violent action, the Number One thing to consider is that they are likely an Agent working to incite or to gain acceptance.

    The world consists of evil folks AND malevolent enforcement folks; and as an uninvolved citizen your goal is to avoid getting between them or close to either of them… Avoid, evade, retreat, and escape. Not to engage unless it is forced upon you and no other choice exists.

    To quote my Karate Sense (quoting his Sense):

    “When two tigers fight, one is killed and the other is seriously wounded.”

    The same goes for the bystander caught between them… Best to just not be there.

    At a “peaceful anti-war demonstration” against Vietnam in about 1973, a buddy and I were in the meeting of the undercover coordinators at the demonstration (how is a long story…). There were at least 6 under covers, a LEO, a fire department rep, and a couple of others I couldn’t place. In addition, at least 4 folks who were not in the meeting were referred to as performing to plan and what instruction to give them. Then, post meeting, there was one other “Guy In A Suit” who I’m certain was a Fed who was not connected, but stood out somewhat. We “confronted hm” (politely) and pretended to buy his “cover story” (that was patently false).

    The point is that my opinion on undercovers is NOT hypothetical. I’ve been in the meeting… One of them was one of the “group dynamics leaders” assuring the protest group would develop according to plan. Another was a “Student Leader” who redirected the “march” from the potentially destructive target to the pre-planned diffusion site. The “key bit” that tipped me it was all a set up (even before being in the meeting) was that we “stopped a train carrying war materials” by sitting on the tracks. Um, no. Trains can not stop that fast. It was coordinated. This was confirmed when the Fire Dept. rep in the undercover meeting asked “How long do we keep the Smokey The Bear act going on the rails?” Seems the “fire on the tracks” to stop the train was set and managed by their undercovers…

    So if you are in ANY group of almost ANY size (even just a few hundred college kids) you can expect that it is being managed (directly or indirectly) as much as necessary and that there’s more than enough undercovers to get the job done. You can also expect that your “Opposition” likely has a person or two there as well. (They are often the ones pushing the “stereotype actions” trying to confirm their expectations and / or get you in trouble). It isn’t just the Trump Team that had Agent Provocateurs inserted into it and agents from the other side… Other groups get the treatment too.

    So if you are in a group or on a blog where someone is advocating a violent approach or pushing for illegal activities, use it as a “teaching moment” to explain to them why that’s a Very Bad Thing. Then tell them that there are likely Agents listening (or they are the Agent speaking…) and tell them your group does not approve of instigating violence nor breaking laws.

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh BTW, this image belongs here too:

    Note the Antifa All Stars logo on the shirts…. Little Gretta doing the “Drive By Smugging” look.

    Yup, looks like her parents have raised a well indoctrinated little communist for The Cause….

    This is not a person from whom to take advice….

  12. When I was young I did some Karate. I was taught a kick with the side of the foot to the side of the knee was a good defence leaving an attacker crippled. Maybe something like that would work against the Antifa and those holding a knife.

  13. abouttime says:

    So how long before some group sets a trap for them and they wind up with broken bones? I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

  14. Dan says:

    These felony attacks invariably happen in places like Portland, Berkeley etc. Where the brownshirt goons of the left (Antifa enjoy immunity from prosecution and where ANYONE who actually uses force of ANY type to defend themselves WILL be crucified in court. We don’t have a justice system in America and the legal system is terminal…and will be ready soon. The only rational course of action is to NOT GO TO liberal bastions. There is no rule of law in such places.

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  16. Berk says:

    Forget about the martial tactics- thats easy…………But for the life of me I can’t understand WHAT the “white-nationalists” are trying to accomplish with playing the role of punching-bags and walking-spitoons for these “anti-fa” street cretins?

    Are they just trying to create bad TV images by having these “leftists” break the law in open daylight? Are they waiting for a white knight to appear and save them? The fact is the media will endlessly spout the line that its the “white-racists” that go there to cause the trouble.

  17. ron west says:

    I assume at some point someone is going to hunt down some of these antifa folks and ambush them when they are alone, walking outside, etc. I’ve never really checked it out but I know Portland antifa has a website so i’m sure some of the leaders could be hunted down.

    [Reply: That’s a valid question. Just a note to all to avoid advocating for violence. Discussing probabilities and risk scenarios is fine, but advocating illegal acts would be too far. E.M.Smith ]

  18. Leonard says:

    “So, OK, now it is clear you need some kind of face guard AND an impact / puncture resistant body cover.”

    Heh. Actually it’s pretty clear (and has been for a long time) that getting into street fights with communist goons in communist cities sitting squarely in communist states run top to bottom by communists is a stupid, pointless enterprise. This was arguable when there was still hope that the real-estate-mogul-in-chief was going to stamp out Left wing street violence but there’s no excuse for being foolishly hopeful or stubbornly ignorant anymore.

    Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

  19. H.R. says:

    E.M. replies to ron: “[Reply: That’s a valid question. Just a note to all to avoid advocating for violence. Discussing probabilities and risk scenarios is fine, but advocating illegal acts would be too far. E.M.Smith ]”

    Agreed. I am prepared to defend myself, as mentioned above, but don’t have the inclination to go vigilante. I also wrote about our police department, who would brook no nonsense, so that’s probably why I don’t to go all vigilante. I haven’t been pushed to that point so I don’t feel that need on some sort of gut level.

    I’m in the burbs of a political hub and there are protests and demonstrations, always with the opposing view showing up. There have been incidents of clashes, but it’s been a long time since I can recall a violent clash being reported. Our LEOs have always been ready and watchful and jump in at the first ‘over the line’ incident to arrest and haul off whoever needs it to make it all stop. Escalated clashes don’t happen much anymore because it was shown long ago that it wouldn’t be tolerated. Everyone just stands around and yells at each other… a lot.

    ron west writes: “I assume at some point someone is going to hunt down some of these antifa folks […]”

    I, too, wonder about the people of Portland or any city where they cannot depend on law enforcement to protect them. I can’t believe vigilantism hasn’t popped up there yet. Will it ever?

    I have read comments on blogs from people who live in the areas surrounding Portland that they no longer go into town. Perhaps those are the people who would turn vigilante if they had to live in Portland. But they have the option to stay away, so no vigilantes.

    I have to think that Portland merchants have been negatively affected by people not coming into town and damage to their stores. I’m puzzled why businesses haven’t had the clout to get the Portland mayor and police force to deal with the Antifa violence.

    The only thing I can think of is that Portland is largely comprised of Democrat Regressives who approve of the Antifa viewpoint and actions, but just want the violence to be kept away from themselves. I dunno.

  20. p.g.sharrow says:

    I am well aware of Antifa tactics, All designed to force the authorities to vilify, disarm and jail their opposition. A group of Antifa trained thugs have been working to drive my lady and I from our home so that they can occupy it for their own use. 20 acres in the middle of the woods with facilities could be useful to them. For 3 years they have been spreading the message that I am violent and dangerous. I’ve been swatted several times through anonymous calls. Setup into staged encounters that they recorded and now framed for beating one of their women. A couple of weeks ago I was served with a court ordered RO that I had to dispose of my weapons and leave my home of 23 years and never return! I’m still here, so could be jailed at any time.Had to hire an attorney, expensive, and now have a record as a dangerous person. Other then that the last few months has been nice as the Antifa thugs are off doing their thing while they wait for the legal system do their work for them…pg

  21. E.M.Smith says:


    Ah, the side snap kick or side thrust kick. My favorite. Sensi told us that delivered to the knee, the fight is over (and the guy will likely walk funny for the rest of his life, so use wisely…) Very few people can block it, and if a feint high jab is done just a bit before it, they can’t redirect their block in time. About 100% success….


    If you need a place to store anything, let me know. There’s space in the iron safe… Good luck.

  22. p.g.sharrow says:

    @EMSmith; Thank you for the offer but transporting my hand tools into the heart of the Soviet Empire is not wise. The only “weapons” that they might find is an old BB gun and my Big Brush Knife. My hands and brain are the most dangerous weapons I have and I am not about to dispose of them. Once I told the “toughs” that I would be glad to give them lessons in hand to hand combat they began to stand back out of reach. Guess that they have seen too many “Rambo” movies. ;-)…pg

  23. cdquarles says:

    That’s a reprise of ol’ Jim’s death. Despite what many think, ol’ Jim was dying slowly for years because of the business backlash. The ‘laws’ followed the will of the people. NB that when ol’ Jim died, there were few or no riots in the old South. NB also that it is the same philosophy birthing his son. That philosophy dates to the 1820s in the USA. And yes, there was a lot of LARPing going on at the time.

  24. E.M.Smith says:


    As noted I live in the heart of California Progressive Land and have not yet escaped. So my goal is not to seek a confrontation, but be prepared if a wrong turn finds me trapped in the mob. What to do after that turn and the car is surrounded, then what would be nice on the rear seat.

    So a nice dark hoodie, maybe that MX top. My clandestine hard hat that looks like a regular hat etc.

    Then, if confronted against my will, how best to escape and defend on the move away.

  25. E.M.Smith says:


    Who is “Ol’ Jim”?

  26. E.M.Smith says:


    If I have any say in the matter at all, I will not go to San Francisco, downtown San Jose or any east bay city…

  27. H.R. says:

    At E.M. – In those cities, Antifa surely must be taking a toll on the merchants’ registers by now, yes?

    And the homeless problem in San Francisco has probably put a measurable percent dent in tourism. I know it’s off my list.

  28. E.M.Smith says:


    There aren’t a lot of “downtown merchants” left anymore. Mostly restaurants for the biz lunch crowd, bars, some entertainment shops. Anything a commuting in worker in a highrise might need… Things like the big McWhorter’s stationary store are closed up, and I have no idea where folks get groceries.

    San Jose has two main businesses as anchors. The Arena (with attendant hotels, bars, restaurants, parking structures) and the State College on the east side of downtown (with student housing and bodegas, snack shacks) plus the County offices (with the surround of lunch places and a couple of “legal papers” for publishing business notices.)

    There is a bit of strip mall like businesses on the way north outside downtown into the appartment areas. Starts off bail bonds near the courthouse… West of the Arena the Alameda has some surviving businesses on the other side of the RR Tracks. It is starting to gentrify with a new Whole Foods for the Woke who like it downtown, work for the governments, or at the arena.

    If not demanded to be there by government, or going to the Arena, can’t see much reason to go. Leave it to the government wage slaves and college internees…

    For East Bay, they tend to poorer with The Rich in the hills overlooking them. Stores in malls in between the cities near the freeway. Actual downtowns? I’ve not been to one in decades… but for Berkeley, for example, it was again the University and students funding the place. Lots of restaurants., A grocery store on the road in before downtown. Head shops and some junk stores selling tourist stuff and misc.

    SF? Mostly high rises and offices, again restaurants, some bodegas, and then some Very Expensive Shopping like Nieman Marcus. Some small shops scattered through it survive too. A lot off tourists. Then they have a ballpark too…

    But, IMHO, you want cooking gear, a coat less than $500, tires? Hit Amazon or Tire Rack or drive out of town…

    Maybe there is a thriving suburbs like community I haven’t seen as it is off the main road… but then that isn’t downtown either.

    IMHO, the downtowns are basically itinerant visitor money flows. Students, tourists, commuters, Arena events, government offices.

    I worked for about 2 years in S.F. Never bought anything but food and drinks…

  29. Quail says:

    Re Portland: A few weeks ago we were about an hour south of it looking at homes. Once we got away from the main freeway, there were lot of Trump/Pence 2020 signs. Maybe things will turn around for Oregon.

  30. E.M.Smith says:

    Interesting… For $130 the “Unbreakable Umbrella” suited to Whack A Fool and more…

    (I was wondering about all those folks in Hong Kong with umbrellas…)


    A portrait of E.W. Barton-Wright, with a montage of Bartitsu self-defence techniques
    Focus Hybrid
    Country of origin United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Creator Edward William Barton-Wright
    Parenthood Jujutsu, Schwingen, Savate, Canne de combat, Judo, Boxing
    Olympic sport No

    Bartitsu is an eclectic martial art and self-defence method originally developed in England during the years 1898–1902, combining elements of boxing, jujitsu, cane fighting, and French kickboxing (savate). In 1903, it was immortalised (as “baritsu”) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes mystery stories. Although dormant throughout most of the 20th century, Bartitsu has been experiencing a revival since 2002.
    Based on Barton-Wright’s writings upon this subject, it is evident that Bartitsu placed greatest emphasis upon the Vigny cane fighting system at the striking range and upon jujutsu (and, secondarily, the “all-in” style of European wrestling) at the grappling range. Savate and boxing methods were used to segue between these two ranges, or as a means of first response should the defender not be armed with a walking stick. These sports were evidently also practiced so that Bartitsu students could learn how to defend against them through the use of jujutsu and Vigny stick fighting.

    Stick fighting is the bssis of umbrella use…

    It sure looks to me like this is a “productive avenue of exploration”….

    I’d be more comfortable with the strong umbrella than a cane in many places (like Florida where you need one…) since I don’t look like I need a cane. The application of an umbrella also looks effective (both Hong Kong video and the historical uses…)

    I think I need a new umbrella….

  31. Larry Ledwick says:

    Also listed on Amazon
    If I got one it would be the walking stick model, as there are many Hapkido cane techniques that use the hook on a walking stick to help take down the opponent or restrain him.

    cane take down from punch

    cane technique demo

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