Alex Interviews Sargon – Vanishing in 3, 2,…

A fascinating 1 hour interview of Sargon of Akkad by Alex Jones (InfoWars)

Latest Sargon video on YouTube was a couple of months ago. Alex is, of course, being treated as so horrible that even mention of his name gets you banned from Social Media (unless, of course, it is to denigrate him.) So one wonders how long this video will stay up.

I found some of the documents / news stories as interesting as the actual conversation. Things like verification that the FBI uses remote activation of cell phones (“roving bug”) for surveillance and that basically anything on the internet with a microphone is sending your conversion to others (why my computer of choice has no microphone… just a socket to plug one into if ever desired).

But my major interest is really just watching to see how fast this gets nuked (and most likely the whole channel with it)

Published August 28th, so a couple of days already… but only 81000 views so maybe not enough to get attention… yet…

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